Stories Across Time And Space
1 Loki New Found Powers
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Stories Across Time And Space
Author :Godloloftme
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1 Loki New Found Powers

Thor came from nowhere and say "brother whyyy"

Loki turn super saiyan and say "suk on my duck u botch!"

Loki with his newfound super saiyan power use the Kamehameha technique to kill the but thor block it with his hammer but the power of hammer is gay therefore it didn't work :(

"Ahhhhh" this cried in pain and died from the power of a million suns :)

"Hahaha" Loki laugh and turn Super Saiyan God form and explode the earth, then he flies to Asgard and kill everyone, even Odin himself :), Loki then kill everyone in the universe until Thanos came and say "I do the killing, not u!" so they battle but Thanos died in few blows bc he is weak of without infinity gauntlet :),

Loki got so much XP from those killings that he transcended from a God form to a blue form :D

Loki fight the celestial's and win with ease lol, Loki then gather all the infinity gems and destroy them with a perfected master super Saiyan blue KKx1000000000000000 true KK potential power which destroys all multiverse and timelines :(, TOAA came but loki turn Ultra Instinct True Master God Ascension Legendary Infinity Omega Saiyan God Form combine with the power of KKxINFINITY SO Loki basically became a 10D being which kill TOAA with one flick of his finger, destroying TOAA from existence lol...

He went to dragon verse and solo all Dragon Ball verse beings and then destroy all include ZENO AND GRAND PRIEST, even the dragon ball X universe was no match, he then moves to DC, Superman 1 million, Superman Prime, Superboy prime, Cosmic Armor Superman, Thought Robot, Pre-crysis Superman, New 52 Superman, Injustice Superman, Most OP VERSIONS OF DR.Fate, Black Racer, etc all versions of heroes and villain, gods all come at him in the same time but it was no good as he was too op and a 10D being so he turn normal super saiyan and with a flick of his finger he kill them all in one big swoop within a instant :(, but then all the godly kike beings and omnipotent beings came...but it was still no use and they all died :(

Naruto verse he came but he found out toooooooooo weak so he destroy. It by sending 0.000000000000000000 million infinity left of energy 0000.1 to destroy the earth bc naruto isn't even star buster lol :3

He destroy death note world bc it too gay and wayyyyyyy too weak lol xD.

And yeah he destroy everything so loki came and ask himself am I gay? So he kills himself with his 10000x omnipresent powers and destroys everything D: and the writers died too so nothing left :(....the end


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