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Space and Rebirth: The Favored Genius Doctor and Businesswoman
Author :SlothfulxQuiet
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171 Strange Patien

The quality of water in the pond was clean; there was absolutely nothing inside it. Jing Yun Zhao tried watering the plants with this pond water, but realised that there wasn't a function that expedited growth. Only then did she know that there was still only one source for the spring water. This pond's water wasn't much different from the ones outside, just like the dirt.

'Creak creak——'
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Underneath her feet, something suddenly let out this strange sound.

Jing Yun Zhao looked down and was immediately given the shock of her life. (TL/N: I take it back about weird pets, xiao lan is about to transform)

What she saw was an icy blue meatball, about the size of a fist. Ears covered the body that looked like a ball, two paws waved at her, and there was even a pair of wings at the sides.

"Xiao Lan?" Jing Yun Zhao's lips twitched, uncertain.

Xiao Lan was previously a medicine bug, even if it transformed, it should still become a butterfly. This appearance now, what was it?

Ears like a cat's, wings that had a seven point similarity with a bat's wings but 10 points prettier in colour. An ice blue-coloured piece of flesh had grown on its forehead, covering the area much like a piece of leaf, a large, round pair of eyes, with a thin, long tail was dragged behind it, looking something like a vine. It still didn't have a neck.

Xiao Lan tried its best to flap its wings, and finally managed to rise from the ground after a while. However, the fragile wings likely couldn't support its weight It was flying here and there in all directions, while the other medicine bugs that followed its lead were lined up neatly, wriggling their buggy forms looking excited.

Jing Yun Zhao fell into a daze. So far, in the eight pieces of spirit jade she'd already absorbed, there still wasn't any records about Xiao Lan.

It couldn't have mutated just because she raised it, right?

Jing Yun Zhao poked at the fleshy form to see Xiao Lan excitedly let out another chi.

She dimly remembered the blood she lost just now, did Xiao Lan become like this because of that?

If it wasn't the fresh blood, then the only other reason would be the spirit jade pieces.

This was the treasure that the Old Ancestor had left behind. It wouldn't be strange if there was a power beneficial to medicinal bugs hidden within, especially since she directly absorbed two pieces in one go just now. That power went through her bloodstream and into her blood, which was absorbed by Xiao Lan. For an evolution like this to happen was definitely within the realm of possibility.

Jing Yun Zhao was unaware that she had actually pretty much got the gist of it.

Even though Xiao Lan's appearance had changed, it was still a medicinal bug and would still be responsible for leading the other medicinal bugs to work. Also, it was quite obvious that the productivity of the other bugs had largely improved.

A few days had past since summer vacation started, when Jing Yun Zhao began her days of visiting outpatients with Grandpa Gan.

The rules of the county hospital were strict and impartial, it wouldn't be good for her to be part of it. However, there was quite a number of patients who looked for Grandpa Gan for treatment in private. The elderly, seeing her commitment towards medicine, also did not reject the idea of bringing her together with him. He just told the people that she was his granddaughter.

It also wasn't the first time Jing Yun Zhao and Grandpa Gan went on a house all together; it was almost a routine.

"Yun Zhao lass, I'll let you have a look at the patient this time…" Grandpa Gan mentioned beforehand while they were still on the way.

His eyebrows were slightly furrowed and the creases on his face were all the more obvious than before, looking as if his mind was filled with worries. Jing Yun Zhao was a little lost for a reason why he'd look like this, because the old grandpa's medical skills were quite good; plus whenever they made a house call, he was always overflowing with confidence. Compared to his usual attitude, his current look was a complete contrast.

"Grandpa Gan, is the patient's condition very serious?" she couldn't resist asking.

The elderly shook his head, "It's not that exactly, it's just… Sigh, you'll find out later."

He originally hadn't wanted to bring the lass with him this time, but since she aspired to become a doctor, then she had to have mental preparations. Every patient in the world was unique, it also didn't lack those who had eccentric behaviours.


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