Re: Sword Emperor
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Re: Sword Emperor
Author :RealShesmu
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45 Trus

"That's why in the end, they decided to send some of the weakest of mankind, and in the end… we got chosen."

As she said those last words, Amaterasu was deeply frustrated. She bit her lower lip and looked away for a second.

"So you guys were chosen because you were so weak. Does it frustrate you?" Shesmu asked.

Neither Kazumi nor Amaterasu responded. They both looked away.

"You guys have lived in a world where monsters have fun killing humans. How are you still so weak? Were you always protected, never had to defend yourself?" Shesmu knew the answer to his question, but he still asked it anyway.

"Yes, and what about that?! You yourself, did you ever have to defend yourself against monsters? Did you ever have to fight for your life?!"

Shesmu's rhetorical questions made Amaterasu snap. She was already frustrated, Shesmu hitting that nerve was the pushing point for her.

"Amaterasu! That's no way to talk to the great master! Great master Shesmu, we're sorry. Amaterasu just couldn't control herself, please forgive her."

Kazumi tried to solve the situation in a peaceful manner, but that only infuriated Amaterasu even more. She just humphed and looked away.

"Yes, I never had to fight for my survival. But monsters, those I fought for my whole life. Since I was five, I would sneak and play fighting games without telling my dad. You can say that killing monsters is and always was my nature. But, I don't think you can say the same to yourself."

Shesmu then looked at both Amaterasu and Kazumi for a few seconds before asking, "Who were your parents? For you guys not to have to fight for your whole life, they must be pretty powerful."

"You have no right to ask who my father is!" barked Amaterasu. She was obviously upset at the mention of her parents.

So, the best they could manage is a guy with a hero complex and an idiot with an inferiority complex. What a pain.

"Yes, I have no right to know who is your father or brother or whatever. But you know what I have the right to do. I have the right to not teach you anything. Just disappear from my sight, talk to me when you grow up a bit."

Shesmu was more than a little pissed off at Amaterasu. Yes, Kazumi was annoying with him calling Shesmu Great Master every two seconds. But at least he was much more reasonable than Amaterasu. The duo might have some really important information about what caused him and them by extension to time travel, but Shesmu wasn't willing to deal with the massive headache that was these two clowns just for that.

"No, please, Great Master! We apologize!" Kazumi then looked at Amaterasu. "Hey, Amaterasu! Apologize to the Great Master!"

The girl hears Kazumi say those words just humphed once again.

"Who will apologize to that guy!"

Looking at this scene, Shesmu just sighed.

"Anyway, leave me alone."


Looking at Shesmu's departing back, Kazumi just stood still. He knew that there was no point in pushing things further.

"Amaterasu, you were really rude to the Great Master. The great mage sacrificed a lot for us to bring us near him and have this chance. We can't just let it go to waste."

For a second, Amaterasu had a look of guilt on her face before she harrumphed for the third time.

"Humph! He was the one who was rude! Calling us trash the moment he meets us, how is that the behavior of a reasonable person?!"

Hearing her argument, Kazumi just scratched his head smiling.

"Well, he didn't lie. We were "trash" at the time. Being afraid of those monsters, just because they appeared so similar to the ones we had to fight in the real world. But thanks to that experience we were able to raise our swords and fight later on. We were able to kill monsters! I'm sure that the Great Master knew that he had to say those words to ignite the will to fight in our hearts!"

Kazumi's eyes were sparkling like stars as he mentioned Shesmu. This brilliance affected Amaterasu too as she responded stuttering.

"D-do you really think so?"

"I'm sure of it!"

Meanwhile, Shesmu had no idea about the development that took place behind his back. He already went back to where he left his brothers Ryan and Leo.

"So, what did you guys talk about?" DepressedRyan asked.

"Yeah, we've been waiting for a while now. What took you so long?" added Leo.

Shesmu was a little bit flustered by the question, but it wasn't something he didn't expect.

"Well… It's a long story and I really don't want to tell you guys about it as of now. But we're brothers, so if you really want to know it I will tell you. It's just…"

"That you will put us in danger if you say it?" DepressedRyan continued Shesmu's words. At this point, he could already read this awkward superstar brother of his' mind.

"Yeah, that's the thing," confirmed Shesmu.

"Then you don't have to tell us now, you can always tell us later," Leo concluded. He then thought for a second before he continued, "But if it becomes too big for you alone to bear, you have to tell us, okay? That's what brothers are for after all."

Hearing Leo's cheesy line, DepressedRyan smiled.

"I agree with Leo. If you're in danger and you don't tell us, I will be mad at you! Forever too!"

"Thanks, guys." Shesmu stopped for a second, before continuing. "Don't worry, I won't keep you on the dark for too long. It's just that now, the time is not right."

Shesmu was extremely grateful. If Leo and Ryan wanted him to say everything he would have told them without hesitation. But the fact that they chose to wait warmed his heart. Sorry guys for not telling you everything now. It's just that I'm afraid once I do tell you, your situation will only worsen… especially you, Ryan.

With those thoughts, Shesmu and his brothers continued on their way through the cave. After around five minutes of walking by foot, they reached an entrance.

The trio went through the gate and what they found on the other side shocked them. A terrain split between black and white tiles stood in front of them.


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