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The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy
Author :Bean Ding Ding
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178 Grandma is Coming

"See how likable you are when you are like this. Why do you have to make yourself seem like an eighty-year-old grumpy man who is going to die soon? Do you feel good that way? When you have a son in the future, he might have to call you grandpa," Lu Qichuan said, making fun of Gu Juexi.

'A son?'

Gu Juexi's lips curved into a smile. "I already have a son, so think twice before you try getting closer to your sister-in-law in the future."

Lu Qichuan was stunned for a moment. He thought that he had heard him wrongly, and he rubbed his eyes in disbelief.

He could see pride, joy, and excitement in Gu Juexi's eyes when he was talking about his son.

All the emotions that looked out of place on him.

"Didn't you give your wife the pills?" Lu Qichuan suddenly asked.

Gu Juexi's face became expressionless again. Why did that PA Wen always report everything to Lu Qichuan?

PA Wen was chatting with Ye Yuwei in the ward when he suddenly felt a cold breeze behind him. He quickly took out his phone and began searching for personal accident insurance online.

"What are you trying to imply? My wife's child is definitely my son," Gu Juexi answered coldly. It was clear that he did not want anyone to misunderstand or judge Ye Yuwei.

Lu Qichuan looked thoughtfully at Gu Juexi. His laughter was a little bit forced.

Once Gu Juexi was certain of his feelings for Ye Yuwei, everyone else did not stand a chance anymore.

Lu Qichuan thought to himself, if he had told Ye Yuwei what his name was in the past, would it have been an entirely different ending? Would she not only remember who Gu Juexi was then?

"Gu, actually in the past…"


Before Lu Qichuan could finish his sentence, PA Wen had already walked over with a cell phone in his hand.

Gu Juexi looked at Lu Qichuan, waiting for him to finish his sentence, but Lu Qichuan shrugged and signaled for Gu Juexi to answer the call first.

Gu Juexi treated it as if he had nothing better to do. He reached out and took the cell phone in his hand. After seeing the caller ID, Gu Juexi frowned before answering the call.

PA Wen looked at Lu Qichuan as he stood beside him. Somehow, he felt as though Lu Qichuan had just used him as a scapegoat again.

Gu Juexi hung up the phone after a while. He looked at PA Wen and said, "Grandma is here. Pick her up from the airport and send her to Gu Mansion directly."

PA Wen paused for a moment, wanting to say, 'That is your grandmother, don't you want to pick her up personally?'

However, when he thought about the situation in the hospital, he nodded his head and said, "Alright, I will go now."

Lu Qichuan watched as PA Wen walked away. He held onto his chin and said, "Wen Tao is such a handsome and capable man, why is he persistently working for you even when you are so unbearable? With his values, he could go anywhere in the world. Why would he stay with you?"

Gu Juexi looked back at Lu Qichuan and replied, "I have what you do not have."

Gu Juexi felt his anger was already almost gone, so he stepped back into the ward.

Lu Qichuan paused for a moment. What he did not have? What was it?

A charming personality?

Could this man be any more shameless than this?

Ye Yuwei was struggling to sit up when Gu Juexi entered the room. He once again pushed her back into the bed to lie down.

Ye Yuwei was surprised.

Why was this person still here? Didn't he leave because he was so angry?

Gu Juexi covered Ye Yuwei with the quilt and thought slightly about it before finally saying, "Grandma is here."

Grandma arriving at this time was not such a good idea.


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