Tales Of The Undefeated Legend
11 Chapter 12 : Surprise Engagemen
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Tales Of The Undefeated Legend
Author :linchufeng
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11 Chapter 12 : Surprise Engagemen

After 10th days riding, finally they're reached the main gate Northern Fotia Kingdom. They received by a million Fotia citizens welcoming their heroes coming back bringing victory. But when General Feng and General Ye turned their head watching Feng Xiong that showed emotionless face, both of them sighed. " I don't know why he always does that kind of face, even in this kind of the event, I really hope that he would smile or become excited". Arghhh... I give up.... brother Ye I think we should do fast on our "project" for the son of mine, we hope after that he would show more emotion or expression. "But before that, we need to meet the King," My son should know who is his King, what kind of person his highness is".

Upon their arrival, the epic battle and the legendary figure that born on the same day spread like wildfire through the entire kingdom. Anyone that lives near Feng Xiong clan territory or his main house, they would bow with respect and admiration toward their hero and idol, now every house in the Fotia Kingdom has the picture of Feng Xiong in his war armour on their walls, tables or even in their daily cloth. They worship him as a god of war, their hero most are among them are an army, the idol, of course, some of the boys but literally, most of his big fans are girls.


1fst High Class General -

300,000 ( High class Officer)

(example: his own father is a high general- high class officer)

280,000( Low Class Officer)


Middle Class General -

250,000(1fst high class officer)

150,000(2nd middle class officer)

100,000(3rd low class officer)


General Marshal( commander in chief)

Deputy General Marshal

1fst High Class General

2nd High Class General

3rd High Class General

1fst Middle Class General

2nd Middle Class General

3rd Middle Class General

1fst Class Commander

2nd Class Commander

3rd Class Commander

1fst Class Asisst Commander

2nd Class Asisst Commander

3rd Class Asisst Commander

1fst Class Captain

2nd Class Captain

3rd Class Captain

1fst Class lieutenant

2nd Class lieutenant

3rd Class lieutenant

Regiment Sargent Officer 1fst class

Regiment Sargent Major 2nd Class

Staff Sargent 1fst class

Sargent Major 2nd class

Private Sargent 3rd class

Platoon Sargent 4th class




recruit ( most lowest rank in fotia army)


Upon their arrival at the Palace, the King Tsukasa received them with a smile on his face, as he announces that he take Feng Xiong as an adopted son and older brother toward His Highness both child, Prince Masamune age 8 years old and Princess Yuki age 7 years old. The King also promoted Feng Xiong to Marquis and middle-class general of 100,000 armies, a land and a city on the north region of Fotia city capital and automatically becoming a governor of that city. Feng Xiong asking permission from the King to change the city name to Asura city as the King agreed to his demand and all the Fotia Kingdom citizens celebrate to congratulate of Feng Xiong promotion and his contribution, they celebrate 7 days 6 nights. After all of the celebrations finished, Feng Xiong going back to his clan mansion as he walks along toward his father courtyard house all the Feng clan members that see him will bow toward him as his title "The Fotia Kingdom Adopted son" and Marquis, all of them bowed toward him as he walks along the path toward his own house. All the mock he received since childhood being beaten, bullied has been washed away with his achievement alone, now some of them bowed with feared some are admired toward him, he walks with his emotionless face.


When he reached his father mansion, he saw his father and General Ye having a serious conversation. He thought for a while what kind of conversation they are having for, until he sees his father and General Ye grin pasted on their face. Now all part of his body shivered suddenly, ( ok, I really not feeling good right now after I saw they're grinning like that, I can feel there's something going on between them...holy s***.....I need to get out from here), suddenly his father call upon him,Wait up my son, Xiong er, why so fast going back to your room? your father needs your help with your uncle Ye situation and I think only you can solve this problem. Feng Xiong stops his step, after hearing his father call for him but he shivered more than before, his instinct telling him something is going on between this 2 old man. As he turned his stiff body toward his father, like a robot he bowed toward the both of them that make both old men felt awkward.

"Your uncle has a very difficult problem need to be solved, I as your father hope you could help your uncle Ye settle his problem once and for all, Feng Xiong look at General Ye with a confusing face ( "what the hell this old man plan on, I could feel something suspicious lingering in the air") so Feng Xiong ask General Ye with his stiff face and said, "what can this nephew do for uncle Ye". Hearing the question from his favourite nephew General Ye smiled happily when he imagines his daughter marriage as Feng Xiong showed an awkward stiff face when seeing this old man smiled. " I need you to promise me first what you're going to help me with". As Feng Xiong feel uneasy and said, "yes! I, Feng Xiong promise for whatever uncle Ye demand shall be fulfilled as promised". " Good, you Feng Xiong, would you accepting uncle Ye's hand? Feng Xiong confused with the question but he just answered ASAP, "Yes, I Feng Xiong accept uncle Ye hands", wait what for? accept for what? uncle Ye?Feng Xiong feels helpless toward this old man plan on him as he been trap by both of them, as the old man grinned from ear to ear and said," good nephew, after this Ye Lin will be live with you".

"As you have accepted the engagement, now you won't be my nephew instead your gonna be my son in law", Hahahahahahahaha....Brother Xong, your son is a straightforward person, intelligence and smart but can't even detect our plan hahahahaha....I was really scared that he going to rejected it". "From today onwards you and I are real brothers", said General Ye to his father. " What brother Ye, you and I are already real brothers since our childhood time". "Let's celebrate our child engagement, "servant! sent this happy news to his Highness and to all Fotia citizen", as both old man were happy, Feng Xiong body stand stiff like a statue as the sound of awkward crow could be heard..


shit, I've been fool by this old man.


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