The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy
207 Don’t You Mind that Mr. Lu Likes the Young Mistress?
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The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy
Author :Bean Ding Ding
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207 Don’t You Mind that Mr. Lu Likes the Young Mistress?

Ye Yuwei felt a little better after listening to Xiao Yaojing's voice.

"It is only half a month. Lu Qichuan won't run anywhere," Ye Yuwei said with a smile.

"No! He is such a handsome man. What if someone else falls for him? You have to help me watch over him!"

"Me?" Ye Yuwei asked in shock. "How do I help you to do that?"

"You can just invite him for a meal or whatever. Just don't let him have the chance to date other girls!" Xiao Yaojing said with a sigh.

"Yaojing, I think this is not the right thing to do…"

"Yes, Lu Qichuan is in love with you. We should not do it this way."


She was not implying this!

"Forget it. Maybe I should ask that PA Wen to help me," Xiao Yaojing said and quickly hung up the phone.

Ye Yuwei was speechless.

So, the purpose of this phone call was just to ask her to keep tabs on the person that she liked.

When she realized that she was not a suitable candidate, there was nothing else to say and that was why she just hung up.

So, she was just someone of no use to her now?

Sure enough, this was Xiao Yaojing's usual approach. However, the sentence that Lu Qichuan was in love with her made her feel uneasy.

It was not possible that Lu Qichuan was in love with her. After all, they had never met after the fire. Maybe he was just grateful that he did not give up on her that year.

However, Ye Yuwei had forgotten that she fell in love with Gu Juexi because he had carried her out of that fire.

While Ye Yuwei was denying Lu Qichuan's feelings for her, Xiao Yaojing had already called PA Wen to explain her intentions.

PA Wen had just taken his shower and was just going through the list of work that he had not completed for the day.

His condominium was a double-storey condominium that was more than two hundred thousand square feet. Its interior was a completely European styled design. PA Wen was dressed in simple home clothes as he had already got off work. He placed his cup of coffee on the table and listened to the person on the other line.

Some people said that PA Wen had already achieved the highest level that any personal assistant could reach.

After all, no other personal assistant could get an annual salary of more than one million a year, nor would they be able to afford a condominium that was more than two hundred thousand square feet in B City. Although he was always driving Gu Juexi's car, PA Wen also owned two sports cars under his own name. Therefore, it was obvious how successful PA Wen was.

It was rumored that many companies had tried to poach him over to be their CEO. However, he had always smiled and refused politely, saying that he enjoyed being the CEO's assistant.

He was the only personal assistant in the whole of B City who was known as the one who had the ability of a CEO, but chose to remain as a personal assistant.

This was another ability of Gu Juexi. He was capable of retaining talent by his side and it was also someone who willingly chose to stay.

After the person on the phone had finished talking, PA Wen's expression changed for a while, but quickly returned to normal. He sat down at the table in front of the window, smiled and said, "You like Mr. Lu?"

"Just tell me if you are willing to help me or not," Xiao Yaojing replied.

"It's not that I can't help you, but there is something that I have to ask. Don't you mind that Mr. Lu likes the young mistress?" PA Wen rotated the pen in his hand and said faintly.

"Yuwei does not like him so I am not snatching someone that my friend likes," Xiao Yaojing said.

"Well, that is also true," PA Wen stopped rotating his pen and replied with a low voice.


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