Primordial Smith
13 Taming part 5
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Primordial Smith
Author :Tunahan
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13 Taming part 5

After Black re-planted the Blood plants, he took the ropes out from the horses and let them relaxes. 'Now I need to make the bed but, I only have 200sp. That won't be enough for the other materials I need. I can use the wood to make the skeleton and, leaves to make the bed because they won't rot, I still need nail or adhesive. Let's collected the rewards first to start. Open the missions, system'.

[Main mission (3);

+Comes Riches with Strength!

Became a (Beginner) Foundation laying cultivator.

Rewards: Rewards will be given according to your performance.

Daily Missions:


Craft a bed. Although you're in a primordial tribe, you don't need to sleep on a wooden floor, Right?

Rewards: Reward will be given according to your performance.

+ Overcoming Difficulties! (Completed!)

Beat someone stronger than you or hunt an animal stronger than you.

Rewards: Reward will be given according to your performance. (There is one reward packet not collected)

+Find! (Completed!)

Find some herbs. They can come handy in the future, who knows?

Rewards: Reward will be given according to your performance. (There is one reward packet not collected)]

'Collect the rewards and open the rewards packets, system.'

[Your rewards collected and deposited to your inventory, host. Do you want to open 'Rewards packet' x2?]


'Yes, open. I don't think I will say this but I hope there are system points. I need them right now'

[Rewards packet x2 opened;

+Alchemy recipe x1 (open the recipe to know more!)

+Carpenter Fundamentals skill]

'Carpenter skill is good and, I am expecting good things from the Alchemy recipe, but why is there no sp, system? I need system points. Didn't you say these rewards will be given according to my needs?' Said Black in both good and bad mood.

[There is more need for Carpenter technique for you, host. Did you forget? When you killed you can get sp.]

'Yeah, I totally forgot that. I can slaughter the Caracal and even get a double reward from the first kill. You remind me right at the time, System. Let's go and slaughter the Caracal.' Said Black to the system and placed the Caracal on the Black Wind. Although he can carry the body, İt is carrying like a sack of potatoes to him. He got exhausted after carrying to the hut.

''Let's go, Black Wind. You need to work a little more today.'' Said Black and started to walk to the creek. All of the horses chase after him. When he came to the creek, Black looked around to see if there is someone and take out his knife from inventory and cut the neck of the Caracal.

[Ding! Congratulations host. You killed a Caracal and get 5000 system points. Because this is your first time to kill a Caracal, you will get double rewards.]

'Oh, it is a good amount. İf I can found more of these, I can live off with ease.' Black tough while cleaning the caracal. After cleaning and take care of the pelt, he returned to the hut with the pets.

'Open the stats system. Let's see our skills.' Said Black while putting the caracal pelt on water.

[Black Smith (Black)

8 Years Old

System points: 10200

Strength (STR): 27

Stamina (STA): 29 (+1)

Dexterity (DEX): 30

Qi: None yet


+108 hammer foundation laying body cultivation technique (Beginner) exp; 230/250 (+10)

+Snow Steps Fundamentals (Low) 40/500 (+15)

+Fundamentals of Archery (Low) 30/750 (+25)

+Stone crafting technique Fundamentals (Beginner)

+Alchemy Fundamentals (Beginner) 50/250 (+40)

+ Animal pelt treating and crafting skill (Beginner) 60/150 (+60)

+Tracing and chasing fundamental skill (Beginner) 40/200 (+40)

+Cooking Fundamentals (Beginner) 110/150

+Carpenter Fundamentals skill (Not learned) (Learn; (Yes)/(No)]

'Learn the carpenter skill.' After saying that, new knowledge appeared on his mind. Choosing woods, how to make timber, how to use nails, where to use, sanding…

After learning the skill, Black needs tools for the carpenter, so he said to the system directly. 'Show me the carpenter tools sets I can afford, system.'

[Carpenter toolsets under 10200 system points;

+Basic Carpenter toolset (White) 250sp

+Basic Carpenter toolset (Gray) 500sp

+Basic Carpenter toolset (Green) 1000sp

+Basic Carpenter toolset (Blue) 2000sp

+Basic Carpenter toolset (Orange) 4000sp

+Basic Carpenter toolset (Red) 8000sp]

' Buy one Basic Carpenter toolset (Red) then.'

[Do you wish to buy 'Basic Carpenter toolset (Red)' x1 for 8000 system points? You have 10200 system points right now.]


'Yes buy it' After buying, Black take out the set from his inventory. Carpenter sets grade to differentiate the quality of the tools. İf he bought a lower quality, he can' process the red grade ironwood. Because ironwood a product gains its reputation from the hardness of its wood, it needs good quality tools to process.

'System, Show me a good quality adhesive to buy.' Said Black while starting to take out the leaves from the trees. He still has use for these leaves so he is working carefully.

[Showing adhesives under 2200 system points;

+Natural adhesive (made from herbs) (1 liter) (White) 50sp

+Natural adhesive (made from herbs) (1 liter) (Gray) 100sp

+Natural adhesive (made from herbs) (1 liter) (Green) 200sp

+Natural adhesive (made from herbs) (1 liter) (Blue) 400sp

+Natural adhesive (made from herbs) (1 liter) (Orange) 800sp

+Natural adhesive (made from herbs) (1 liter) (Red) 1600sp]

'Buy one 'Natural adhesive (made from herbs) (1 liter) (Red)'.'

[Would you like to buy 'Natural adhesive (made from herbs) (1 liter) (Red)' x for 1600sp? You have 2200 system points right now.]


'Yes, buy and let me became poor again.' After buying the adhesive, Black finished collecting the leaves of trees and take out the toolset and adhesive out from the system. Toolset made from animal pelt that has pockets to place tools, it is looking a little like cooking apron. And adhesive inside a wooden flask. You need to heat before applying to a place according to the system.

When Black readied his tools and was going to start crafting, there is a voice come stopping him.

''Hey Black, Did you need to get 3 trees for just making 2 feedings bottles? Hehe.'' There comes a female voice. Black looked up and see Pearl coming towards him. Hearing her teasing, Black can't help but tease her back seeing her jiggling mountains.

''Oh, of course not. They're for making a bed. Do you want to test with me, big sis? Let's see if I made it sturdy enough.''-Black

''Sure, if you can get it up'' Said Pearl while looking at the dragon.

Hearing this, Black's shoulders dropped in defeat. All good and beautiful but, he can't really get it up. This is becoming his reverse scale. For changing the subject, Black asked immediately.

''What're you doing here, big sis? Did you miss me in just a few hours? İf I know İwill make the feeding bottles first.'' – Black

''There is a talk about the horses you have there, I became curious when I heard because I didn't go to the plains and see before. So I came here. I didn't even know you're living here. So, what's with the horses' Did you have them before?'' Asked Pearl while looking at the horses.

''No, I found them while looking for a good tree to make a bed. I go the wrong way while looking around the forest and go to the plains. I found them there. They're pretty docile animals as long as you know how to close up to them. We became a friend in a little while after I give them a few fruits.'' Said Black while calling the Black Wind to his side to pet his neck.

Seeing Black pet Black Wind, Pearl became interested too and go to the side of Black Anvil. Seeing her coming closer, Black Anvil became restless and run to his side. Watching this, Black laughed loudly.

''Haha big sis, You're looking at them like you were going to eat them, you need to be gentle. Here, take them a few fruits. İf they are not my side, they will already start running.'' Saying that Black takes out pears from his hut(inventory), and give it to Pearl.

Hearing Black's laugh, Pearl became embarrassed but, she still wants to pet the horses so she takes the fruits and started to lure horses. ''Did I interrupt you? You can continue your business. I will play with your horses a little.''

''Sure, you play with them, big sis. Plus you can take the feeding bottle when I finished. And you won't need to find cows anymore. We can give horse milk to the cubs directly.'' Said Black while starting to cut the branches of the trees.

''Did horses gives milk, too?'' Said Pearl is a little surprised.

''Yeah, they won't give as much as cows, but hey still gives milk. There are 3 adult females, it is enough for the horse cubs and the two tiger cubs.'' Said Black while showing adult female horses.

''That is good. What good they have other than giving milk? İf you have only catch them because the milk, you won't make an effort to get them, right?'' Pearl asked. Only for the milk trying to catch these fast animals is crazy. There are cows in the back mountains of the tribe. Black can go there to catch some if he wants milk.

''You're right. They're fast and strong. Can carry more heavy staff than themselves and most importantly, they are loyal. When they accepted someone, they won't turn their back to this person. They will live and die together.'' Said, Black. And he is right too. Horses one of the most loyal animals.

While they are chatting, Black continued to his job and Pearl played with the horses. Because he is here and Pearl gave them fruits, horses didn't run away from Pearl anymore and let her pet them while eating fruits. After a while, Black cut the branches and started to make support rods with them for pacing inside the bed to support mattresses from the bottom. Then he made the body of the bed from the body of the tree. First, he made timbers, then he sculpted them according to his need. İn the end, He made two emblems at both heads of the bed. (Emblem is book cover)

When he finished making every individual piece, he gets a clay pot and heated the adhesive. Then started to combine the whole bed. İn the end, he made a super-king-sized bed. From vertically 7,5 meters and width 5 meters. İt is even difficult to squeeze in the hut. 'Yes, I am going to make a house too.' Black thought when he sees the bed he made. Black looked at the stats of the bed in the end.

[Bed (Black)

Made from İron Tree. Won't rot and strong enough to carry more than 2 tons of weight.

Specialty; Collecting Qi: İt will automatically collect qi from the World and make a qi rich field around it. When someone rests on it, their cultivation speed increases and if wounded, healed faster. İt will block noise from outside the World and have a protective shield. İf an attack occurs when someone rests on it, it will open the protection shield automatically and take the hit. Barrier work with the collected Qi, as long as the Qi collected more, shield be more durable.

Crafter: Black Smith]

'Wow, is black grades all have a specialty or this is an exception, system? Or are you broken? This specialty is priceless!' thought Black as he gazed to his bed with a loving expression.

[System won't break or have a problem host. And black grades have all a specialty, and this is not a treasure. İn your tribe, they're calling black grade things half-treasure because after black grade there come treasures and they have abilities. Almost every cultivator in the tribe will have at least one half-treasure object.]

'Oh, is that true? Let's check it.' Said Black and turned to check on Pearl. Seeing she is still playing with the horses, Black called out to her. ''Hey, big sis. Come and check this out. I make a half-treasure.''

Hearing this, Pearl come over skeptically and looked at the bed. Then she touched the bed and a shocked expression come to her face. But a few seconds later, she started to laugh out loud. ''Haha, you're really good to make a half-treasure Black. But pity this is a bed. You will become the most extravagant person in the tribe sleeping on a half-treasure, haha.''

''Don't say like that big sis. This bed can collect Qi around the World and help the person with various things about their body. Although it isn't a weapon, it is still a half-treasure.'' Black replied back to Pearl seeing she is laughing.

''You're right, jokes aside. Making a half-treasure on your age is really a big achievement. İn the future when you can make half-treasure bow and machetes, remember, okay?'' said Pearl after looking enough to the bed.

After finishing the bed, Black realized the sun already set so he took out a few pieces of the wood and a few piece pelt from inside the hut and made two feeding bottles. They're pretty easy to make. Of course, they didn't become black grade but orange grade. Then he goes to the side of the Ruby and milked her. Filling the two bottle, Black take out the tiger cub from the hut and sat in the ground.

Look here, big sis. This is a feeding bottle. There is a hole in here. Cub won't take the bottle to eat so you need to drop a few drops of milk in her mouth to let her take the taste of the milk. Here, see it? He already started to drink himself.'' Black explained and give a demonstration about how to use a feeding bottle to Pearl.

''Oh, it is pretty easy. Sun already set. Give me the bottle, I am returning Black'' Said Pearl after she realized night came.

'2Then let me send you, big sis comes up'' Said black after jumping on the Black Wind and invited the Pearl.

''Oh, you can even ride the horses?'' Pearl get curious and jumped on the back of Black.

''Of course, they are best for riding. Wait for them to reach and became monsters, then you will see what is riding'' said Black while giving Black Wind a sign to run as fast as he could. That is really exciting. This is like riding a monster-bike. Plus there is a nüde chick on his back.

The tribe is really not that big so they come to Pearl's house after a little while.

''This was good, Black. Although this horse, not a monster, it was even faster than me. Now I understand why you said they are 'fast'. '' Said Pearl with excitement after alighting from Black Wind.

''Yeah, horses are creature born with the wind. İn ground, there is not much animals or monsters as fast as they're. Of course, if they are in the same strength/cultivation.'' Boasted Black seeing Pearl excited.

They make a few small talks more and Black returned to his hut. After going inside, he directly said to the system 'Open the missions, system'

[Main mission (3);

+Comes Riches with Strength!

Became a (Beginner) Foundation laying cultivator.

Rewards: Rewards will be given according to your performance.

Daily Missions:

+Craft! (Completed)

Craft a bed. Although you're in a primordial tribe, you don't need to sleep on a wooden floor, Right?

Rewards: Reward will be given according to your performance. (There is one reward packet waiting to collect)]

'Collect the reward and open it system'

[Your rewards collected and deposited to your inventory, host. Do you wish to open 'Reward Packet' x1?]


'Yes open it.'

[Reward packet opened;

+Alchemt cauldron 'stone' (Black)]

'With the recipe, I didn't look at yet and the cauldron this time, system trying to make me an Alchemist, right? You know I am a Smith, system?' The system didn't even give a reply to Black.

'Whatever, let's sleep. We can look at the stats of the cauldron and the recipe tomorrow together' said Black while yawning. Because of sleepiness, he didn't even realize this reward black grade, if not he won't leave for the next day.


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