The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy
82 He Was Afraid of Getting into Trouble
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The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy
Author :Bean Ding Ding
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82 He Was Afraid of Getting into Trouble

"You are not done recovering. What are you in a rush for?" Xiao Yaojing rushed over and held Ye Yuwei in her arms.

Ye Yuwei sat down, getting the dizziness under control. What was she in a rush for? All she wanted now was a divorce and getting Yu Sha'er to pay for the things that she had done as soon as possible.

"I don't want to continue wasting time with him." Ye Yuwei sighed and continued.

"All I want to do now is to solve this issue, get Geng Yisheng to pay the debts and tell everyone who is at fault." Ye Yuwei was growing increasingly determined with each word she said.

Xiao Yaojing looked at Ye Yuwei. She did not want to do this in the beginning as the chance to succeed was very low. However, it seemed that this was the only way out.

"Give me Geng Yisheng's contact number. Let me try to ask him out."

"Yaojing." Feeling touched, Ye Yuwei looked at her in the eyes.

"He dealt with the bank before. I just hope that Gu Juexi has yet to announce my resignation."

"Well, I just want to meet him." Ye Yuwei clasped her hand tightly together, she only wanted to meet Geng Yisheng.

Luck was on their side. Gu Juexi did not tell anyone of her resignation. Xiao Yaojing had successfully made an appointment with Geng Yisheng.

It was an enormous relief. The only thing Ye Yuwei needed to do after this was to think of the things she wanted to tell Geng Yisheng.

Meanwhile, when Gu Juexi reached home, Auntie Mao was still awake, wandering around the living room as she murmured.

"Auntie Mao." Gu Juexi furrowed his brow. Auntie Mao turned around to glance at him and continued murmuring.

"Auntie Mao, it's late. Get some rest." Gu Juexi walked up the stairs.

Gu Juexi returned to his room, the room was a little messy.

"Auntie Mao, why didn't anyone clean the room?" Gu Juexi came out of the room, only to see Auntie Mao standing at the stairs.

"It was always mistress who had cleaned the room. We are still not used not having her around." Auntie Mao raised her head to look at him.

Thinking of the moment Xiao Yaojing walked away with Ye Yuwei, Gu Juexi's face suddenly darkened.

"Then you all need to get used to it from now on." Gu Juexi slammed the door and walked out as soon as he finished talking.

What had Ye Yuwei done? The whole world was taking her side.

When Gu Juexi walked out the door, PA Wen was still standing there. Seeing Gu Juexi walking out the door, he was slightly jolted and immediately regretted to answering the call there, but it was too late. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"Song Dui called you?" Seeing PA Wen hung up the phone, Gu Juexi narrowed his eyes. PA Wen merely nodded as he smiled.

"Are you guys so free? If you have time, you should go to a sauna room to drain the water out of your head!" (Gu Juexi was mocking them for being so foolish). He snarled furiously and got in the car.

"Are you waiting for me to drive?" Seeing PA Wen who stood rooted to where he was standing, he shouted.

Little did PA Wen know what Gu Juexi had encountered just one minute ago, as his calm demeanor had suddenly exploded into wild fits of anger. However, when he thought of Gu Juexi who was struck by early male menopause, he quickly understood and felt much relieved.

"CEO, where you want to go?" PA Wen got in the car and started the engine.

Burning with unspeakable rage, Gu Juexi held his forehead.

PA Wen drove quietly, not saying a word. He was afraid of getting into trouble.


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