Primordial Smith
17 Breakthrough and Hunting ; part 1
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Primordial Smith
Author :Tunahan
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17 Breakthrough and Hunting ; part 1

After waking up and cleaning, Black started to count how much meat, bones, blood, etc. İn his inventory. Because alchemy process taking too long, Black wants to make his plan seven before looking to the Daily missions.

'So system, why is this alchemy process taking so long? İs there anything I can do to quicken the process?' Black asked while counting the consumables.

[Because you're using normal fire, host. As spiritual water, there are different types of fires, too. You can get a special fire. ]

'İs there special fires like burning heaven lotus fire, demon fire, holy fire, etc.? Whenever I read cool fire names in novels, they will go to my library directly. So, system. How is this fire thing working? Am I going to absorb in my dantian and control with my mind or qi?' Black became excited hearing about the special fires. He started to ask questions to system in his mind, and as he asked, he became more and more excited.

[No, host. You will need to get with a fireplace. Qi meridians don't exist in humans and animals and dantian too minuscule and sealed. When you break through to the foundation-laying stage, you will open your dantian and start constructing your meridians according to your cultivation technique. Animals are the same, when they opened their dantian, they will become monsters. And receiving special fires in dantian only possible if your cultivation compatible with fire.]

'That is still good. Before looking at the fires, open the missions, system. Let's act after seeing the missions.' Said Black to the system to not spend his all system points after seeing the cool sounding fire names. He can calm a little while looking at the missions.


[Main mission (3)];

{Riches Comes with Strength!}

+Became a (Beginner) Foundation laying cultivator.

-Rewards: Rewards will be given according to your performance.

Daily Missions:


+Spend system points in the shop.

-Rewards: For every 50 system points spend, you will get 'Arrow Stone Head (White)' x1 or, for every 500 system points spend, 'Small Stone (Orange)' x1 or, for every 1000 system points spend, 'Small Stone (Red)' x1 or, for every 10000 system points spend, 'Small Stone (Black). You can choose the reward you want from the above mentioned.


+Hunt animals or monsters to get rewards.

-Rewards: Rewards will be given according to your performance.


+Use your crafting skills.

-Rewards: Rewards will be given according to your performance.


+Find and collect resources. İt can be trees, Stones, herbs, etc.

-Rewards: Rewards will be given according to your performance.


+Go and trade with tribespeople.

-Rewards: Rewards will be given according to your performance.]

'I don't want to act dependent on missions. We can make missions while living. Daily missions can be completed if I have time. Today, I was going to make the blood and qi pills with the materials in my inventory and start making the pills according to grades. Because animals won't have much difference between them, let's only split them as herbivorous, carnivorous and small animals. We can make the grades on the monsters. Let's look at the fires first. Then, while pills getting cooked, we can look to see am I going hunting or not. Show me the special fires I can afford, system.'

[you have 45,550 system points. Showing special fires under 45,550 system points;

+Spiritual Fire {with stove} (Black) 15,000 system points.

-Stronger than normal fire x10. İt can use nutrients or materials that have qi inside as fuel. Stored inside a stove and when fuel added, it will start burning. You can control the burning strength and heat. Won't go out because of wind or rain.]

'Why is there only one option, system? You didn't even Show the growable option.' Black asked to system seeing there is only one option available.

[Because you don't have enough system points, host. This is the weakest and cheapest special fire. Even the growable option of spiritual fire 50,000 system points.]

'And here I thought I am rich now. Whatever, buy me one system.'

[Do you wish to buy 'Spiritual Fire {with stove} (Black)' x1 for 15,000 system points? You have 45,550 system points right now.]


'Yes.' After buying the special fire, Black immediately took out from his inventory and looked over. Spiritual fire's stove looks like a campfire with Stones in a ring shape and over a 10cm base. Black placed on the ground where he normally starts a fire and played a little to see where will he add the fuel. There is a lid in its base that can be opened. Then Black opened the base and his hands stopped in the air.

'What will I use as fuel? Because of the excitement, I didn't even think that. İn it's explanation says, 'İt can use nutrients or materials that have qi inside as fuel' so, can I use the blood and qi pills as fuel? Let's try and find out.' Black said in his mind and placed a pill inside the base of the stove. İmmadiately after, fire comes out of the stove. This fire looking more clear than a normal fire and has no smoke. İt's darker red than normal fire and looks like blood. After seeing this, Black check out how can he control the strength of the fire. There is a round button beside the lid on the base. Black tried to push but nothing happened so, he rotated clockwise. Then the fire started burning stronger. When he rotated the button anti-clockwise, the fire got smaller.

'Did you gave me a kitchen stove, system? I thought you won't sell advanced products, everything you sell primitive. Why is there a button on this?' Asked Black after figuring out how is the stove working.

[I am still not selling advanced products, host. Stove in that shape because it is Black grade/half-treasure. Because you don't have qi, a button is a must to have.]

'So, you're trying to say I am still too weak, right? Don't slap the facts on my face, system. I am trying. Whatever, as you won't answer my jokes, let's look at how much fuel needed.' Says Black and looked at the stats of stove.

[Spiritual Fire {with stove} (Black)

Stronger than normal fire x10. İt can use nutrients or materials that have qi inside as fuel. Stored inside a stove and when fuel added, it will start burning. You can control the burning strength and heat. Won't go out because of wind or rain.

-İt has limitless fuel capacity. But you can't close the fire completely, it will continue to burn the fuel inside.

-İn it's strongest (x10 normal fire) use fuel equal to 1 beef from Earth in a minute. İn weakest (x1) it will use in a 10 minute. (nutrients as fuel)]

'Then in it's strongest, a blood and qi pill, I made yesterday enough for it to burn 85 minutes, huh. Let's start counting the materials I will use today. I have;

-670kg blood,

-460kg visceral,

-4890kg meat and bones.

That will be 6020kg in total. Let's take a 20kg rabbit and eat. Although with cultivation I don't need to eat, as I am taking nutrients, Eating still an enjoyment. Plus, we can take out the odd number. Let's put the cauldron to boil water while I eat. This will need 600 liters water, let's look at how much water available in the well.' Black thought in his mind and looked at the well.

'There is a little over 80 liters, let's not take any this time. We can let it collect more water, and when I make a blood and qi pill with only carnivorous animals, I can directly make with spiritual water only.' Black thought in his mind after seeing there is not much water in the well.

After seeing the well, Black looked around to see if he forgot something and, took the cauldron and go to the creek. After filling the cauldron with 600 liters of water, Black returned and placed the cauldron over the new stove. Then, he started to make the math about the pill.

'I need to cook 2 minutes for every liter of water with normal fire. This will be 1200 minutes. Because I am using in full power the stove, this will be 120 minutes or 2 hours. This is short, I can waste time in here while cultivating. There is no need to go to the forest for only 2 hours. Oh, water already boiled. Let's add everything inside and cultivate. I can finish cultivating before the time to add blood fruits. But before cultivating, let's collect enough fruits. Maybe I won't have time to collect them'

Black added the consumables on the cauldron and go to collect blood fruits. While collecting the fruits, Black realized his herbs looking much better compared to yesterday. 'I guess watering them with spiritual water helps them. I don't have enough water to use on them much but, I can give them in a diluted way. Let's look at the eggs. I hope they can hatch soon.'

[Chicken egg (fertilized)

Hatching time; 53 hours, 36 minutes left.

An egg. Both İt's father and mother was an animal.]

Black checked out all 7 of them and realized they will hatch in the same day with a difference in hours. 'There is still 2 days for them to hatch. But it is not good for them to hatch in the day. I Can't make things that day probably. Or I can pot them in an enclosed space? I need to think later.'

After collecting the fruits, Blac sits before the cauldron cross-legged and started cultivating. Because there is still a little blood and qi pill left in his stomach, Black first finished that and get up and give one to each of his pets. Even if there is some in them, it won't cause any damage. İt will only stay in their stomach until they finished the pills. While giving them pills, he realized they are already dirty. Because of cultivation technique in their instinct, they will cultivate as long as there are nutrients in their body and sun is showing. They don't need to sit and concentrate but, their cultivation efficiency worse than him because of that.

After doing all this, Black cultivated a little while more and when there are 15 minutes left to add the fruits, Black stood up and cleaned himself in the creek. When he returned, there are only 2 minutes left to add the fruits, so he stood across the cauldron and waited. After the time come, he added the fruit while crushing them and, get the flame to lowest. After this, he takes the cauldron and shook on the fire for 5 minutes and finished preparing the mix.

Like yesterday, Black placed the mix on the roof of the stable to sun-dry. Then he sits again to wait for the pills. While he is cultivating again, he felt comfort in his body, his body feels like a feather, without a weight. When he felt like that, Black opened his eyes and stood up. His bones make crackling noises when he moved. When he stood up, Black realized he grown longer, and his dragon standing proudly and rock-hard. Black looked down and started laughing like crazy.

''Hahaha, Finally. Seeing and have no ability to doing was going turn me crazy. Finally. Hell yeah.'' After Black celebrated a little, he found a problem. 'Hey, system. Do you sell condoms? Although I won't say no to babies, I am still 8 years old body-wise. I want to wait another 5-10 years for that.'

[Yes, host. There is even a skill to control your 'mating' success. But you won't need. You're infertile right now.]

When he heard that, Black froze and stayed like that a long time. After that, he sat in the ground and looked at the sky in sorrow. ''Ah, in Earth, I was saying infertile guys who can still get up is the ultimate warriors. You don't need to feel bad a few years after the surgery, God already decided for you. You don't have to use condoms with your girls and you can feel everything with your flesh directly. You don't need to fret every time you hear words like positive, pregnant, baby, etc. I was always thinking like that, but now it happened to me, I don't know but feeling sad. Hey, syste- Wait! I have a system. There is probably a solution for this. System, do you have something to fix my problem?' Black asked for the system after forgetting it in his 'sorrow'.

[I have a host but, you don't need it. İf you listened to me carefully, you will realize I said 'right now'. You're infertile because you're too young. Although you can get it up, this is normal for cultivators. Normally, cultivators and monsters can control their body to perfection. A newborn monster too (both parents monster or have strong bloodline) can get it up with controlling his body. But he won't be fertile because he isn't an adult yet. You're the same. You need to get to puberty (13 years old) before you became fertile.]

'Sigh, say so directly system. You frightened me. Now this problem settled, let's see what changes are in me. Plus, get cleaned. I have still dirt discharged from the body on me.' Said Black and go to the creek. While cleaning, Black checked out himself. He grew another 20cm and became 160cm. He has long black wavy hair reaching to his hips (grew with cultivation), healthy White skin (he got White with cultivation. He had brownish-black {sickly-poor way because of malnutrition and starving} skin] and shapely muscles, he became very handsome. You can't say every person seeing him will have heart-shaped eyes but, he is still good looking.

After finishing cleaning, pills have finished drying too. So Black collected them in his inventory and started thinking while smiling in a perverted way. 'Finally, my time comes. I am coming nude girls and women of the tribe.'


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