Primordial Smith
12 Taming part 4
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Primordial Smith
Author :Tunahan
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12 Taming part 4

After Black finished cultivation, he looked at his horses. They already returned to eating grass and walking leisurely around him. 'Let's see what changes happened after teaching cultivation.' Black wondered and looked at the stats of the Alpha horse.

[Alpha Horse (Not named yet)

3 years old

Strength (STR): 35

Stamina (STA): 40

Dexterity (DEX): 43

Qi: None yet

Cultivation: 108 hammer foundation laying body cultivation technique.

A good horse. Founded his group not long ago and became an alpha horse. Host Black' tamed animal. Started cultivating.

Tame: Tamed

Closeness: 75/100 (Under 0-5;hate, 5-25;neutral, 25-50;acquainted, 50-75;friend, 75-95;close as sblings and parents, 95-100;worship]

'There is only the cultivation part changed and in his explanation started cultivating writing. But the closeness increased 20, huh? I guess teaching them cultivation help with bonding with them. I wasn't expected this but, this was better. İt means whenever I helped with the cultivation of my tamed animals/pets, I can raise their closeness. This is much easier than always try to please them.'

Black goes to the side of the Alpha horse and started speaking with him. ''Hey, buddy. From now on we will be partners, okay? Let me give you a name. My name is Black Smith, and you have a beautiful black mane, it is looking darker than coal, Let me name you Black Wind, how is it? I was heard in a legend, the black wind is the strongest wind and can even take the lives of a cultivator with dissipating their soul. Yeah, this is perfect for you. Did you liked the name I give you?'' Of course, when Black said 'legends' he was talking about the novels he read.

Black Wind seems pleased with the name given and neighed to him. 'Let's look at your stats again.'

[Alpha Horse (Black Wind)

3 years old

Strength (STR): 35

Stamina (STA): 40

Dexterity (DEX): 43

Qi: None yet

Cultivation: 108 hammer foundation laying body cultivation technique.

A good horse. Founded his group not long ago and became an alpha horse. Host Black' tamed animal. Started cultivating.

Tame: Tamed

Closeness: 80/100 (Under 0-5;hate, 5-25;neutral, 25-50;acquainted, 50-75;friend, 75-95;close as sblings and parents, 95-100;worship]

'Oh, closeness raised again? This was better, let's give other horses names too while we're at it.' Though Black and not to tire himself with giving names, He just gives them what he thought first beautiful name when he looked at them. The three adult females take the names; Sapphire, Ruby, and Turquoise. He just gave them valuable stone names. Male cubs take the names; Black Anvil and Black Hammer. He is a Smithing enthusiast after all. With that place, he gave the female cubs smithing related names too; Fire, Water, and Coal. Okay, he didn't want to think much about names.

After teaching cultivation and giving names, every horse's closeness with him became at least 75. ''Okay, guys. Let's go. I need to find a durable enough wood to make a big bed and find some herbs'' Said Black to his pets. Then he started to return back to the forest. At this time, Black Wind comes and nudged him. ''What? Do you want me to follow you? Wait, let me ride you. You can take me to wherever you want then'' Black said and jumped on Black Wind. Black Wind seems to not care him riding, and even a little hap so he didn't need to walk slowly with him.

After Black jumped on Black Wind, Black Wind started to run a little inside to the plain and stopped only 1-2 minutes later. Then he slowly moved and nudged him with his head while showing the ground. ''What? İs there something, buddy?'' Black became surprised. He was expecting Black Wind to take him to his parents o something like that. Black get curious what Black Wind trying to Show him and, jumped down from his back to see.

After Black come to where Black Wind showing and parted the grass, there is a shrub with fruits growing on it. Fruits look like cherry but growing on shrubs. He looked at the Black Wind and seeing him showing the plant with his head, Black looked at the stats of the plant.

[Blood Plant (Herb) (Orange)

Good for wounds. Smearing on wounds or eating will help to stop blood and qi leakage and help a little in the transformation of nutrients to blood and qi.]

'Wow, this is a good thing. I can even complete my mission but, how did the Black Wind understand me, system? I don't have the language so did you helped in the same way in cultivation?' Black asked the system, perplexed.

[No, host. I will only help when you have the skill. Even when you buy the language, you won't actually learn the language. Because of your skill, System help understands each other with the mentioned animal. Black Wind understand you because of your bond. When someone perceives something with their 5 senses, it can be a smell of apple or hearing the word 'apple', if they see before an apple, subconsciously you will imagine an apple in your mind. When you spoke and your pet hears you, they will try to understand what you're saying with the bond between you. But they need to hear from you, to take a response from the bond. When your bond is stronger, pets will feel much clearer about what are you trying to express. Closeness closer to 100, the bond between you became stronger. Black Wind understood what you want because of your bond. Stronger the bond between you, more complex matters can be felt through the bond between you. İf you reach 90 in closeness and your pet evolved to become a monster, you can even have a little telepathy as long as you're close to each other.]

'Wow, closeness have something this good hidden, huh? I love more and more this skill as time pass.'

''You did good, Black Wind. Here, take a pearl as a reward. Guys, let's look around and see if there is more of this plant. This is a good thing.'' Black rewarded Black Wind with pear and talked to his other pets. When they heard him, they started to walk around as they understood him.

'Hey, system. I want to replant this herb around my hut. Will something happen if I placed in the inventory?' Black talked to the system while his pets looking around.

[There won't be a problem, host. Although you can't place living beings in your inventory, Plants can be stored an hour in the inventory. After passing 1 hour, they will 'die'. Even if you replanted them, they won't grow and start to wilt.]

'Then we need to return immediately after placing in inventory. We still need to walk slowly and carefully in the forest because of the dangers.' Though Black and started to dig the plant with the earth and the roots trying to not damage. When he finished, one of the cubs run to him and nudged with his head. Then he gets him to a place with another Blood Plant.

After working 15 minutes here, Black found 4 Blood plants and dig them. Then he said to the system. 'System, buy 2 more inventory space.'

[Do you want to buy 'inventory space 1 square meter' x2 for 500 system points? You have 700 system points right now.]


'Yes, buy it.' After buying inventory space, Black jumped on the Black Wind, 'Literally jumped, even the smallest horses in his pets bigger than an adult horse from his past world' and said ''We're going, partner. Let's run until we come to the forest.'' Hearing Black, Black Wind started to run. When they come to the edge of the forest, Black let the Black Wind stop and alight from his back.

''Okay guys, this place can be dangerous, so we will walk slowly and try to not make much sound. We don't want to attract dangerous animals to ourselves.'' Black said to his pets while taking out his bow and best arrow. When they hear him and seeing him taking his weapon, his pets stopped neighing and come closer to each other. But they didn't run away or something. Seeing this, Black nodded inside and started walking.

After walking close to 10 minutes inside the forest, Black started to relax seeing after a little while they can go out of the forest. At this time, something from the trees jumped on the Fire. Thanks to horses good danger instinct, she managed to jump forward at the right time. Seeing this, Black immediately turned back and tighten his grip on the bow and pulled. He already placed the red grade arrow on his hand before coming into the forest in case something unexpected happens.

Without even seeing what creature is this, Black shooted his arrow. The creature has good reflexes too. Even though didn't manage to land completely, still managed to run from the arrow and, the arrow only took a few drops of blood from its body and stabbed the tree on its back. But unfortunately for it, the arrow has Edar fruit mix so, it only stepped unsteadily few steps towards him and dropped to the ground. Black looked at the creature only this time. İt is looking like a female lion and bigger than Fire, Water, and the other cubs.

[Caracal (Put to sleep)

4 years old

Strength (STR): 53

Stamina (STA): 60

Dexterity (DEX): 65

Qi: None yet

A forest feline. A strong hunter animal. İt has a good amount of blood and Qi. Hard to tame.

Tame: Not Tamed (Tame?; (Yes)/(No)]

'Oh, this can be my one of missions.' Said Black and get to pick his arrow. When he comes to the place arrow come, he sees the arrow only stabbed less than 1cm to the tree and fell to the ground. When he sees this, Black became surprised. You need to know. His bow and arrow both red grade. Although he can't pull the bow much, no animals with monster grade defense came out unscathed from his arrow. Black looked to see what tree is this.

[İron Tree (Red)

A tree without fruits. As durable as iron. İt is even good enough to make shields. İt's leaves won't decay.]

''Haha, double luck. With this, I can make my bed. İf we can found more, we can even make a new house.'' Said Black and started to look around after placing the Caracal to Black Wind's back to. His luck is really good. There is 3 tree side by side. Black looked at the first tree' wound and knows no axes can damage to the tree. The axes he can afford with the pitiful 200 so he left at least. Then Black started to dig the ground to take the trees with the roots. After working 30 minutes even with his strong body, He finally managed to knock down of the three trees.

Black thought of how to get the trees back and his eyes swept around. When he found a group of ivy, that is thicker than normal ivy he saw before in the Earth, Black found a lot of ivies strong enough and make a rope with them. Then, he bound the three trees with a lot of ivy ropes side by side and bound the other end to his pet horses.

''Okay guys, Let's try and see if you can drag the trees, okay? Come let's take a few steps to see if you can make it and the ivies strong enough.'' Black gets to the front of the group and started talking. Seeing Black Wind Has the Caracal still in his back, he takes in his own hands and started to talk to them After hearing Black, horses started to take a few steps. First ivy ropes tensed and trees started to move few centimeters. İt can be seen from their muscles and bodies, this much weight is not much for them.

They're already edges of the forest, so they move out of the forest in no time. After coming out of the forest, horses ob became much easier. İn the forest, there is trees, shrubs, and more obstacles. When they came to the clearing, their speed obviously increased.

After coming in front of his hut, Black immediately stopped them and said to his pets. ''Wait for a few minutes guys. Blood plants almost dying. There are more than 50 minutes past, I need to take care of that.'' Black said this and placed the Caracal in front of the house and go inside the hut. Tiger cub still in his place but hearing his voice is started to make a few noises. Black can't take care of him right now and take out the Blood plants and place them in the ground carefully. Then he took them one by one and re-planted side of his door. Then gave a little water to them.

''Okay, now we can make the bed's skeleton. Time is almost coming to the sunset. When we finished this, We can look at the missions to receive our rewards'' Said Black under his breath and wiping the sweat on his forehead with the back of his hand.


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