The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy
149 It Was Such a Meaningless Life
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The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy
Author :Bean Ding Ding
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149 It Was Such a Meaningless Life

"Hey!" Xiao Yaojing shouted loudly. She took a glance at the back and quickly ran after PA Wen. "Stop running! You haven't finished yet!"

PA Wen was an unathletic person after all. He was out of breath after running for a short distance. Xiao Yaojing quickly caught up with him.

"You are chasing him?" Her gaze was fixed on the silhouette running ahead of them, without missing a beat.

Gasping for air, PA Wen nodded. "That's Zhou Xiaobing. He is the one who doctored Mrs. Gu's photo. I have been tailing him for days. I did not expect to bump into him today. It's a pity that…"

Xiao Yaojing darted forward before PA Wen could finish his words and caught up to Zhou Xiaobing. She quickly grabbed him in her arms and kicked him to the ground. PA Wen subconsciously took a step backward—his eyes widened in great panic. 'This woman is extremely terrible.'

PA Wen was worn out. He walked toward Xiao Yaojing and gave her big thumbs up. "Thanks for sparing my life in the past."

It was true that the grass is not always greener on the other side. Seeing the way she treated Zhou Xiaobing, PA Wen felt that it was worthwhile being kicked by Xiao Yaojing in the past.

"What to do now?" Xiao Yaojing rolled her eyes. Once again, she gave Zhou Xiaobing a kick in the pants.   

"Send him to jail. Mrs Gu's name would be cleared then. This is not the first time he committed a crime. We may even uncover some crimes committed by Yu Sha'er," PA Wen gave Zhou Xiaobing a kick as he said.

"Hey rascal, if you tell the truth to the police, your jail sentence may be shortened." PA Wen squatted and said.

PA Wen recollected himself after they sent Zhou Xiaobing to the police station. "Thanks for your help today."

"Gu Juexi is such a jerk—why you still work for him?" Xiao Yaojing sized him up.

PA Wen agreed with Xiao Yaojing. But he could never wash dirty linen in public.

"Because it's worthwhile," PA Wen merely answered.

"You are crazy. Ye Yuwei is coming home tonight, isn't she? Or else, I will kill you." Xiao Yaojing threatened PA Wen before she left.

Hearing her words, PA Wen subconsciously held his own throat. Being with such a violent woman, he must love himself more. However, even if Xiao Yaojing was hot-tempered, she was the one who was willing to do anything for her friend. She was actually quite adorable.

PA Wen turned to took a glance at the police station and took out his phone to call Gu Juexi. "Zhou Xiaobing has been arrested. The police will go after Yu Sha'er soon."

On the other side, Gu Juexi was in the middle of a meeting. Staring at Ye Yuwei, his fingers were tapping the table while listening to PA Wen.

There were only Cheng Jie, Gu Juexi, Mike, Ye Yuwei, and Ouyang Xianxin in the meeting. Ouyang Xianxin was presenting the project while Ye Yuwei was glancing through the documents attentively.

'What's so good about her? She is just a plain-looking-married woman. What makes so many people attracted to her?'

"Ye Yuwei, are you dumb?" Gu Juexi suddenly asked. He just want to make Ye Yuwei talk. Stunned by his sudden remark, Ouyang Xianxin stopped talking. The meeting room sank into an awkward silence.

At this time, PA Wen was still on the line. How he wished he could just cut the line. He could not help but stare into the blazing sky. What should he do, surrounded by all these people? It was such a meaningless life.


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