The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy
180 What Would Gu Juexi Think?
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The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy
Author :Bean Ding Ding
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180 What Would Gu Juexi Think?

PA Wen raised his brows. He felt that the old lady had plenty of misconceptions about the young mistress.

Where did these misconceptions come from?

"Grandma, the important thing is that Brother Juexi likes her. What do you think, PA Wen?" Bai Yuyan said as she looked at PA Wen.

PA Wen saw a glimpse of an opening to speak up for Ye Yuwei and said, "Yes, the CEO is indeed very fond of his wife."

As soon as he finished his sentence, PA Wen could feel that Bai Yuyan's expression had changed. His heart started beating a little faster. This woman was saved by the CEO in the past, but after the fire she had vanished into thin air. Now, it seemed like a demon had returned.

"How is it possible for Juexi to be fond of that woman? Even her own biological mother did not want her. Why would he fall for her?" The old lady did not like what PA Wen had just said.

When the old lady mentioned biological mother, Bai Yuyan subconsciously clutched the bag in her hand tightly. Even her gaze became more intense at that moment.

"By the way, how is Auntie Mao now?" The old lady suddenly said as she thought of Auntie Mao.

PA Wen paused for a moment and quickly replied, "Auntie Mao is still in the hospital."

"Let's drop by the hospital first. I want to visit Auntie Mao first," The old lady said, but she noticed the expression on PA Wen's face when she spoke. "Why? Did something happen to Auntie Mao?"

PA Wen felt like he was going to implicate the young mistress this time. He did not know how to reply.

The old lady could sense there was a problem and directed PA Wen to drive them to the hospital immediately.

At this moment in the hospital ward, Gu Juexi was still trying to feed Ye Yuwei her breakfast.

"I already said that I do not want to eat," Ye Yuwei said, trying to move away from the spoon in Gu Juexi's hands.

However, wherever she hid, Gu Juexi would patiently move his hands there.

He was not angry because at that moment, he felt that an irritated Ye Yuwei was actually pretty adorable. Why didn't he realize this before?

Although she was not so beautiful that people would turn around to take a second glimpse of her, she was actually quite adorable.

Yes, she was really adorable.

"I told you I am not eating!" Ye Yuwei stared at the man who was sitting before her.


Before Ye Yuwei could finish her sentence, someone slapped her tightly across her face.

Gu Juexi who had been pulled away was also stunned at this sudden action. Before the old lady could give her another slap, Gu Juexi placed the rice bowl on the table and stood directly in front of Ye Yuwei, causing the old lady's hand to fall directly on him.

"Grandma, what are you doing? Gu Juexi silently asked.

"Move away, let me beat this woman to death. Auntie Mao is in this condition right now because of her. Besides that, who is that bastard growing in her belly now?" The old lady said, raising her hand, wanting to give her another slap.

Ye Yuwei was still in a daze after getting beaten out of nowhere. She could just feel a sharp pain across her cheeks.

She could understand if the old lady hit her because of Auntie Mao. That was because the reason Auntie Mao was injured was because of her.

However, she had also mentioned something else.


Ye Yuwei subconsciously placed her hands on her belly and her mind was blank at that moment.

Was she pregnant?

How could she be pregnant?

All those confusing thought clouded her mind.

What would Gu Juexi think?

No, why would he want anything to do with her?

"Calm down,Grandma. Yuwei is not that kind of person. Moreover, Auntie Mao was injured because she was trying to save Yuwei. If you blame Yuwei, Auntie Mao will be unhappy," Bai Yuyan said.

Ye Yuwei heard the voice and suddenly looked up. She stared at Bai Yuyan who was standing there behind the old lady.

The two continued looking at one another, both deep in thought.


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