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Rebirth of the Strongest Empress
Author :North Night
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1407 Leaving 3

Ye Qingtang let out a deep breath after they left the Temple of Shadows. She had been exercising extreme caution all this while, as if walking on eggshells. Now that she had emerged, the word she thought of was… Freedom!

"Look at you. If the Temple of Shadows could see you, they would kill you immediately." The little white tiger looked at the relaxed Ye Qingtang and shook its whiskers.

Ye Qingtang rolled her eyes at the little white tiger. She could not be bothered to quibble with it, so she just picked it up and with a flying leap, ascended into the clouds and flew towards the Central Dynasty.

The Central Dynasty was one of the major dynasties in Central Mainland. It was the first dynasty to be established in Central Mainland, and its territory was the largest.

Ye Qingtang journeyed in stops and starts. When she rested, she used most of her time to cultivate, and she rapidly regained the strength she had used up.

When she regained her strength, Ye Qingtang sensed that something was different.

When she was in the Illusory Void, her ability had increased extremely quickly. But this speed had exceeded the time she had to practice controlling it. Now, after it was all depleted and she began to cultivate to regain it, her power had grown even purer. This increase in purity seemed to be caused by some strange influence exerted by the immortal method of cultivation.

Just as Ye Qingtang was about to reach the Central Dynasty, the voice transmission stone that had lain silent for a long time suddenly buzzed.

"Miss Ye." Ling Yan's smiling voice rang out from the voice transmission stone.

Ye Qingtang had a peculiar feeling when she heard this voice. She had not contacted Ling Yan earlier, firstly because she had been busy and it was inconvenient, and secondly, because she knew it would take a long time to rebuild the Eternal Dynasty after it was flooded by the Ancient You Clan. Hence, Ling Yan, as the new Emperor, would be very busy.

"What's going on? You're free today? Have you finished cleaning up the wreck that is the Eternal Dynasty?" Ye Qingtang teased.

"Is Miss Ye questioning my abilities?" Ling Yan replied with a question.

She really wanted to beat him to death.

Ye Qingtang's mouth twitched.

"Is anything the matter? If not, I need to hurry on with my journey," Ye Qingtang said.

"Miss Ye should have reached the Central Dynasty by now." Ling Yan seemed to be asking a question, but his tone was certain.

How did he know she was in the Central Dynasty?

Ye Qingtang was slightly taken aback.

Before Ye Qingtang could recover her wits, Ling Yan said, "If Miss Ye is near Burnt City, why not take a look? In a few days' time, an auction will be taking place in Burnt City. Miss Ye might profit greatly if she attends."

Ye Qingtang was silent.

Since he put it like that, how could she not go?


Why did she always feel that Ling Yan was manipulating her?

"Surely you are not planning something for me at Burnt City?"

Ling Yan laughed softly. "Miss Ye, your words are hurtful. Everything I do is done with complete consideration of Miss Ye."


"If Miss Ye is unhappy, it will be all my fault."

"Stop!" Ye Qingtang hurriedly interrupted Ling Yan.

"I'm quite near to Burnt City. I'll go there now."

If she let him continue talking, who knows what other nonsense he would spout?

What kind of Emperor was so glib!

Pack up your incredible abilities!

"Good girl…" Ling Yan's voice held a hint of indolence. He dragged out the syllables slightly, and they felt like goose feathers tickling her heart.

"…" Ye Qingtang immediately switched off the voice transmission stone.

You're the one that's good. Your entire dynasty is good!


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