Tempting Bride
15 List of Pros & Cons to Marrying Drew Montgomery
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Tempting Bride
Author :luke_alan
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15 List of Pros & Cons to Marrying Drew Montgomery


(Who the heck keeps an IOU for over ten years?)

-- List --


He's a cold & ruthless businessman (There are over 250 newspaper articles about how he's ruined people's lives over business deals.)

Definitely a womanizer (Totally lost track of how many women he's been photographed with over the past few years. Well, there were zero last year and the year before, but that's not the point ...)

Used to date Alexis George (Petty, but still true)


Demanding and controlling (Only hot if he's in a romance book ...)

Probably hates dogs (I've seen him holding cats in a charity photo, but never a dog. A guy like that can't be trusted.)


I'll finally have enough money to pay off my student loans and grandparents' medical bills (Life would definitely be easier without all this debt ...)

A chance to live how the other side lives, even if only for a little while. (Okay well, the timeframe he wants is a more than a "little while," but still ...)

It's only temporary

No, really. It's only temporary

He wouldn't be marrying Alexis George (Can she be a "pro" *and* a "con"?)

He's hot as hell (He's definitely someone I could stare at all day, every day)

-- End Of List --

She and her best friend Allie had been discussing Drew's attributes for the last hour, while The Great British Bake-off played on Netflix in the background.

Allie giggled. "Yeah, he is, and it's also a con, because he's such a douche."

"You're right." With a long-suffering sigh, she wrote the word hot again and surveyed her pitiful list. "This is painful."

"That's why we drink wine." Allie filled Hannah's glass and set the bottle on the coffee table, then curled her legs up on Hannah's sofa. "Or rather you drink wine and I live vicariously through you."

Hannah patted Allie's baby bump. "When we're done, I'll rub your feet."

"I think we're already done with the list, you just have to make a decision. No judgment from me for only marrying a man for his money." Her best friend grinned. "At least you're an honest gold-digger."

"Har. Har." Hannah folded the list in half and tossed it on the coffee table to join the bottle of wine. "I'm no closer to a decision now than I was an hour ago. There are more cons than pros when it comes to Andrew Montgomery, billionaire asshole."

"One way to look at it, is that you don't have to worry about falling in love with him. He's not exactly the ideal man, beyond his looks and money."

"Yeah, who needs looks or money?" Hannah grabbed her wine glass and took a gulp. "Not this girl. I'm not shallow at all."

"Of course, you're not, unless you marry Drew." Hannah made a face and Allie snorted. "I was kidding. Maybe it's the pregnancy hormones or the fact that my husband is in Afghanistan right now, but I think you should marry him and let someone take care of you for once. I'd give anything for that right now."

Hannah leaned on Allie's shoulder. "Maybe I should just go to dinner and hear him out first, then I can make a more informed decision."

"You still have time to decide." Suddenly, Allie moved, shoving her feet into Hannah's lap. "But first, help a pregnant lady out."
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    《Tempting Bride》