Queen of the Underworld
2 Will you be my Girlfriend?
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Queen of the Underworld
Author :Littleordinary
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2 Will you be my Girlfriend?

She walked around in her bedroom looking for something to wear. She found a black bodycon dress. And a black choker. After get ready she went to downstairs where her father was sitting and watching TV.

"Where are you going little pumpkin" her father asked her.

"Pa I am going to a party at Mia's house. Bye"

"OK. Take care." after that she left for party.

At Mia's house

"I'm late" she said as she walked through the door. She knew the party started hours ago. The whole place was packed with people.

"Hey, finally you decide to show your face." Mia shouted over the loud music as she entered her living room. "Sorry I fall asleep. I was too tired due to exam so I am a little late" she replied to Mia. And start looking around. Her eyes were searching for only one person.

Mia noticed her wandering eyes and asked "Searching for your guy? Look he is over there with other guys."

She looked the place where Mia pointed and there he was busy in talking with other guys. He was in a blue jeans and black t shirt but damn he was looking hot. He was tall and handsome with sharp features. He looked at her and smiled. He excused himself and walked towards her. And her heart started beating fast. "He is coming. I am leaving. You two have fun."Mia left her alone after said these words.

"Hey, Hachilah" he greeted her." You look...Beautiful."

"Hello and thanks. You are looking good too" she complimented back with smile.

"Want to dance?"He asked her. "Sure" she accepted happily.

He led her where people were dancing. He placed his hand on her waist. She placed her hand on his shoulders and they start dancing.

"So how have you been these days? We are meeting after a long time" he asked as he leaned towards her.

"I am fine, you? We are meeting after 2 years" she replied.

"It's too loud her. Want to go somewhere else where we can talk" he asked.

"Sure" she replied because that's all she wants to spend some time alone in peace with him.

He took her hand and started leading her upstairs. She was excited and anxious at the same time. They went into a vacate room. She sat down on the bed and he in front of her on chair.

"How are you?" he asked again. "I'm good and you? I heard you went to national university. Quite impressive." She replied.

"I'm fine too. Not as impressive as you. You are preparing for medical. Wants to follow yours parents footsteps."

"Yeah" she replied as she lost in his eyes.


"Hachilah" he called her. "Oh I'm sorry I was lost. Where were we?" she replied embarrassingly.

He smiled and sat near her on the bed and placed his hand on her hand.

"Hachilah, I know you like me." Her cheeks got red as she asked weakly "Is it that obvious?"

He chuckled lightly "I like you too. I always liked you but you know I thought this is the very important time for our career so we should not waste this on relationships. But these 2 years every single day I missed you and I want to be with you but I thought I can't be selfish and disturb you. But when today Max invited me that time I already decided to ask you "

She looked at him and asked "ask me what?"

He looked into her eyes and said "Will you be my girlfriend?"

She couldn't believe that this is all real. The person whom she likes these years likes her too. She was very happy. Her eyes shone with happiness. Instead of answering him she leaned to kiss him. Their lips met as the distance between them lessen. They were as soft as she imagined. She pulled back but keeps their foreheads together as they smiled at each other. They wanted more so their lips met once again. He placed his hands around her face and pulled her closer. Their tongues were exploring each other's mouth. Before they knew they already crossed the all lines.
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    《Queen of the Underworld》