Primordial Smith
10 Taming part 2
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Primordial Smith
Author :Tunahan
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10 Taming part 2

Black is excited too. So he immediately said after meeting with them.

''Let's go then, follow me'' saying Black started to walk in front. He wants to walk at the back and watch the view ^^ but, he is the one leading the way.

After walking a little, Clay starts to speak. ''Your bow looks good, Black. Who made it?''

''I made myself, Uncle Clay. I found the wood in the forest and bought the monster tendon from someone. How is it, it is good, right?'' said Black. He can't say he bought from the system, right? And he can't make up someone, too. It can be checked easily.

After hearing that, Clay obviously surprised and answered ''Did you really make yourself? Let me check.'' Saying, Clay take the bow. What can he say in this situation? Black just let go of the bow.

Clay takes the bow and inspected carefully. After a while, he pulled the bow to a full moon. You need to know, this is a strong bow, even now, Black can't pull the bow much. İt's barely enough to shoot an arrow. One of the reasons he didn't make a move seeing the tiger is this.

''Did you really make this yourself, Black? This bow is good. It is even good enough to beginner foundation laying cultivators who break through recently. Did you make your arrows yourself, too? But this bow stronger for you to use right?'' Clay continued to speak while taking out arrows from his quiver.

''Yes I made the arrows, too. And I am barely strong to shoot an arrow with that bow, uncle Clay.'' Answered Black.

''You're saying the truth, huh? I will be honest, I thought you're lying first'' Answered Clay while still looking at to the arrows.

''How do you sure, Uncle Clay?''Black get curious. How can he tell?

''İn the tribe, when someone crafted something, they will leave their mark on the item. You see this knife, there is a hammer sign in its grip. In arrows, there will be a mark on its tail and on it the arrowhead. Mostly side of the place arrowhead and arrow merges. There is no mark on your arrows and bow, so I can figure out. You need to find yourself a sign. İf you take the acknowledgment of the hunters, you will have a business queue in front of your house. And did you smear something in your arrows?'' Clay asked while sniffing the arrowhead.

''Yes I smeared Edar fruit, Uncle Clay. How did you take its smell? I can't even take a smell from its fruit's juice?'' asked Black with amazement. He thought this fruit has no smell.

''I need to know. They say it is good for put to sleep animals and won't damage the meat. And of course, I found with my vast experience.''Said Clay in clear pride.

''Don't let him fool you, Black. His cultivation much higher than us, so he can smell the odors we can't smell'' answered Pearl after looking at her old man while fooling a kid to take pride.

Hearing this, Black remembered he didn't look at the stats of Clay so he looked over.


48 Years Old

Strength (STR): 287

Stamina (STA): 280

Dexterity (DEX): 290

Qi: 126

Cultivation: Middle stage foundation laying]

''Don't look at me like that, Black. I was just joking with you.'' After looking at the Black's face while he is looking at him with surprise, Clay gets embarrassed and said.

Hearing this, Black collected himself. 'Damn, what stats are these? They are all at least 10 times of mine. He can easily handle with 100 of me at the same time.'' thought Black. There are not only quantity changes, but there are also qualitative changes. I won't even say the experience, Qi and the like.

After talking along the way, They already come to the forest. Seeing this, Black stopped and said to his other two companions ''The cave is pretty close by. As to not get the tiger spooked up, and let the Uncle Clay look at the tiger to see if it is a monster or stronger than we can handle, I will go with caution, Uncle and big sis. Please keep up.'' Said, Black.

''Don't worry about us, you continue, kid''-Clay

Nodding, Black started his Snow steps skill and started jogging. Seeing this, there is a surprising ray come to Clay's eyes. But seeing Pearl already started to chase Black, he started to run too. 'This kid knows his business'

After a little jogging, they come close to the cave, so Black found a tree that has vision over to the cave and jumped up. With his strength now. He can easily jump over 2-3 meters without making a sound.

After seeing Black jumped to a tree, Clay and Pearl come up to his side too.

''Can you see the cave over there, I followed the tiger to this cave.'' Said Black after looking at the still jiggling mountains' of the Pearl and gulp down.

''Are you sure? I bypass here 2-3 weeks ago and there was no bear, there was a wolf pact.'' Said Pearl looking over to the cave.

''Hahaha!'' Black only laughed seeing his lie gets exposed this soon.

''You guys don't make a sound. Let me took a look.'' Said, Clay. There is no clue of his easy-going nature. His face looking serious and his muscles in tight shape. He is ready to take action any second.

Looking at his serious face, Black felt a little nervous and only nodded. Pearl nodded with him too.

Seeing the two noddings, Clay jumped up. He was like ninjas in the anime, he even leaves behind afterimages in Black' eyes. After a few seconds, Clay returned and said with a smile. Obviously relaxed.

''Haha, you were right, Black. This is really a monster. Weak one of them, too. I didn't manage to see its cub from my point of view, but I can be sure it is a monster. After giving birth, it is obviously in a weakened state. İt is only an animal right now. İt can't even use her ability.'' Said Clay with glee. This type of monster not rare for him, he can always find some after going inside the forest a little, But such a practice partner for his daughter to use is very rare. Even weak monsters have the ability so finding a monster in a weakened state very precious for him and a good chance for his daughter.

Hearing this, Pearl looked eager to make a move. Clay said after seeing his daughter' eager face. ''Go, but don't be overeager, although she's weaker right now, it is almost as strong as you. Don't take it easy, there can be an accident. İt is a monster in the end'' Clay said to the Pearl while not forgetting to give advice.

Pearl nodded and took out her bow to shoot in front of the cave. Arrow pierced the ground and immediately after a tiger roar come from inside. Then the tiger gets out of the cave and looked up to her surroundings. Monsters started to have intelligence, so it can understand an arrow is a lifeless object.

Pearl shooted another arrow, this time to the tiger but, tiger easily break the arrow with her paw and as a result, found her attacker. Seeing this, Pearl placed the arrow on the tree branch they're on and take her machete out and jumped in front of the tiger. İn this time, because tiger protecting the cave, she didn't make a move. After Pearl come in front of her, the tiger became angry and roared.


Pearl didn't mind it and run her front to chop down. Tiger jumped back and without giving a chance to the tiger, Pearl chopped again. This time she left a little scar on the chin of the tiger. Tiger became angry seeing she is wounded and roared up and attacked back to Pearl. Pearl expected this and defended with her machete's side.

After this, they continued to fight. Because Pearl stronger than tiger at the moment, she gets the upper hand easily. Tiger became anxious over time. İf she found a stronger being, she can still run before, but now she needs to protect her cubs so she became anxious about what to do. Over 50 round of fighting, Pearl found a mistake in the tiger and caught that. She chopped with her machete and leave a gaping wound on the tiger' neck. Feeling the pain and the blood flushing from her neck, the tiger gives her last roar and collapsed while trying to look her behind.

''Haha, that's my girl. Well done, Pearl.'' Said Clay while laughing with pride.

''I didn't manage to see much because of your speed, but seeing the tiger is the one died and you don't have wound on your body, I guess you did a beautiful job, Big sis Pearl.'' Said after the Clay, Black.

''Sigh, even though I was stronger than the tiger I took more than 50 moves to finish. Because this is my first fighting with a monster, I was a little nervous. So I moved conservatively. I can finish in 10-20 moves if not that.'' Said Pearl while going over her fight.

''That is still good, you will get used to while fighting like this. No one can be perfect in their first try'' Clay consoled his daughter.

While they are having father-daughter conservation, Black goes in the cave. There are two tiger cubs inside the cave. They have still blood marks on their bodies and it can be seen they born not long ago. Black take one each of his hand and brought them out. When the cubs get off the ground, they're frightened and curled up.

Seeing Black with two cubs walking out, Clay spoke to him ''What are you doing with these cubs, Black? They won't give much to eat, so they're pretty useless.'' Pearl nodded aside.

''Why will I eat them, uncle? Don't you see they didn't even open their eyes? I can raise them?'' said Black while not knowing whether to laugh or cry.

''Raise them? I heard raising hounds, but tigers? They will eat you when they grow up.'' Clay said while not believing. But Pearl looked curious. Seeing this, Black answered with the knowledge from his taming skill.

''What do you know, Uncle? Did you see the cubs still not opened their eyes? Almost every animal will see the first living and the person who took care of them as their parent. While some of them making this with their sense of smell. İf you took care of them while growing and teach them some commands, like getting something to you or placing meat in front of it and waiting for a command from you to eat, it will start to take you as his/her master. As long as you don't abuse the animal, you can easily tame it. So do you guys want one of them?'' Said Black while looking at the Pearl. Although after his explanation he looks like expecting it, he doesn't care. He spoke that much just because of Pearl.

''Sure, but do you think I can look after it? You look like knowing a thing or two, Black. Give me some advice.'' Said Pearl before Clay can speak.

''Hey don't ignore me you two. I am here, too.'' Said Black after seeing the two brats ignoring him.

''Shut it, uncle. When there is a beautiful lady, do you expecting me to speak with you, a middle-aged uncle? Don't worry big sis. We only need to find an animal that is giving milk, cow, sheep, deer like. They are still young so they need milk to grow until their teeth are enough to eat. Normally they will need a month or two but because they are a monster cub, I am expecting to take a shorter time.'' Said Black to Pearl.

''Hehe.'' Pearl laughed hearing him while closing her mouth with her hand. While laughing, her shoulders go up and down and her boobs jiggled because of her movements. İf Black a little bit older, he will have a hard on just seeing this.

''Hey, how old are you brat to learn talk like that? And I am not middle-aged, With my cultivation, I can still live another 200 years if nothing happened.'' At the same time, Clay answered to Black, not knowing whether to laugh or cry. Listening to a kid to talk like that really funny.

Black still ignored Clay but remembered to ask the system about the lifespan. ''So, which one do you want, big sis? One of them male, while the other is female.''

''I want the female one.'' Said Pearl without thinking. Black takes pity on her. There is no sterilization in this World, so when the tiger became an adult and the menstruation period come, she will be in pain because of the smell. Black only happy to not be one who will need to be forced to endure the smell.

''So, What do you think we can make about the milk?'' Black asked while giving the female one to Pearl.

''There are people who are raising cows in the tribe. I didn't see a sheep before you mentioned but, we can use their milk, right?'' Pearl answered while looking to the cub.

''İs there cows in the tribe? I didn't see before. Yes, we can use their milk. We still need to make a feeding bottle, but I can make them. I will craft one and get you in the evening.'' Said, Black. Of course, he is going to buy the feeding bottle from the system, but he can only say crafting.

''Feeding bottle? What is that?'' asked Pearl hearing the unfamiliar term Clay looked over curiously but, Black still ignored him.

''Because they are baby, they can't drink from a pot or something like that. Feeding bottle is fake boobs to fool them.'' Black showed her boobs while saying that and winked, but there was no reaction. Even Clay seems to not care. 'Ah, I forgot. Everyone here walking nude so why will she care. People here making their toilet outside of the tribe and bury it, and cleaned in the creek but that is just because of cleanliness.'

''Oh, that is really clever of you. I didn't know there is something like that.'' Said Pearl in little amazement.

''Now if you guys finished, let us go and clean this and go back.'' Said Clay while showing the dead tiger. Then he took the tiger up with only one hand and, said to the Black. ''Brat, find water so we can clean this.''

''There is a creek over there, Uncle. Follow me.'' Hearing Clay saying brat, Black get angry and say the 'Uncle' Word in a higher tone.

''Hehe.'' Seeing them like this, Pearl couldn't help but laugh.

After coming to the creek, Clay started to clean the tiger. ''So kid, which part do you want?''

''I only need the pelt, This will make a good bed cover for me. Besides, The whole job is done by the big sis.'' Said Black while taking the pelt.

Clay and Pearl only nodded. There is a clear cut sharing in the hunting parties. No one will take more than what he deserves. Even the most greedy people won't take more than what they contributed to the hunting. This because, that can be counted as stealing and people in the tribe simple and honest even if they're smart, you can't find a cunning people.


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