Primordial Smith
16 Alchemy and Cultivation part 3
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Primordial Smith
Author :Tunahan
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16 Alchemy and Cultivation part 3

[Gingko Tree (Black)

As one of the oldest tree species, gingko is also one of the oldest homeopathic plants and a key herb in Alchemy. The leaves are used to create medicines in alchemy, and when dried, can be consumed as a tea.

Ability; Calming; İt has the specialty of strengthening the mind and calming. After taking a bit, you won't have mood up and downs for a while.]

[Turmeric (Blue) {x3}

With its brilliant orange hue, it's impossible to miss a bottle of turmeric sitting on a spice shelf. As an anti-inflammatory, it can be taken as a supplement and it's been used topically for people with arthritis who wish to relieve discomfort. It's as well as used as a cooking ingredient, which makes it a delicious, antioxidant-rich addition to many dishes.]

[Grape (Red) {x2}

İt has delicious fruits you can eat as well as make wine. Grapeseeds can be extracted for its oil to use in alchemy as a medicinal material.]

[Lavender (Blue) {x5}

This aromatic, purple flower has a fairly strong medicinal effect on calming. İt can be used on alchemy as well as extract its oil and use for cultivation.]

[Chamomile (Orange) {x4}

With flowers that resemble small daisies, chamomile is another medicinal herb has calming effects. Can be used for alchemy as well as a tea flavor.]

[Herbal Black Tea (Black) {x2}

With its over dozens use in alchemy, it is one of the most commonly used alchemy herbs.

Ability; yin-yang; when used, or drunk as a tea, it has the ability to balance yin-yang in the body.]

Black calmed after seeing there is no problem with his herbs. Then he immediately re-planted them close to blood plants. Then he took the spiritual water created when he is away and watered his herbs and trees. He planted them coming closer to the stable to not take his not built house's space.

After doing that, Black takes the sack he placed away carefully and opened. There are 7 chicken eggs inside. Because Black Wind galloping when he found the eggs, chickens already run away and he didn't manage to find them but, they're all fertilized eggs. With his 'taming and nursing' skill, he can totally hatch them. He immediately gets the leftover iron tree leaves and made a nest beside the herbs. With the heat in this place, he didn't need to make much. Don't let the sun come over the eggs only, otherwise, they will cook under this scorching sun.

After finishing this, he got to his hut and sat with the tortoise to teach him cultivating. He wants to teach to the tiger cub too but, he needs to see him cultivating and Black needs to wait until his eyes opened. So, he placed the Golden (lucky tortoise's name he gave) across him and take the tiger cub in his hand. He didn't give the cub a name yet, he wants to wait until he opened his eyes.

Black started explaining and teach about cultivation to Golden. After finishing, he started to cultivate to show him. He didn't see but, when he started cultivating, tiger cub forcibly opened his eyes and looked over him. When he finished cultivating, Black opened his eyes and looked at the stats of Golden. Seeing him learned to cultivate, he stood up to look at the cauldron. Almost time to finish cooking the pill.

But when he is going to go out of the hut, tiger cub makes noise and Black subconsciously looked over and see the cub's eyes open. ''Haha, you finally opened your eyes, huh? I was expecting to open your eyes after a week or two, how come you opened your eyes this early? İs this because you're a monster cub?'' Black wondered and looked at the stats of the cub.

[Tiger cub (No name was given yet)

0 Years old (Newborn) (6 months to become an adult)

(Healthy, Excited)

Strength (STR): 2

Stamina (STA): 3

Dexterity (DEX): 2 (+1)

Qi: None yet.

Cultivation: !08 hammers foundation body cultivation technique (Beginner)

Monster tiger cub. Both his father and mother were monsters. When becoming an adult, there is a high chance of becoming a monster. Host Black' tamed animal. The first person to see after opening his eyes is the host.

Tame: Tamed

Closeness: 80/100 (Under 0-5;hate, 5-25;neutral, 25-50;acquainted, 50-75;friend, 75-95;close as sblings and parents, 95-100;worship (+50 from 'First person to see after opening his eyes' and +20 for teaching cultivation.)]

''Haha, you opened your eyes for learning the cultivation? I guess you will be a legend as long as you continue like this. So as you will become a legend, let's call you White. Although your fur isn't White, but orange, This name comes from the West White Tiger and is sounding good with my name. Black and White.'' Said Black while playing with the cub, or White. After giving a name to the cub, his closeness increased another 5 points.

Black played with the cub a little bit more and go to look for the cauldron. After looking at its stats, Black knows the thing inside cooking for 9 hours 37 minutes. Only 3 minutes left to finish this step of making the pill. After seeing this, he immediately goes to the blood plants and takes 32 fruits. Then he waited for the last second and, opened the lid of the cauldron and started crushing and adding the blood fruits. İmmediately after, closed back the lid and hold the handles of the cauldron and started to shake over the fire.

While shaking the cauldron, he counted in his mind and, when 5 minutes is over, he took the cauldron and placed on the free ground. Because the cauldron perfectly absorbs the heat under it, when you touch the bottom part, you will only feel a little warm.

Then Black opened the lid and looked inside. There is a pinkish-red dough inside. Seeing this, Black nodded his head and, cleaned the roof of the stables a little and, makes a pill with the dough and placed there to dry under the sun. He made the pills half the size of a baby's fist and a total of 640 pills come out. Finishing his business here, Black go and take the 3 games he placed in the ground and took out the barrel from his hut.

'This won't be enough. System, buy me 10 white grade barrels.'

[Do you wish to buy 'Wooden Barrel (White)' x10 for a total of 250 system points? You have 37900 system points right now.]


Black gained this much sp while hunting. He got;

+Boar x4 through 2000sp,

+wolf x2 through 2000sp,

+panther x1 through 10000sp and a double sp reward,

+rabbit x9 through 900sp,

+deer x7 through 3500sp and a double sp reward,

'Yes, buy it.' Said Black without even caring. 250sp is pocket money for the now rich him. After buying the barrels, he took them out from his inventory and looked at. They're pretty big with a capacity of 100 liters each. He opens the lid of one of them and started cleaning his animals. He first drains them of their blood inside the barrels and filled up 6 barrels and almost filled the 78th one. (Animals in here much bigger than the ones on Earth) Then peeled their skin and placed aside. To the remaining 4 barrels, he barely managed to squeeze the viscera of the games. Then he cleaned them in the creek. Finishing this, he took the barrels in his inventory to not make them go bad.

Then he cut their meat together with their skeleton. He didn't try to take the skeleton out. He will make Blood and qi pill with them both in the end.

'Open the missions, system. Let's waste time while waiting for the pills.'


[Main mission (3)];

{Comes Riches with Strength!}

+Became a (Beginner) Foundation laying cultivator.

-Rewards: Rewards will be given according to your performance.

Daily Missions:


+This hut does not fit a transmigrator, right? Look around, there is nothing around your hut. Built as you like. Built your own house.

-Rewards; Rewards will be given according to your performance.


+Use the pelts in making something.

-Rewards; Rewards will be given according to your performance.


+Try to craft stone weapons and see the difference with smithing.

-Rewards; Rewards will be given according to your performance.


+Hunt animals or monsters to get rewards.

-Rewards; Rewards will be given according to your performance. (There are 23 reward packets waiting to collect)]

'Collect and open the rewards packets system'

[Your rewards collected and deposited in your inventory, host. Do you wish to open 'Reward Packet' x23?]


'Yes, open it.'

[Rewards Packets;

+100sp x9

+500sp x10

+1000sp x2

+'Fundamentals of Hammer' skill

+İnformation piece: 36 Basic İnscriptions]

'İs that what I thought, system? İs there formations in this World?' Asked Black in excitement.

[Yes, host. Formations basic way of using World laws. And the İnscriptions is the characters few grades under the formations. Sorry, But I can only say this much. You need to explore yourself, host.]

'That is okay, I can't use even if I know more probably. I don't even have qi right now. Go step by step.' Black said to the system in his mind like that, but actually, he sounds more like consoling himself.

'Open the stats system'

[Black Smith (Black)

8 Years Old

System points: 45,550

Strength (STR): 29 (+2)

Stamina (STA): 30 (+1)

Dexterity (DEX): 31 (+1)

Qi: None yet



+108 hammer foundation laying body cultivation technique (Beginner) exp; 235/250 (+5)

{Martial Arts & Skills}

+Snow Steps Fundamentals (Low) 70/500 (+30)

+Fundamentals of Archery (Low) 100/750 (+70)

+Tracing and chasing fundamental skill (Beginner) 80/200 (+40)

+Fundamentals of Hammer (Not Learned) (Learn; (Yes)/(No)


+Stone crafting technique Fundamentals (Beginner)

+Alchemy Fundamentals (Low) 700/1500 (+400)

+ Animal pelt treating and crafting skill (Beginner) 90/150 (+30)

+Cooking Fundamentals (Beginner) 130/150 (+20)

+Carpenter Fundamentals skill (Low) 460/500 (+560) (Leveled Up!)]

'Look at this, Not only my Alchemy skill leveled up with the 500 exp I got before, I even get 400exp from making the pills. Leveled the carpenter skill too, probably with the stable, and my cultivation started to progress more slowly, impurities in my body will completely be cleaned in a day or two, so this is probably why my cultivation exp so low.' Black looked at his stats and learned the hammer skill.

How to hold a hammer, different types of hammers, fighting with a hammer, crafting with a hammer, hammer throwing, how to apply power with a hammer in different situations, what material of hammer will be needed in different situations… After learning the skill, Black check out the pills and realized only 20 minutes passed. So he looked around himself and, his eyes come upon the herbs.

So, he got up and collected the new shots of the tea and, placing the cauldron on the fire, he sprinkled only just a few drops of spirit water and placed the tea shots inside. He fried them over the fire while shaking the cauldron continuously without stop until they became yellowish-black. And then he takes the tea and placed beside the pills to let it sun-dry.

After completing the tea and let to sun-dry, Pills became almost ready. So, Black didn't come down from the roof of the stable and waited beside them. After 1 hour is up, Black immediately realized a difference in the pills. While they are sun-drying, they were dull and looking soft. But after 1 hour of sun-drying, they became smooth and shining. They became like pinkish-red plastic toys or, marbles polished with colored dye. Black immediately take one of them in his hand and looked at its stats.

[Blood and qi pill (Blue)


Made with 1450kg boar meat; 300kg alpha, 930kg wolf meat; 470kg Caracal meat; and 50kg of pear fruit (Blue), 310 liters normal water and 10 liters of spiritual water. Nutrients value equal to 85kg of beef from Earth. Can only be digested with cultivation. Compacted to the extreme. Won't interact or mix with other gas, liquid or solid objects and materials.]

'İt only became blue grade. İs this because of the ingredients too low grade or, I am not good at making them yet? İf you think about it, I think both. I guess lower grade ingredients made the other ingredients' nutrients value disperse, too. Because the nutrients spread equally in the mix, lower grade ingredients lowered the average amount of nutrients in the pills. I need to remember this, I already mixed the blood and other things of today's games, so from now on, I can make grading and make pills with the same grade ingredients mostly.' Black thought and collected the pills in his inventory and go down from the roof.

'Let's try the effects of the pills first.' Black said and go and milked one of his horses. Then he crushed a pill in small pieces and fed White. Then take out a tortoise fruit and a blood and qi pill to make them puree to give to Golden. After this, he looked at the Black Wind. 'Now, I can't deal with the horses. White is a cub and, Golden my lucky angel/tortoise/pet. İf I deal this much with the Black Wind and his family to every day, I won't have the time to cultivate myself. Let's not make them get used to the easy way.' Black thought and go to the side of Black Wind.

''Come, buddy. I will give you an awesome thing. Come and eat this.'' When Black showed the pill in his hand to the Black Wind, Black Wind sniffed the pill in his hand and, looked at him. Although Black Wind didn't understand why his master letting him eat something like this, Black Wind can understand from their bond between them this is a good thing for himself. So, he took the pill and ate. Black makes the same thing to the family of Black Wind and, finally took one for himself.

Black popped a pill in his mouth and sit cross-legged in the ground and started cultivating. When he melted the pill completely and, started to give shape to nutrients and solar energy in his blood vessels, Black noticed a difference in his cultivation. When he is trying to give shape to the nutrients and solar energy, he can make the hammer more perfect and detailed, and when he controlled them, it became easier. Black found the reason after thinking a while. 'I guess the Fundamentals of hammer skill even helps my cultivation. With both skills about the hammer, I can level the two of them at the same time. Whenever I cultivate, I can get skill exp in Fundamentals of Hammer' Black thought and continued his cultivation.

When Black finished his cultivation and looked around, he was dumbfounded. ''What am I going to do now? Start walking you guys. We need to clean up.'' Black said and looked at his pets with sorrow. Because every one of them cultivated, they all looking like come out of the mud. Black even started to think to stop cultivating them, who will want to clean this much animal? There is even 7 chicken waiting to hatch.

Black and his pets go to the creek and, go in the water. The waters they are in started to become muddy when they came in.

After Black cleaned himself and his pets, he returned to his hut and started thinking. 'İf we cultivate 5 times a day, there is 12 of us so, that will be 60. For gaining experience for the future monster hunts and leveling my skills, plus the system points, I need to continue hunting. Alchemy cauldron can grow, there is no need to waste the pills while letting them wait in the inventory. Let's put 580 of them in the cauldron and let it absorb. While I am getting stronger, I will hunt better preys and can make better pills. Don't need to fret over blue grade pills. When the cauldron becomes a treasure from half-treasure, that will be worth it much more.' Black thought and decided. He takes out 580 pills, leaving 4 for each of them, and placed inside the cauldron to let it absorb.

After finishing this, Black realized it was already evening. Because he is waking up before dawn every day, he lied and sleep. Pity, he didn't even start his house building Project, his bed still staying outside of his house. He didn't get the chance to sleep on his new bed, still.


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