Re: Sword Emperor
68 Teaser #2
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Re: Sword Emperor
Author :RealShesmu
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68 Teaser #2

"L-love you… papa." Her barely discernible mumbling warmed Shesmu's heart, bringing a smile to his face.

"Love you too, sweetie." He kissed Eva goodnight on the forehead before switching off the light. Leaving his daughter's room, he climbed up the stairs and entered the master bedroom.

Sophie was still in her underwear, in the middle slipping into her pajamas. She was beautiful, her dark brown hair reaching to her waist. She looked back at Shesmu and smiled.

"So, did she like the tale of Kaleh?"

"She didn't get the chance to. I was barely at the start and she was already off to neverland."

Sophie chuckled at the response. She was already done putting on her clothes and slid into the bed. Shesmu quickly followed suit.
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"You know, Eva had lots of fun today. She kept watching you guys, mouth open, for the whole day. It's as if she saw real-life heroes battling in front of her."

Shesmu smiled. Even though his heart still clenched in pain, his smile remained. Which father wouldn't smile at the thought of his daughter? He looked at Sophie before leaning in and playing with the strands of her hair with his hand.

"She too will become one."

"You are her hero. Strong, untouchable and unbeatable." Her hand caressed Shesmu's face gently and her eyes glistened with a thousand emotions. Her fingers then traced their way from his neck and into his torso, pointing at his heart. "But I know that down here, you're hurt…"

Shesmu leaned in closer, his hands reached in farther, holding onto her back. Their legs coiled around one another, searching for warmth. Their breaths intertwined, and their eyes connected.

"Sophie, it's hard. Allan- Allan has been there for me since before I can even remember. He was always there, in the background, protecting me. He was my guardian angel. He was there when I knew nothing when I had nothing to offer, and he guided me. He was there when we were at the top of our glory, and my confidants were conspiring to betray me. He was protecting me. Without Allan, there is no BlackMoon."

Sophie stayed silent. She knew that Shesmu wasn't finished.

"Sophie, you know why I called the meeting tomorrow?" Shesmu's voice was soft, breathy, and full of affection.

Sophie pinched his forehead and chuckled. "Silly you, for how long do you think we've been married? Of course, I know…" Sophie's voice was soft like the summer breeze. Shesmu could no longer hold his instincts and deeply kissed her.

"Tomorrow, you're going to protect him. Like he always protected you." Her finger ran up Shesmu's chest slowly, and back to his neck. She leaned in, her breath tickling his ear.

"Tomorrow, you're going to gather everyone, all of our friends and do the one thing you should have done long ago. Disband the team."

Her words hit him like a backdrop. There was no need for a response because she was right. Shesmu will disband the team and start a new journey. But the only thing he could focus on now was her. Her beautiful face, her small upturned nose, her emerald eyes, and long, silky hair. She was breathtaking, even more than when he first proposed to her, six years ago.

Their lips met, brushing softly, delicate like flaps of the butterfly's wings. He inhaled deeply. It was just long enough that he could inhale her own breath. Her sweet, sweet breath. He hungrily went for more. His hand gripped the back of her head firmly, afraid to let go. His tongue dug deeper searching for treasure in the deep, dark sea. But here she was, his treasure.

Sophie chuckled. Her deep, kind voice soothing his heart. But she didn't say anything. Words were unnecessary. They both knew exactly what the other felt. That's precisely why Shesmu couldn't help but fall head over heels over her all over again.

And as such, they continued. Cuddled, hugged and kissed until they could no more. By the end, when their eyelashes were too heavy to bear, their hands reached out for each other, and their fingers intertwined one last time.


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