The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy
103 An Auspicious Day to Sign the Contrac
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The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy
Author :Bean Ding Ding
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103 An Auspicious Day to Sign the Contrac

Lu Qichuan touched the corner of his lips that had just been punched. He looked at the person who had just gotten into the car, then he looked at the direction in which Ye Yuwei had left earlier, and lastly, he turned to look at the direction of the reporters. "Good luck, you have awoken the sleeping dragon."

It was no wonder that Mr. Song had been complaining. All these years of planning might actually come down to nothing because of Ye Yuwei.

It looked like Ye Yuwei was ruining a usually calm Gu Juexi.

After he got into the car, Gu Juexi closed his eyes and leaned back against the seat. "Go and investigate each and every of this media companies. Close down each and every single one of the media company that had participated in reporting this matter, regardless of their background. I do not want to see any of these media companies still on the market or network of B City tomorrow morning."

Gu Juexi spoke calmly, as if he was instructing PA Wen to do something ordinary.

However, PA Wen understood that the CEO was really furious this time. He wanted to overthrow the entire media.

"I hope that when I read the news tomorrow, these reporters will have already been thrown where they belong," Gu Juexi said.

PA Wen sighed softly. That was—prison.

It looked like he had a lot of work to do tonight.

"What about the young mistress?" PA Wen could not help but ask.

Gu Juexi finally opened his eyes. 'Ye Yuwei?'

He could feel a burning rage rising inside of him as he thought about what Ye Yuwei had said earlier.

She never believed in him. He was afraid that she would think that he had acquiescence and allowed this matter to happen.

Damn acquiescence!

PA Wen felt nervous as it felt like he had asked a question that he should not have.

"Send me to Yu Sha'er's house." Gu Juexi suddenly commanded, his voice filled with rage.

PA Wen paused for a moment and hurriedly said, "CEO, the contract with Bo Shen Enterprise is of crucial importance right now. No matter what Yu Sha'er had done, she is still the ambassador of this cooperation. If you take any action against her at this time…" PA Wen touched his neck subconsciously. He believed that the CEO would really do it. "This would not be good for the plan. There are only a few more days."

'What's the point of handling this now? You should have resolved this matter earlier,'

PA Wen thought to himself. Naturally, he did not dare to speak his mind in front of the CEO.

"Ambassador?" Gu Juexi seemed to be deep in thoughts and his anger suddenly vanished into thin air.

A corner of his mouth lifted slightly. "What has Ye Yuwei always wanted?"

PA Wen was stunned. He did not understand why the CEO said that so suddenly.

What had Ye Yuwei always wanted?

She wanted to get the divorce agreement settled and she wanted Yu Sha'er to admit that she was a third party who had wrecked their relationship. What she wanted the most was to wash all her grievances away.

These were the things that she had wanted.

PA Wen did not dare to mention the divorce. He was afraid that the CEO would grab him by the neck and throw him out of the car.

"I guess what she wanted was to let Miss Yu publicly admit everything that she had done." PA Wen coordinated his sentence in the safest possible manner.

"Please contact Cheng Jie. We can finalize the contract tomorrow. The day after tomorrow would be an auspicious day to sign the contract."

An auspicious day?

Good to sign the contract?

PA Wen felt that he might be intellectually crushed by the CEO as he did not understand what the CEO intended to do.

The only thing he knew was that the CEO has made up his mind. He was going to destroy Yu Sha'er.

Gu Juexi had a glazed expression on his face, as he slowly folded his sleeves. His brows were furrowed and no one could read what he was thinking.

PA Wen secretly glanced at him. He felt that something big had just begun.


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