Primordial Smith
15 Alchemy and Cultivation part 2
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Primordial Smith
Author :Tunahan
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15 Alchemy and Cultivation part 2

After taking care of the cauldron, Black walked to his pet horses and talked to them. ''Look at here, guys. I and Black Wind need to go out a little, so don't leave here, okay? You guys stay inside the stables, I already save all of you. You just stay there and cultivate, okay? I will say to the Pearl to take care of you, remembered her? The person yesterday came and play with you. Okay, We're leaving. Don't run out.'' Black jumped at the back of Black Wind seeing the other horses go inside the stable. They look like liked the place.

Black arrived at Pearl's house in no time. Then he alighted from Black Wind's back and knocked on the door.

''Who is it?'' Clay's voice comes from inside. After a while, he opened the door. ''Oh, Black. What are you doing here?''

''I come to look for big sis Pearl, is she here?'' – Black

''Yeah, Let me call her.'' Said Clay and go back in. After a few seconds, Pearl comes out from inside.

''Hey, Black. What are you doing? I was going to come looking for you to take milk. Want to come inside?'' – Pearl

''No, big sis. I am going hunting. I just come to ask if you busy today. You just can take the milk from the horses. İf you're not busy, can you look after the horses a little? I don't want them to be eaten.'' When he heard this, Black Wind neighed and looked back to Black, like asking; Don't let them eat my family. I just become an alpha not long ago.

''Haha, don't worry. I won't let eat your family by anybody.'' Said Black understanding Black Wind with their bond and petting his neck.

''Don't worry, I am not busy. I can look after them while playing with them. İs there anything I need to take care in your hut?'' – Pearl.

''Thanks, big sis. The tiger cub inside the hut and there is a cauldron with a fire under it. İf you take care of that so the fire under it won't burn out. That will be perfect'' – Black

''Sure, but you will owe me one,'' Pearl said while smiling. Her eyes shining like a fox. With her nude self, she becomes even sexier.

Black gulped a little and answered. ''Anything for you, big sis. Even if you want me to warm your bed, I won't say no.''

''Warming my bed? Why will I want that in this heat?'' Pearl asked in confusion.

''İt doesn't matter, big sis. Thanks again. I need to go now.'' Seeing his teasing not go as well as he wants, Black told goodbye and jumped on Black Wind's back. While riding he thought ' I need to make a saddle and halter. This isn't convenient to ride'

Because of Black Wind's speed, they came to the forest in just a few minutes. When they close to the forest, Black let the Black Wind slow down to walking speed and take out his bow and arrow. İn his 'Fundamentals of Archery' skill, there is horseback archery too. As Black Wind and he have a bond, they can easily understand each other's intent, because of that, Black decided to hunt on horseback. With Black Wind's speed, if there is a danger, they can more easily run, too.

After going inside the forest, Black let the Black Wind walk quietly in an arc shape. With that, they won't go much inside the forest while at the same time, they can cover more ground. While walking, Black check out the trees and plants' stats to look if there are herbs.

After walking inside the forest 5 min. or so, Black see something in the ground and stopped Black Wind. Black alighted and kneeled down to look at the ground. He smeared his hand to earth, take some soil and smelled…

'Looks like there was an animal just a while ago. Let's chase it' thought Black and jumped on the Black Wind again. After chasing a little, Black managed to see movements up ahead so he stopped. Then readied his bow to wait. A few seconds later, a boar come out of the shrubs. Black takes aim and fired his arrow before the boar can find him. The arrow stabbed the boar on his neck and killed directly.

'This is a good 500sp. Lets put in inventory and continue' After Black placed the Boar on his inventory, he continued to walk. After a while walking, he didn't find another game so he let the Black Wind go deeper.

After going deeper 500 meters more, Black continued to walk in an arc shape. When he is going over a big rock, he sees a tortoise. He didn't care at first because what can he make with a tortoise? Even if he killed for bonus sp, it won't give much, or so he thought. Just because of curiosity, when he looked at the stats of the tortoise, he can't help but open his eyes and mouth in shock.

[Luck Tortoise

8 Years Old

Strength (STR): 15

Stamina (STA): 30

Dexterity (DEX): 12

Qi: None yet

Tame: Not Tamed (Tame? (Yes)/(No)

Luck tortoise, or with his other name, lucky tortoise. İt has born with ability while it is an animal. Living beings who being nice to him get lucky for a day while doing bad to him or damaging persons will have an unlucky day. When he becomes a monster, his ability will get stronger and more obvious.

Tips; He likes sweat fruits.]

When Black sees the stats of the tortoise, he froze. Only after Black Wind walked a little and Black stopped seeing the tortoise he come to himself. Then, he immediately returned and looked at the tortoise, seeing him looking up, he looked to see where he is looking and find there is a fruit tree with fruits he didn' know there. Realizing tortoise wants the fruit, he immediately alighted from Black Wind and climbed the tree to get a few fruits. After getting back, Black realized the tortoise watching him. Looks like, when he started to pick fruits, he started watching him.

Black goes to the front of the tortoise and gives one fruit. Tortoise immediately picked the fruit from his hand with his mouth and started eating the whole fruit in size of an adult male's fist. After letting him eat a few fruits, Black tried his taming skill. When he started taming, tortoise stopped a little and looked up, then continued to eat. But Black felt a bond between them and looking at the stats of the tortoise again, he can see he managed to tame him.

[Luck Tortoise (Not Named Yet)

8 Years Old

Strength (STR): 15

Stamina (STA): 30

Dexterity (DEX): 12

Qi: None yet

Cultivation: None yet

Tame: Tamed

Closeness: 20/100 (Under 0-5;hate, 5-25;neutral, 25-50;acquainted, 50-75;friend, 75-95;close as siblings and parents, 95-100;worship]

Luck tortoise, or with his other name, lucky tortoise. İt has born with ability while it is an animal. Living beings who being nice to him get lucky for a day while doing bad to him or damaging persons will have an unlucky day. When he becomes a monster, his ability will get stronger and more obvious. Host Black's tamed animal.

Tips; He likes sweat fruits.]

'Haha, this was a 'lucky' of me' thought Black while looking at the tortoise still eating fruits. Seeing him eating fruits without stop, Black became curious and looked at the stats of the fruit in his hand.

[Tortoise Fruit (Black)

A sweet fruit. After eating, your lung capacity will go up gradually and have more stamina. (Better the effects for tortoise type animal and monsters)

Ability: Tortoise Shell; Eating will strengthen your body and strengthen your Shell a lot (Only useful for tortoise type animal and monsters). ]

''You're really a lucky animal, aren't you? You can find the perfect fruit for yourself. Pity, this is not much use for me. Let's collect and don't let other animals eat it. This is still really good for you. Put a sign here, too. When we're returning, we can take the whole tree and re-plant on the front of the house'' Said Black and collected the fruits. Then he picked the lucky tortoise and jumped on the back of Black Wind.

After more than 8 hours of hunting, Black returned to where he found the lucky tortoise. He can be seen smiling without control. After returning here, Black immediately started to dig the ground and thought at the same time. 'I am really lucky thanks to the lucky tortoise. I found a lot of herbs, hunted games and even need to buy 6 more inventory space. There are even 3 games on the back of Black Wind because I can't place more in the inventory, I need to place the tortoise fruit tree. İf not I gained more sp as I hunt, I can't even buy more inventory space. I need to return fast. There is a lot of herbs in my inventory.'

After finishing digging the tree, Black placed in inventory and jumped on Black Wind. There are a panther, deer and a wolf on the back of Black Wind. Lucky tortoise close to Black Wind's neck and there is a sack hanging from his neck.

After mounting Black Wind, Black takes the sack in his hand and motioned Black Wind to gallop freely. Black Wind immediately started running and they returned to his hut after a little while. Black can see the smoke from his hut even from a distance.

After coming close, Black see Pearl riding Ruby around and immediately thought ' I forgot she is here. Normally she is always welcome with her nude self and jiggling mountains of her' while riding the horse but, the herbs can die if I don't take out' Black became anxious thinking the herbs in his inventory.

When he came closer, Pearl noticed him and wave her hand to him. Black waved back and come to the front of the stable and alighted from Black Wind's back and placed the sack on a safe place.

''How was your hunt, Black? Did you catch a good thing? Wait, İs that a lucky tortoise? What are you doing with that? They're cursed.'' Said Pearl in an anxious voice after seeing the lucky tortoise.

''What are you talking about, big sis?'' Black became confused seeing Pearl in an anxious state.

''Don't you know about the lucky tortoise? There is a legend saying they are animals who gives luck to others but, whenever someone goes and hunt one of them, they will die tragically even if they're a very strong cultivator.'' Pearl explained thinking Black doesn't know.

''What?! Hahahaha?!.'' Black started to laugh like crazy hearing Pearl's explanation. After a while laughing, he can't stop himself and started to became breathless.

''Don't laugh. I am not joking with you. This is real. I am saying you can die, be a little more serious.'' Pearl said while frowning. To her, there is no laughing matter in here.

''Cough, cough. I know you're not joking, big sis. I am laughing at the stupidity of people who hunted a lucky tortoise. İt is true luck tortoises have the ability to give luck, but this only to people who is nice to them, if they're abused, damaged and haha, even hunted, they will get bad luck. This is not when you ate them, but in getting bad luck, they were genius. They killed a lucky tortoise and even ate them, huh? Hahaha,'' Black explained to Pearl while laughing between his explanation.

''Are you sure?'' Pearl asked in skepticism but, she is obviously more relaxed.

''Of course. Why do you think I didn't kill him directly? He gave me a lot of luck today. Not only I hunted good games and didn't come across a danger I didn't manage, I even found dozens of herbs. I remembered their place and I will go and get them later.'' Black said to Pearl seeing her not believing him yet.

''Okay, I will believe you for now. When I came and look to you, if you're still alive, I will completely believe. Now I am going back. Try to be alive when I returned tomorrow.'' Pearl said while walking back to her house. Obviously, she is still a little worried.

After watching Pearl's walking back and when she completely go out of his vision, Black immediately take the herbs and plants from his inventory out and looked at their stats to see if there is damage to them.


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