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The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy
Author :Bean Ding Ding
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139 Isn’t This Mr. Gu?

His calls were all unanswered and Gu Juexi slammed his cell phone on the floor in a fit.

Once the ringing stopped, Ye Yuwei fell asleep quickly without thinking about anything else.

It was not even dawn yet.

There was a Rolls-Royce sedan parked outside Xiao Yaojing's house. There were cigarette butts all over the ground, implying that this person had been waiting for a long time.

Suddenly, a white Maybach that seemed to be drifting came to an abrupt stop. The door was quickly opened, and who else but PA Wen hurriedly stepped out of the car.

"CEO, you…" PA Wen walked over to the CEO who was leaning against his car. He looked at all the cigarette butts thrown on the ground, sighed and thought to himself, 'My goodness, how long has this guy been standing here? He must have smoked at least a whole box of cigarettes.' In a way, he was really grateful that the CEO did not wake him up in the middle of the night.

"Your cell phone." Gu Juexi threw yet another cigarette butt to the ground and reached out his hand to ask for the assistant's cell phone.

PA Wen did not understand what was happening, but he handed his cell phone over to the CEO immediately.

Gu Juexi looked down at the time displayed on the cell phone. It was six in the morning. She should be awake at this time.

PA Wen observed the CEO nervously. He did not know what was the matter with the CEO this time.

Gu Juexi turned on PA Wen's cell phone and looked for Ye Yuwei's number. He easily found the contact which was named "Mrs. Gu" in the phone. He pressed it immediately.

Ye Yuwei was still asleep, but was woken up by the sound of the phone vibrating.

"Who is it so early in the morning?" Xiao Yaojing said as she pulled the quilt to cover her whole body. She was clearly still not awake.

"It is PA Wen," Ye Yuwei said and immediately answered the call.

"PA Wen? The one who is always by Gu Juexi's side like a dog? Why are you answering his calls?" Xiao Yaojing immediately sat up and tried to snatch the phone from Ye Yuwei. She did not like Gu Juexi, and therefore she did not like anyone who was close to him either.

Gu Juexi's expression lit up the moment the call was connected.

"What is the matter, PA Wen?" Ye Yuwei's voice was shaky as she had just woken up at that moment.

PA Wen watched nervously as the CEO slammed his phone down and hung up the call.

He felt heartbroken for his cell phone.

Ye Yuwei heard the beep in her phone and turned to look at Xiao Yaojing who was staring at her warily. "PA Wen hung up without speaking."

"You should not have answered his call in the first place. He—"

"Yaojing, PA Wen is really different from Gu Juexi. He is a really good person," Ye Yuwei said as she put down her cell phone.

"My ass. If he was really a good person, he would have stopped working for Gu Juexi and left a long time ago." Xiao Yaojing insisted on her own beliefs. She then lifted the quilt and got off the bed. "I will wash up first, then I will prepare breakfast for you."

Ye Yuwei could only sigh and say, "I will prepare breakfast. What would you like to eat?"

As soon as she had finished speaking, there was knocking on the front door. The knocking was so loud that you could imagine the anger of the person who was knocking.

Xiao Yaojing extended her head out of the bathroom, as she was brushing her teeth. "Who is that, acting all crazy early in the morning?" Xiao Yaojing walked towards the door while brushing her teeth.

Ye Yuwei had just changed her clothes, and was about to go and prepare breakfast. She heard Xiao Yaojing's voice speaking loud and clear.

"Oh, isn't this Mr. Gu? How can I help you?"

Ye Yuwei was tying the ribbon around her dress.

She was wearing a retro dress with a wide ribbon that was supposed to be tied around the waist. As soon as she heard Xiao Yaojing's words, her hands fumbled around and she tied a dead knot on the ribbon instead of a butterfly knot.


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