Supernatural Strongest Being
8 Lydia“s party and Argent“s family.
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Supernatural Strongest Being
Author :MordredIVV
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8 Lydia“s party and Argent“s family.

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Now while I was yelling at that dork me and Issac grab our stuff from our lockers and prepare to go home, when Lydia comes to me.

-"Now It's going to be my birthday and I am going to make a party I want this pair of pretty brothers in it"(Lydia)

-"Count with us sweetheart!"(Ian)

Recalling my past memories this day Scott and Derek are going to be cornered by the Argent family I want to formaly present myself to them today, the night came and we come to Lydias house.

Issac and I make our ways to the party, she has his eyes in a pretty young lady and I let him play with her, I was looking for a beer when I saw Jackson eating Lydia literary what the heck man you dont even know how to kiss a woman well I will let you have fun while you can, They are going to break up pretty soon.

We go out the party two hours lately when I notice that Scott is leaving, I took Issac and rush with the Impala to our mansion I make all the guys be ready for the formal presentation, we all pack our stuff and make our way to the woods we sneak our way when some of those blindind arrows make thir way to Derek and Scott and when the arrow was going to impale Scott to the tree I appear and slash the arrow with my katana.

-"Now now what's what we get here, I am blindly assume that you and your hunters are following the code"(Ian)

-"Who are you little guy and are you sure that you want to meddle with this?!!"(Chris Argent)

Then all of my pack/family appear from where they were hiding some with high caliber machine guns, desert eagles, katanas, KA- BAR knives surround Chris and their pair of hunters.

-"But meddling is my business my name is Ian Elkins, Lord and Head of the Elkins family, Keeper, Judge and Jury of the balance between supernaturals and humans, so let me recall that you are in my land, Beacon Hills are my territory and the last thing that I want is some newbies hunters to disrupt the balance here."(Ian)

Chris and their hunters were amazed and they kneel in front of me.

-"Sorry Lord we dont know your identity my name is Chris Argent"(Chris Argent)

-"Argent like my vassal family?"(Ian)

-"Exactly Lord I will be delighted if you can come with us to see our family head if thats ok"(Chris Argent)

-"Perfect I also have to tell you something extremely important"(Ian)

Derek and Scott were hiding and looking at how the things were developing and listening at our conversation.

-"What are those people?!!"(Scott)

-"Those people are hunters, Argent are hunters that specialize in hunting werewolves, but I didnt expect that Elkins family were back they are in whole new level than those Argent, Scott if Werewolves exist why not Vampires, or ghosts or a lot of other supernatural creatures well I am going to tell you they indeed exist and Elkins are the ones that exterminates all kind of supernaturals not only werewolves but they are also our friends if you are not a freaking death machine then they are going to leave you alone or even helped you, they are the ones that keep balance between supernaturals and humans, now lets get out of here"(Derek)

All of the hunters pack their stuff and came to the Argent mansion that was in a couple of houses besides our mansion, we went out and enter it.

-"Well please I need you to manage to bring all of your family members to the salon."(Ian)

-"Honey who are these people and what are they donig here?!"(Victoria Argent)

-"Vic, they are the Elkins family and their Lord its that young boy there they want to talk to us about something, but they want all of our family members in the salon, that means Allison..."(Chris Argent)

-"It's ok if the Lord want to talk let's talk, also I think is time for us to tell Allison about what we do"(Victoria Argent)

Victoria called Allison to the lounge and she was amazed by the quantity of people that was in her house, and the she saw me and she cant think of what the heck I was doing in her house.

-"Seems that all are here, well I am going to present myself, Ian Elkins, Lord and Head of the Elkins family, Keeper, Judge and Jury of the balance between supernaturals and humans"(Ian)

All the people kneel in front of me, Chris and Victoria make Allison do the same, she was freaked out he is a lord and what bullshit crap is the eeper, Judge and Jury of the balance between supernaturals and humans thing.

-"Now I am here to tell you a huge pack of information and to stop your tracks from the hunt of the Alpha"(Ian)

-"Now for the Alpha thing with a little of investigation I came to the conclusion that both parts are the culprit of this, now I am going to explain why, few years ago the Hale family was all death because of a fire incident, now I locate some of the culprits of this they were some humans that has record of arsoning and pyromaniac bastards but they told an interesting story, they do that because an Argent told them to do so a woman called Kate Argent, she deliberatly choose to give the shit of our code and killed them in cold blood but as we know they are members that are alive from this family they are Derek and his uncle Peter now we know that Derek its not an Alpha so the most probable to be its his uncle and taking in count that he is older and more powerful the chances to be him are greater because the werewolf transformation of the alpha is a wild one, now we know that he spent a lot of time in weakness and that he saw the murder of his family in fornt of his eyes so both parts are culprit, now I judge that Kate Argent is banished from the Argent family and she cant be helped by our family in her life because she lost her reason, I am going to talk to Peter to appease him and that's going to mantain peace here"(Ian)

Chris, Victoria and Allison were amazed by this discoveries, they also knew the behaviour of Kate and they knew that was really possible, she is just obsessed with killing werewolves, Allison is freaking out what the heck Alpha, Derek, Peter she doesnt quite get whats happening and listen to Ian telling that her aunt is banished from their family really pisses her off.

-"As head of the Argent family I accept the veredict of the Lord but I ask for him to wait for the banishment until we investigate these case for ourselves"(Victoria Argent)

-"Well I agree with you, at least its a member of your family and you have to be completely assured of whats going on here, I am going to posponed the banishment you have 1 month to investigate yourselves and then the order is going to be edicted if my judgement is wrong then I might revoked the order only if"(Ian)

-"Thanks Lord for your comprehention"(Chris and Victoria Argent)

-"That's ok we are all family! Well then we need to go to the last thing that I have to tell you, Jack please bring it to the mansion please"(Ian)

I trigger my blood magic and make a demon containment circle with some differences this keeps the demon inside even if its exorcised he cant escape this circle, Jack came with a woman Ruby in her first vessel (Katie Cassidy), with her description and our hunter network I manage to find her and capture her, Jack placed her in the circle and we put a chair she also have a handcuffs that works on demons and angels as well for contermeasure you know.

-"Now I know that you are only specialized in werewolf hunt but I bet that you didnt see a Demon"(Ian)

I took out holy water and started splashing Ruby's face with that she woke up.

-"ARRGHH you mother trucker, wow where am I you are a pack of perverts you know"(Ruby)

I splashed her again and she is pissed her eyes change to black in an instant, everyone is astonished by her, Allison's world knowledge break apart in this instant what the hell then werewolves and other supernatural shit are true<Brain Nuclear Explosion>.

-"Now I know that your name is Ruby and we have something in common we both hate that yellow eyed demon now I am going to exorcise you but I need some information from you before that"(Ian)

Ruby perfectly knows that Ian can kill her, her knife was also in his hands he can kill her with that but listening to what was he saying she understands that they are going to be partners from now on, Ian perfected the glyps from Ruby's knife now all KA-BAR knifes of the family can kill demons, Ian took out Ruby's knife, winks at her and trust the knife in her leg and leave it there.

-"Now I know a seer and she told me that you are preparing yourselves because in the future you are going to open the hell's gate freeing thousands of demons in this world, which is going to trigger a holy war, between you and the angels on the Earth is this true? "(Ian)

-"Yes that's true we are going to inevitably opened the Hell's Gate, but those angels are also in trouble there's someone who told me that they are in a civil war up there, so if we free of the hells gate in a few years then they are going to be less angels to kill hahaha I think the big boss wants to start the Apocalypsis soon among other things hehehe"(Ruby)

All of the hunters pale and clunch their fists this is horrible news what the heck are we going to do!! I started to make an exorcism to Ruby, with a slight finger movement I break the circle a little and open the handcuffs with telekinesis, then I finish the exorcism and black smoke appears from the mouth of Katie I absorb some of it and let her go she leaves with her knife that banishes from Katie's leg, now somewhere I read that Katie was actually a witch so I also absorb some of her blood, I control my glowing shit, I take Katies pulse she was still alive great because she's going to be a great asset also she is gorgeous, I look at Argent hunters that were all pale and quiet except for my family they all knew whats happening before.

-"Now you get what's going on this world is going to be really dangerous, now I lie a little bit a seer didnt told me this, God told me this"(Ian)

I show off my divinity to them a huge golden glowing from me and heat the cold atmosphere, they were looking at me with awe all are kneeling in front of me and tears are flowing from them.

-"We were in the presence of a demon so I have to lie to stop her from telling the others who I am, now God choose me as his Adalid as his Sword in these future war I am responsible for balance this world and stop the world's destruction but I cant do it alone that's why now more than ever we need to became one to be united as a family and to make us stronger together!!"(Ian)

All of them cheer and scream I knew that they were scared but they are also hopeful most of them have terrible history with supernatural beings and now they know that this is going worse but I gives them hope.

-"Now as a family I cant lie to you, so I am going to tell you all my secrets, God choose me and give me powers he gives me the powers to acquired capabilities from supernatural beings without losing my humanity, and to also gives them to someone without repercussions"(Ian)

I change to my werewolf transformation and then to my vampire and arachne ones they were amazed but they dont look at me with disgust more like awe.

-"Now I want you to keep your preconceived ideas, you know that for the future war we cant fight as mere human in this world we fight against supernaturals with unity and a lot of training but there's line that humans cant cross we cant improve ourselves infinitely, sadly but we need to figth fire with fire and we cant stay being pasture and look at the fire come at us we need to be stronger than that if we want to survive"(Ian)


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