Re: Sword Emperor
65 Release In Two Weeks
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Re: Sword Emperor
Author :RealShesmu
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65 Release In Two Weeks


Hey everyone, it's been quite a while—two months to be exact. I'm here today to bring you some good news. The release date for Re: Sword Emperor will be the 30th of March 2020.

The editing has been almost completely done. Many sections were left intact (especially the early ones), as I feel that they carried the magic of my writing. And, as far as I know, they seem to be parts that you, readers, enjoyed very much. There have been many additions and changes to the plot (especially the last part with Leo's sudden change of heart), and overall, I feel that this version provides a much better reading experience. Hopefully, you'll agree with me.
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Other than writing the actual story, I used these past two months to find myself an artist for the cover. I've gone through a few of them before settling on one who I enjoyed the style of. I think you guys will like it too.

In the days preceding the release date, I will release a few teasers (excerpts from the book that aren't in the original version). So, get your pens and papers ready my dears, Re: Sword Emperor is back, baby!


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