The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy
157 Things Did Not Go As Planned
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The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy
Author :Bean Ding Ding
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157 Things Did Not Go As Planned

"Go after her," Yu Jiangqing said coldly. Restraining his anger, veins could be seen popping up from his arm.

Yu Jiangqing would never forget this car for the rest of his life.

[On that night, it was raining cats and dogs. Yu Jiangqing was nine years old. He stood at the door of the store, waiting for his mother who was buying cake on the opposite side of the road.Suddenly, a light flashed across, a car could be seen speeding not far away. "Mom!" Watching his mother fall to the ground, Yu Jiangqing shouted his heart out. The only thing he remembered was the car's number plate.]

It was the number plate that was missing for twenty one years. The man who killed his mother had finally surfaced.

Hearing Yu Jiangqing's words, Mike could feel his suppressed rage. Mike merely nodded and went after the car in front.

The car was worn out as if not driven for years. With a scraggly beard and a toothpick dangling from his mouth, the driver was in his fifties and was scruffily dressed.

"Do you know that I almost got arrested? You are too late." Yu Sha'er was sitting uneasily in the car. Her words were full of disdain.

"If you are not my daughter, I would've killed you when your mom died." The man snorted as he spat the toothpick out from his mouth.

"My mom left you because you are a good-for-nothing." Yu Sha'er glared at him

"I have found you a boat to leave B City. You have offended Gu Juexi, he will not let you off easily. Leave B City quickly." His face was impassive.

"No! Why should I leave?

"Those who have harmed me were not justly served. It's Ye Yuwei! She

harmed me!" Yu Sha'er screamed.

"Your mom killed Yu Jiangqing's mom in order to marry that old man. You really think that you are part of the Yu Family? That old man did not even put your name in his will. From the moment Gu Juexi decided to donate all the money of the Yu Family, it's obvious that he knew all this. If you don't leave, Gu Juexi will kill you one day." The man merely sneered.

"No, he was just cheated by Ye Yuwei." Yusha did not agreed with the man and shouted loudly.

The car stopped in a run-down street. The man took off his own shabby coat and threw it at Yu Sha'er.

"Wear this. You are such an embarrassment."

Yu Sha'er threw the coat away in disdain and walked forward.

'Cheng Jie' was tailing the car not far away, watching the two walk into the alley and stopped the car by the street.

"I've searched high and low for you, but you are seeking your own demise now. Mum, I will avenge you soon."'Cheng Jie' tightened his grip, nearly breaking his phone.

Looking at the fierce hatred in 'Cheng Jie's' eyes, Mike sank into contemplation. Before 'Cheng Jie' instructed him to leave, Mike told him that he was going to the washroom and got out of the car.

Watching Mike leave, 'Cheng Jie' did not stop him and slightly tapped his own hands in satisfaction.

Mike was tasked to watch Yu Jiangqing secretly. Apparently, Cheng Jie did not trust both Gu Juexi and Yu Jiangqing still.


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