Return to begin a career as Viking!
9 Drekkison Head of the Family
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Return to begin a career as Viking!
Author :Happy_apple
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9 Drekkison Head of the Family

Thurm had separated them by lifting them from the ground with one hand each, the children that were watching at that moment began to slowly walk back preparing to run to their homes with the fastest speed that would provide their legs.

'' I think I said do not intervene... ''

Heikko said in a serious tone, even so, the image he had was comical and funny, being full of sand on his face and even a bit of Bolti spit that at some time when receiving a blow Bolti had spit.

Thurm remained silent to see his Young Master with serious expression but totally disheveled, he only smiled to himself, Thurm released both boys to the ground, and then look at the other children who had already moved several meters away.

'' snort ..., there's nothing to see here... ''

Thurm said in a cold voice, which the kids did not think twice before running away, they did not want anything to do with Heikko when he had been soiled and beaten, the only one who stayed in the place was Tharos who was not afraid of the blows of his father, after all Heikko was his only friend who liked to make him company, even though the character of each was different, both were complementary when making some toys and other wooden works.

apart from Tharos, Bolti stayed at the place looking at Heikko with anger and resentment, the truth was that Heikko did not even know how important prestige was in these times, in these times that the strongest dominated over the life of the weak, being able to have prestige was translated into having influence, having influence was having followers and having followers was power!

without legal frameworks that put laws on your rights and obligations, you could only avail yourself of the will of those stronger than you to survive in this place, in addition to the benefits that you could provide to your superior as a minion.

while it could be said that Heikko was born not to say in an Era that was simply a paradise compared to the middle-age era, in the other side he also was the son of a Gode therefore he was a noble in this tribal society, with the right to education In addition to having the right to see military learning material and information about the command of troops, among other things that civilians could dream of.

for Bolti to establish himself as the leader of his generation was the most important step to be able to be a warrior and practitioner in the future, with this being able to gain land and get his own property and family after separating from his father's family, with an enviable force and a robust physical condition, it could be said that the future of Bolti could not be bad, but now thanks to Heikko part of his prestige had fractured, he could only try something that had passed through his mind at this time, it was a crazy plan but if the result would be a hundred ... not a thousand times more than what he could even think, with it he had decided to stay and not run like the other kids.

'' I have not lost to you Heikko! ''

'' ... ah? ''

Heikko had adjusted his clothes a bit and shaken off the dust, seeing Bolti who looked at him energetically even though he had a clear increase in bruises on his head, Heikko was surprised by it, but soon he reassembled and smiled slightly.

'' And so I did not lose to you, so this is a draw, let's make things easy, tell me how much you want for the doll and I'll pay you back ''

Heikko, thinking about how childish he had been when fighting with a boy younger than him and so impulsive, thought about better solving this in the way that someone modern would do it ... with money!

even so, his words had an effect contrary to what Heikko expected.

'' As you dare to sully our duel, are you not a man at all!? As you dare to believe that my pride has a price! we will solve this like men! do you hear me?''

Bolti said with great anger and fury, it seemed that at any moment he would try to attack Heikko, even when Thurm was behind Heikko looking at him cold as if it were a drawn blade.

'' sigh, I just want to end this soon, Bolti you are a real pain in the ass ... ''

Heikko looked at him somewhat annoyed and said lazily, seeing his braid hair ruined he sigh and did not pay much more attention to Bolti, as a modern person the number of performances he had seen at work or on the television was not few, it was easy to see that Bolti reacted unnaturally, even if prestige bothered Bolti was not enough to reach such extremes of anger, it was simply bad acting of Bolti and Heikko realized that Bolti had other intentions.

'' finish it? Of course, we will, I challenge you to another duel! in this same arena within 7 days! I want everyone to watch how I humiliate you, this time there will be no more traps and I will go with everything against you, you hear me? "

''7 days...''

Heikko realized that things were more annoying than he thought, his father would return in maybe 5 or 6 days and it seemed that Bolti knew about it.

'oy oy, it was supposed to be like in the novels that the filler villain would come to offend the protagonist in a decerebrated way and would serve as a step for the son of heaven! how is it that Bolti has a brain for something like this ... '

Heikko's thoughts were a bit ridiculous since he had not integrated himself into this world and the memories he had inherited from the old Heikko were of a boy grown in a greenhouse.

his perspective of the world was really close, Bolti was not a stupid boy who did not know how to measure interests and seek the maximum profit, Heikko thinking that he underestimated Bolti for being a child beside a middle-age era one, but that this child could be having so fine thoughts as to set a trap, made him feel a little depressed.

'I see so no one is a prey waiting to be hunted ...'

Heikko thought this to himself and could only thank that it was a boy that made him realize his mistake and not a situation of life and death, thinking about it he could not help but remember the man who had attacked him in the village that had been looted on the islands in the south, chills ran down his back just thinking about it.

'' so be it, in 7 days you will have the duel you want, but the doll is a separate issue ... ''

'' snort, you can keep it, I will not stain my hands with your dirty money ... ''

When Bolti heard that Heikko agreed to fight him, he had great happiness, so to hide it pretended to be offended and leave those words before retiring while walking on the way home he left thinking that everything had gone well to this point in the plan.

'haha Bolti, you are a genius! What better way to gain prestige than beating the weakling Heikko in front of the Great Chief! Even when Heikko is his son he can not favor his son in front of a more fit and strong young man like me for the warrior training! '

Bolti's plan was simple but quite perfect, he just had to beat Heikko in front of the Great Chief, even when Heikko was the son of the Great Chief, he could not favor him in terms of a duel that he had promised, besides not only that, but it would stand out as the strongest of its generation and it would be a key objective to train when it was time to go to the training with the other boys at age 12, in fact only entering the summer and Bolti would begin to go to the detachment to train as a militiaman!

Heikko was looking at the back of Bolti that even when he had left with an angry face, his body emitted the great happiness he felt, Heikko could only sigh and look at his friend Tharos who still had dust and the bruises were pronounced more after this has relaxed the body, not to mention the bumps in the back of his head that were noticeable to the naked eye.

Tharos looked at Heikko with a strange look, normally Heikko in the past would have threatened Bolti and the other boys with the prestige of his father and they would have had to retire, fighting with Bolti who weighed 50 kilos and almost 60 It was the last thing he would do, even so, seeing the misaligned image of Heikko and the doll that he had been slow to make in the last week for his sister made the doubts about Heikko's behavior disappear and gratitude was the only thing he could feel towards Heikko.

'' You should not have fought with him ... even when he's younger his father has trained him since he was 8 years old, I heard he even lets him use the knife when killing pigs ... ''

Tharos said with his head down and with few spirits, to which Heikko only smiled slightly in a mysterious way, it could not be said to be a happy smile or any other feeling, it was not a smile that appeared on the face of a child of 12 years.

Heikko noticing his own behavior released a slight laugh and smiled a little more sharply, seeing the thin body of his friend and the bumps on his head took a couple of steps and he patted him on the back.

'' I would say the same, I do not understand why you decided to fight him if from the beginning you said that you would tell me what happened here in at least 9 of 10 cases Bolti would not have tried to fight with you''

Tharos remained silent for a moment and took the doll that Heikko offered him to say with a little more confidence and ridicule of his own.

'' hehe, true, but I'm 13 years old and in a couple more I'll be a man ... if I can not even face a boy smaller than me, then how am I supposed to defend what is mine? What if the second son of the big Chief is a tyrant and decides to come to grab my wife? "

'' ..., you are right! ... even so, if the second son of the big Chief is a tyrant, the big Chief will probably break his legs and take him home to reeducate him as he should be! ''

When they looked at each other they fell silent for a few seconds and the atmosphere seemed a bit tenser between the two young people, but their laughter interrupted this moment.

'' HAHAHA''x2

Thurm just shook his head, was a problem that Heikko had a duel with Bolti, the biggest problem in this case was the safest thing is that the big Chief was present when this will take place, if Heikko loss in front of the big chief, Heikko would leave badly to the Big Chief and not only that, but in summer Heikko would have to go to detachments training for expeditions to the wastelands, it was standard that the children of residents will train for combat outside the comfort of the walls, those who did not pass this challenge were seen less.

'' Young Master Heikko, I remind you that we will have to return to the main house before the sun goes down, Ivenka will be waiting for you with the hot food ... ''

when hearing the name of Ivenka both boys were silent at once, Tharos pressed a little the doll that had in his hands and even forget the pain he had in the body, seeing Heikko totally misaligned cold sweat, the consequences if Ivenka was angry and she was retaliating against him, this was not something she was willing to cope with.

'' understood, Thurm still missing several hours so we can still go for a walk ..., besides I would like to ask you to teach me about combat in these remaining hours since my clothes are already dirty, it really matters a little more of dust? "

Thurm was surprised, after all, Heikko had tried to teach the arts of combat with clean hands and weapons, but he was most reluctant to learn any heavy physical activity, the fencing lessons he had weekly were forcibly and what he had learned was null, that is why they had been canceled after almost 1 year of battle and they left him in the hands of Maestre Jordian completely.

'' since the Young Master asks so I will, although I have to tell you that with an exhaustive training the possibility of beating Bolti within a week is not especially high, not to say with a normal training ''

Thurm said incidentally, looking more than anything to see how strong would be the determination of Heikko to learn to fight, but was even more surprised to see the clear eyes of Heikko without the slightest hesitation, his face was serious and did not have his carefree smile of a moment ago, in a low voice but without wobbling, he said to Thurm.

'' I know what my chances are, even so, I must start somewhere and this is the best way, Tharos you should join this training, as long as you do not want to have children with excellent blood like that of the Great Chief! ''

Heikko said with some malicious intent and Tharos just clicked his tongue, seeing Thurm with his armor on and with the sharp air of a warrior who walked on the corpses of the creatures outside the walls of the city, he said with respect towards Thurm.

'' allow me to disrespect you and ask to train me for these days ''

Thurm nodded and addressed Heikko with a voice more severe than the previous one that had a touch-friendly and tactile, was a commanding voice and with great fighting power, to say.

'' since you so wish then it will be done, the first thing you should learn is the balance of the body !, so you will practice for the next 2 hours how to stand on the ground! ''

'' ... ''

both boys looked at each other with some disbelief, they expected some hard and violent training, but in return it was something so natural as standing, seeing the look of confusion of the boys Thurm snorted with disdain, even the master's of combat could die on an Instant if they lost control of their balance, it was simply not something that you ended up learning like the words that came in the books.


After a few hours Heikko and Tharos would realize the mistake that was to belittle Thurm's training, but several hundred kilometers from the community of Drakisson, in a magnificent building carved in stone of a cerulean white color that stood proud, On a series of hills that had a white color of snow that remained all year on their peaks, was a group of people which each had a portentous air and at the same time a wild air.

45 chairs with 45 people sitting in them, there were 36 in the back seats representing the 9 Godes of each of the 4 regions in the North, South, East, and West of Frozland, after them in the front were the leaders of each region reaching to 40 seats and in front of them were the 3 that presided over the council as moderators and judges of the entire process, on the right side of these was the witness of the agreements reached in the Council of Alpingi a middle-aged man with a short beard and with a long gown and on the left side was an old man the leader of the central sector and defender of authority on the island of Frozland.

Even though it was the Middle Ages, it could be said that the level of political interaction was not less than that of the modern era, conflicts of interest were something that could not be absent in any era.

Even though there were some sitting in the front and others in the back, this did not represent the power of those who attended here.

so it was the fact that there were 10 families that held great power with great arrogance and every time there was a meeting of the council they did not abide by the agreements reached, it could be said that the council existed mostly to maintain conflicts on a scale that It will not harm the existence of people on the island.

the faces of the people present were solemn, each one of them could be said to be at least Bronze level Practitioners, so the atmosphere was heavy every time they all met every 2 years, even more now than the prestige of the Drekkinson's family of the 10 great families solidified, and even when it advanced at a slow pace it was unstoppable.

in the seat of the Godo Drekkison was a tall man of great stature with a great martial bearing and a cold look like the frozen lands of the north and with a touch of madness in that look.

The most frightening thing about this man was that he could bring this air of savagery into his body by giving a strange sensation of reverence to every time he was inside a room, even in front of this group of powerful Practitioners he managed to stand out among them, a jet black hair and a face with strong features and even if it could not be said that he had a fierce face, he gave a feeling of respect and fear.

Ulfthein Drekkison!

Ulfthein the Wise, even when he had a tyrannical air was known as the wise one! This could only accentuate the level of danger that meant for the other Godes, that is why the other Godes had reached the consensus of tying the hands and feet in not-direct ways to this man!

apart from Ulfthein, it could be said that there was no one that can compare him between the Godes in the Hall, even though the heads of the other 9 families were not afraid to look at Ulfthein face to face, the accumulation of their families for generations gave them the confidence to stay above characters of great individual power like Ulfthein.

When the atmosphere was subtle and heavy a hammer was heard sounding on a metal plate.

'' The last issue to conclude this meeting is the permission from the Kingdom of Norman to access the Middle Sea, within 3 years there will be an increase of one-tenth in its price, even so, the Kingdom of Norman promised us to release 80 permission scrolls more to

get to 300 ... ''

'' ... ''

the room went silent waiting for the characters that handled the decisions on the island began with their power struggles, while those at the head of each region sweating cold as they could feel how the presence of 10 powerful people was imposed on their backs.

even when these 10 men did not look at each other, each of them was aware of the smallest gesture of the other 9.


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