Reincarnated as Gohan
2 4 years later
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Reincarnated as Gohan
Author :Blacksom
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2 4 years later

"Gohan!" Goku voice echoed... "i'm here!, a baby like voice shouted back".

Goku flew to the location of the voice,"found you hahah,goku was elated because they were flying with the nimbus to kame's house,but gohan accidentally flew of the nimbus, because it was to windy and didn't have anything to hold on..."Luckily you landed on this tree,said goku...

yeah said gohan "luckily.."but silently he thought,how could a child still be okey when he flew downwards from 500 meters above ground,,luckily i trained my "ki" when nobody was looking these four years, and could easily fly,but if i couldn't there would only be pain nothing else.


"Gohan come i will hold you this time",said goku while rubbing his nose.."

Goku really is simple minded" thought gohan....Swoosh the flying nimbus launched off like a rocket to kame's house..

"This feeling is really awesome, sitting on the flying nimbus feels like you're on a flooofy cloud, maybe i should go to kori's tower after that raditz dies,oh we are here already thought gohan as he sees kame's house from a distance"....

~ "look gohan that is master Roshi's house, i used to train here with krillin when i was young" said goku...."whoow" really? i pretended as if i didn't know....

"Hey guys" said goku when he saw krillin,Bulma and master Roshi...

All three were surprised when they saw Goku,and gohan....."Goku! said krillin" w-where did you go after the tournament? and why didn't you visit us once?..."Oh that,after the wedding with chi-chi we lived near a mountain area and i

..Before he could finish bulma took gohan who was standing near him,although he could easily dodge her he didn't bother,infact he likes when hot girl's call him cute and hug him so he could easily get advantage over them.

Sooo cute,where did you get him goku,"oh let me introduce you guys, this is my son,gohan"... WHAAAT!! all three of them were simultaneously shocked.. "H-How...."Did i really hear it wrong"... Said master roshi, "No he really is my son look he also has a tail",

said goku".

."I remember this episode hahah" thought gohan....Bulma "looked and indeed,she saw my tail swing back and forth, "I-its indeed true he also has a tail"! shouted bulma.


"Whoooosh!!! Booom!!!

A shuttle crashed in an open field, as the door opened raditz came out as he scanned around with his scouter...Beep. he discovered piccolo and thought it was goku, he grinned coldly as he thougt" Wtf kakkarot why are there still living beings around.. Swoosh he flew at top speed to piccolo

On a mountain top piccolo was meditating as he felt raditz flying towards his location he was so shocked that he immediately stood up and began sweating , WHAT IS THIS POWER!!! IS IT SON GOKU!!!, NO IMPOSSIBLE WHO IS IT?!?

Piccolo waited there for couple of seconds before he saw raditz and raditz also saw him, it wasn't that piccolo didn't want to escape but that he couldn't. Swoosh, raditz stood before piccolo and he inspected him and said disdainfully i know you aren't from this planet, i'm looking for a person, but it looks like i found you instead.

You got the wrong person so turn around and leave before i get angry" said piccolo, "hmm someone having a bad day" said raditz coldly as he clicked his scouter beep,"an insignificant ant trying to be tough said raditz as he shoots energy ki from his finger, Bang it landed on piccolo as his hand blew of. "WHAT!!

He is this powerful"!! thought piccola as fled in top to kame's house...


"Oh it already began,thought gohan as he sat on bulma's lap lazily.

Swoosh raditz flew towards kame's house as he saw the powerful ki on his scouter,"this time its definitely him" thought

raditz,he saw piccolo going the same direction as he did but he disdained to talk to him so he sped up faster as he flew like a loose bullet towards kame's house.

W-What is that, goku felt

raditz power first before everyone else also did,Ahh! krillen screamed as he also felt it,"its coming our direction" said master roshi,only gohan knew who it was.

Swoosh, raditz landed near goku and started to yell. "Kakkarot! What's with the condition of this planet?! Your mission was to exterminate the native inhabitants! What game are you playing at?!" Raditz yelled.

"Y-You who are you?"said goku, I'm your elder brother! Kakarot answer me! Why haven't you killed the native inhabitants yet!" Raditz clenched his fist in frustration.

"My name is Goku! I've no idea what you're talking about!" Goku shouted. No one took Raditz' words seriously. Bastard! You threw away your Saiyan name?!

Saiyan? What's that?" Krillin asked.

"You backwater people don't know because you've never left your planet. We Saiyans are the most powerful race in the universe!" Raditz said proudly.


Kakarot! That tail is proof of your Saiyan blood!" Raditz continued, unlike him, Goku did not have the habit to wrap his tail around his waist and was easily seen.

"W-What!? H-He also has a tail!!" The group looked at Raditz' waist and found a tail similar to Goku and Gohan,Krillin shouted.

When Krillin said that raditz was shocked,before looking at my direction and saying,"Kakkarot!! you have mixed our powerful saiyan blood with an insignificant earthling"!?!... Before shooting ki blasts towards gohan!!


current stats

Showing Host Stats

Name: Gohan

Gender: male

Age: 4 year

Race: Half Saiyan

Birthday:Year 757

Ki-level: 64,000

Hidden potential: locked

Ape transformation: moonlight.


Ki level of current characters

Raditz :1,330

Goku: 460


master roshi: 120

All other Z fighters are on 100 or under


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