Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
612 Chapter 612: Your Love Story Is Amazing
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Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
Author :ZerahNeko
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612 Chapter 612: Your Love Story Is Amazing

The wedding had been completed. The guests were also leaving the groom's house. That was also applied to Yu Qi and others. 

"Hey, let's go to the club tonight." Liang Mo Han invited them.

"Yeah. Let's go." Ren Qian Yi agreed.

"I don't want to." Long Hui quickly rejected it. He wanted to spend his time with his beloved Qi Qi only.

Ren Qian Yi stepped back behind Long Hui. He began to give signals to Yu Qi. Requesting Yu Qi to agree with their plan to go to the club. 

Seeing Ren Qian Yi earnestly begging to her, Yu Qi nodded. She would try to convince Long Hui to go with them. 

"Brother Hui, I also want to go to the club. I have never stepped into one before. So..." Yu Qi smiled sweetly to Long Hui.

"Wait, Second Sister In Law, you have never been to the club before?" Liang Mo Han was shocked to hear it. 

"Eh, why are you looking very shocked to hear it? What is so shocking to hear that someone has never been to a club?" Yu Qi asked when she saw the genuinely shocked look on Liang Mo Han.

"Well, I have thought as a beautiful girl, you have been to a club before." Liang Mo Han only grinned.

"Well, I'm actually afraid to go one. Since there will be a lot of dangers around. So, if Brother Hui can accompany me to the place, it will be nice to see what the club looks like. So, can we go tonight, Brother Hui?" Yu Qi used her sweet charm to make Long Hui agreed with her.

Long Hui was defeated. He could not defend himself from his beloved Qi Qi's charm. But he thought it would better if he could accompany her to such a place like that. 

Long Hui sighed. "Okay. We will go to the club. Remember, don't go to that place without me." He still had time to give his beloved Qi Qi a warning.

"Okay." Yu Qi nodded.

"Okay. Tonight, we will go to the club. Let's go!!!" Liang Mo Han was excited.

"Wait. I want to go too." Huang Su Nie appeared out from behind. She was together with Wang Zian Bo. The two girls had actually come on the good terms the same as before.

"Su Nie, you better stay at home." Fang Mo Li did not want Huang Su Nie to follow them.

"But, I want to go too. If something happens to me, Brother Mo Li, you can protect me." Huang Su Nie used her charm to allow her to go to the club with them.

Huang Su Nie was using cute way by waving Fang Mo Li's hand using her hand as she cutely begged Fang Mo Li. After a wave of the cute faces by Huang Su Nie, Fang Mo Li had finally agreed.

"Yes. Let's go." Huang Su Nie lifted her hand in the air.

Wang Zian Bo was from the beginning just keeping her mouth close. But she also wanted to follow them too.

All of them went to the night club, The Moon. It was just 20 minutes from Huang Su Nie's house. They had arrived at the club. At the entrance, there were two tough men who were guarding the entry of the club. 

"I have already booked a private room for us." Liang Mo Han said as they passed the entry. 

"Oh, have you already planned to come here tonight?" Ren Qian Yi asked.

"Just a small plan when knowing you and Second Brother will come." Liang Mo Han showed a 'peace' sign. 

There was a person who came to lead them to their private room. When they came into the room, they could see outside of the room. Turned out, it was one sided mirror where the people could see the outside but people outside could not see the inside of the room.

They began to order the drinks. The music could be heard from the outside. 

"Drink less." Long Hui gave a drink to Yu Qi. 

He knew that his beloved Qi Qi was a weak drinker. But he would allow her to drink but in a controllable amount.

"Okay. Thank you." Yu Qi received the glass from Long Hui.

"By the way, Second Sister In Law, tell us. How do you two fall in love?" Liang Mo Han asked.

"Yeah, tell us." Huang Su Nie also wanted to know.

Wang Zian Bo also wanted to know but she did not say anything but her expression seemed to show otherwise.

"We just met at the bank." Yu Qi answered.

"You guys will not believe this. I have asked them before how they have fallen in the love. Hui's answer is when he has seen Sister In Law killing someone." Ren Qian Yi interrupted.

"What? Kill someone?" Liang Mo Han was shocked.

Everyone looked at Yu Qi. What? Were they sitting with a murderer?

"You murderer. How can you be with Brother Hui? You don't deserve him." Wang Zian Bo pointed to Yu Qi.

"She had killed a robber who was trying to rob a bank and had injured someone else. If not for her action, others would have died." Long Hui glanced coldly at Wang Zian Bo who was pointing her finger to his beloved Qi Qi. 

"Oh... That is the story. I have thought you are some kind of murderer." Liang Mo Han nodded.

"It is okay. I don't mind." Yu Qi shook her head. 

It was normal for others to think that. So, she had never minded. 

"Then, when has Second Sister In Law fallen in love with Second Brother?" Liang Mo Han asked again.

"When he has helped me." Yu Qi answered.

"Oh, it is quite normal then." Fang Mo Li nodded.

"Normal you say? Do you know what kind of help he has given to her?" Ren Qian Yi interrupted again.

"What?" Fang Mo Li quickly asked.

"He helped her by blocking another robber while she shot another one."

Ren Qian Yi's answer made everyone stunned. They looked at the two people. 'This couple is indeed very different from others.'

"Sister Yu Qi, your love story is amazing." Huang Su Nie was very shocked and inspired to hear about Long Hui and Yu Qi's love story.

Wang Zian Bo who was sitting beside Huang Su Nie grabbed her glass and drunk the drink. She hated to hear such a story. Of course, she disliked it since it was involving the man whom she had liked. 

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    《Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman》