Re: Sword Emperor
46 The Floor Is Lava
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Re: Sword Emperor
Author :RealShesmu
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46 The Floor Is Lava

The three brothers looked at the black and white terrain in front of them in surprise.

"What is this supposed to mean?" Leo asked.

"Not sure, maybe it's some kind of strategy game," responded DepressedRyan.

However, before the doubts could develop further, an interface appeared in front of them.

[First Floor]

[First Trial]

[Stand on Aida's light and glory is your call. Deviate to Mafder's path and divine punishment shall befall you]

"We should stand on just the white tiles. The black ones are bad." DepressedRyan cut to the chase and explained the words of the trial perfectly. Shesmu was surprised at his quick judgment.

I guess it wasn't too difficult of a riddle, Shesmu thought. But still, good job, Ryan.

"Oh, I guess it does make sense," responded Leo. "But… are we supposed to kill those monsters with this type of restriction?"

"Yes, we are."

A familiar yet unexpected voice came from behind. The trio turned around only to see Kazumi and Amaterasu coming out of the cave.

"Sorry, Great Master Shesmu. I know you don't want to see us right now, but we're all stuck in the same side now."

Shesmu looked at Kazumi for a second. Truth to be told, he only said those words to the duo because Amaterasu pissed him off way too much. At this point, he was no longer as angry. In the end, he just sighed.

"Whatever. Just take care of your own and mind your own business."

Shesmu couldn't waste more time on some petty arguments. At this point, he decided to take a wait and see approach to the duo. If they seem to be interesting, he wouldn't mind letting them enter his circle later.

Shesmu stepped on the first white tile and looked at the terrain as a whole. From his position, he could see around a hundred monsters spread out throughout the whole terrain. There were also many caves like the one Shesmu and his brothers came out of. He could see many players standing there, trying to resolve the riddle.

Once Shesmu stepped on the white tile, DepressedRyan followed him before Leo jumped in as well. The tiles were big enough to let five people stand on one comfortably.

Shesmu at the monster in front of them. It was a red wolf type of monster. He used to inspect on it to find its stats.

Red Wolf

HP: 1000/1000

DepressedRyan dashed in, eager for a fight.

"Let me test the power of this new set. I have been dying to try it out!"

With a silver flash, he disappeared from everyone's sight before reappearing behind the wolf's back flying. He raised his dagger and performed an aerial Slash Cancel on the monster's nap. The red wolf's Hp quickly depleted before it fell on the ground dead.

DepressedRyan was also about to land when he noticed the color of the tile he was about to fall on. It was black!


An electric shock stunned DepressedRyan for a second. All the while, a red number appeared above his head.


After the stun duration wore off, DepressedRyan quickly rolled out of the black tile into the safety of the white terrain.

"Hey, Ryan, are you alright?"

Leo hopped between the white tiles before finally reaching DepressedRyan. The latter took Leo's hand as support to get up before saying, "Thanks, dude. Yeah, I'm alright."

Shesmu hopped from one tile to another before reaching the duo.

"Hahaha! Ryan, you tried so hard to look cool, but look at you now. Hahaha! I just can't." Shesmu didn't hold back his laughter. Tears were streaming out of his eyes as he looked at DepressedRyan's miserable state.

"You! Just you wait." Ryan jumped at Shesmu and threw him at a black tile, trying to make suffer as he did.

"Hey, what are you doing-" Shesmu was mid-air, closing into the black tile when his eyes focused and his grin widened.

DepressedRyan looked at Shesmu as he was about to fall on the black tile with a triumphant look when Shesmu suddenly disappeared. Before he could process anything, Ryan felt a push behind his back before he was catapulted towards the black tile.

Ryan's face turned into a white sheet when his body moved on his own, and his mind thought Dash! It was his turn now to disappear and teleport behind Shesmu. Ryan didn't miss the chance this time and with one kick, he threw Shesmu on the black tile.


After this long sequence of attacks, DepressedRyan finally stood triumphantly in front of Shesmu, as the latter was shocked by the electricity. He was about to laugh at Shesmu's face when laughter from behind took him off guard.

"Haha! What are you guys doing!"

Leo could no longer hold the laughter at this point. He already found the situation funny when DepressedRyan was shocked to death after his smug smile. Now that this happened on top of that, he could no longer stop himself.


Seeing Leo laughing, DepressedRyan joined as well. He didn't expect the always silent Leo to start laughing all of a second.

"Hey, you two. Help me, you idiots! I'm stuck here."

Shesmu kept being electrocuted and chain stunned from the effect of the black tile. Since he fell on his face, he couldn't just get up and get away as easily as DepressedRyan did. Plus, the latter's agility was much higher than his.

"Haha! Serves you right for trying to push me there, got a taste of your own medicine?"

However, while DepressedRyan's mouth said those words, his hands gave support to Shesmu so as to get up. After helping Shesmu stand up, a voice came from behind.

"Woah! You guys are so cool! Can I know your name, Mister? You defeated the Great Master."

Hearing this, DepressedRyan's smile turned even wider. He had a stupid look on his face as he turned around to face Kazumi and Amaterasu.

"You have great eyes. My name is Ryan, DepressedRyan!"

"Oh, that sounds so lame."

Amaterasu's response was like cold water thrown at DepressedRyan. His face that was stupidly happy immediately turned into one of unbridled rage.

"Hey, you brat! What did you just say!"

DepressedRyan was about to lunge at the purple haired girl as Leo and Kazumi were trying to stop him. Shesmu just stood on the side thinking, Just kill her, Ryan. That's better for all of us.

After stopping DepressedRyan from committing murder, Leo and Kazumi sat down on the ground sighing.

"So, what's your name?" Leo asked.

"Kazumi and I come from the future."


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