Sic Parvis Magna
13 As Years Go By
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Sic Parvis Magna
Author :Al_Ellisande
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13 As Years Go By

When Axel join Fairy Tail first thing he did was steal some S class jobs from other guilds and complete them. He did this because there wasn't any S class jobs at the guild. So he steal some jobs and when he completed all the S class jobs people start to notice and send their job request Fairy Tail. Soon SS rank came which Axel completed again. Then 10 years and 100 years jobs but Axel didn't touch them right away because he needed reputation and people who request this job didn't accept every Tom, Dick and Harry. Althought Axel is wizard saint but he is still new and not many people know about him, his capabilities, his strenght. They will know he is strong enough to be wizard saint but that's it. So he decided to wait when he gained enough prestige.

In the year X787 Magnolia gone through brief power struggle. Twilight Ogre came to the Magnolia with the intention of take over the town for themselves and start to harass Fairy Tail members. Though one month later when Axel came from his S rank mission he learned what's happening and gone to their guild. He kick the door from the hinges and saw they were celebrating something but they stop their party when Axel broke the door. Some of them start to yell at him like who does he think he is but he didn't listen to them and said his name, his guild name and told them he came because they try to harass his guild with that he released his conquering spirit and start to crush them, only their master show little will and he start to increase his output little bit and he too collapsed unconscious to the floor. After that they leave the town, with that Fairy Tail name heard once again after disappearance their members. Axel became ace of the guild and gained new nickname; Magic Emperor. He gained this nickname because when civilians saw him he crush Twilight Ogre guild without even lift a finger they thought he looked like an Emperor, which Axel heard later from Macao. This victory homewer didn't go unnoticed from other mages and guilds. 3 months later kingdom announce that Grand Magic Games was starting and Fairy Tail only send Axel. First Grand Magic Games gone through tournament style and Axel was the champion, with this Fairy Tail name heard once again. After he came to the guild they partied till the dawn, in the morning Romeo came to him and ask him to teach him which Axel accepted, after all Axel wanted Fairy Tail strong again. He wanted them stand at their feet without their main group so he decided to teach whoever interested hand-to-hand combat or sword training. That was the start of suffering of Romeo. He soon found that Axel was slave driver and when he complained Axel told him that nothing is easy, if he wanted to suprass others he need to work hard and he showed him that even now he was still training hard. When Romeo saw how busy was Axel through his training and jobs he thanked him profusely for training him and asked him why he still train when he was already strong enough which Axel replied it was nothing and told him that in this world only training won't betray him. Romeo took this advice to the heart and carry to the grave even when he became first ranked wizard saint, ace of the fairy tail he trained every day so he didn't fall back. Though this is story of another time.

Right now in the X788 two things shook everyone first is Axel Cole Youngest Wizard Saint, Ace of Fairy Tail, Magic Emperor completed 100 year mission. It came to as a shock to everyone, he did something even Gildarts Clive, one of the strongest wizard couldn't do and popularity of Fairy Tail start to increase, at first world saw Fairy Tail as a weak guild when they lost their member only a single dark guild, Grimoire Heart but what they didn't know it was not Grimoire Heart attack them it was Acnologia. When Axel joined the guild they thought guild must have still have some strenght if they were able to gain the attention of a wizard saint and Axel had rapidly built the guilds reputation and strenght. From his first emergence till now he became guilds significant power. Axel had been at the forefront of every major request the guild had taken and he lead to a flawless mission record to this day. Thanks to him a mediocre Fairy Tail had risen to the ranks of the elite with only a single S rank member, and unofficially were amongs the top five. After all how many guild could say their member completed 100 year mission. His name was symbol of pride for Fairy Tail and in the same league with other Fairy Tail legends, like Mavis Vermillion, Makarov Dreyar and Gildarts Clive.

Second thing is God Serena first ranked wizard saint defected and decided to join Alvarez Empire. This was hard blow for everyone. Magic Council immediately call for a meeting and they told that first seat shouldn't be empty. They offer seat to Hyberion but he refused, Axel didn't understand why, maybe pride. While he was thinking Warrod suggest Axel and naturally almost all of them start to object. Gran Doma thought he is too young, only 20 this year and Warrod told everyone that because of that he was suggesting Axel since he is young so he could hold the position until he is old enough and he again suggest Hyberion can test him, which Hyberion accept it. While this was happening Axel was still thinking his swordmanship progress and didn't heard anything they talk.

''Axel'' Gran Doma call for his attention.

''Axel Cole''


''Wha-? What is it?''

''Did you heard us?''

''Eee no. Ahahahaha''

''This isn't laughing matter.'' said irritated Gran Doma ''Anyway we talk about first seat shouldn't be empty and Hyberion refused the seat. So Warrod suggested you we of course againts it but he suggested Hyberion could test you and Hyberion agreed so I ask of you do you accept this?''

Axel looked his teacher why he suggest him but when he saw Warrod give a nod with his head he decided to accept it after all his teacher didn't steer him wrong even once.

''I accept.''

''Okay Mr. Cole 3 days later come here and you, me, Wolfheim and Warrod will go to the test area. I suggest to rest I will not go easy againts you.'' said Hyberion with elegance.

''Heh I wouldn't want other way.'' with that meeting end and Axel with Warrod gone to the inn nearby for rest.

''So teacher why do you want me to take the seat?''

''My boy did you notice after you join Fairy Tail Alvarez Empire call their troops back? If you take the seat now Alvarez Empire will know you became stronger than last time when you battled their group and with Serena gone that will also show them we have still strong mages in our midst but if you couldn't complete 100 year mission I wouldn't suggest you.''

''So deterrent tactic?''

''In a way yes but don't diss yourself my boy you are strong after all and I know you could take the seat. Also with this you will set example for younger generation.'' said Warrod and they split for the night.
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    《Sic Parvis Magna》