The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy
210 It Was Overly Affectionate
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The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy
Author :Bean Ding Ding
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210 It Was Overly Affectionate

Gu Juexi looked at the way Cheng Jie stared at Ye Yuwei and a fiery rage swept over him as if being hit by a meteor. He felt as though men of the whole world were staring at his wife. A strange feeling stirred within him and he suddenly wanted to put Ye Yuwei in a place that only he could see.

As soon Cheng Jie finished his last word, Gu Juexi got up. PA Wen was slightly startled, quickly put down his notebook and stood up. He simply did not know what Gu Juexi was after.

Gu Juexi slowly approached Ye Yuwei and bent forward in an affectionate way.

Ye Yuwei subconsciously avoided him but was quickly stopped by Gu Juexi. He held the seat back in his hand and blocked all her ways of escape. Feeling his warm breath tickling her ears, Ye Yuwei's heart skipped a beat and thumped nervously. It was overly affectionate!

Ye Yuwei could not help but tighten her grip on the file. When the corner of the file slid through her hand, she quickly regained consciousness.

'What is he doing now?' The scene of Gu Juexi walking out the hotel with another woman suddenly flashed across. Her heartbeat returned normal and her face turned impassive.

"Mrs. Gu has always been professional, haven't you?" Gu Juexi whispered in her ears, in an extremely affectionate way.

"Mr. Gu, don't you think that this is not the right time to do this?" Ye Yuwei said softly in a nonchalant tone.

The foul smell of wine lingered on his breath. Disgusting!

Gu Juexi listened to Yu Yuwei's words and his lips curved into a faint smile.

"Mrs. Gu, do you think it is right to ogle at another man in front of Mr. Gu?" Gu Juexi whispered in her ears.

"You…"The sound of paper ripping could be heard. Ye Yuwei took a deep breath as her body shook slightly.

Gu Juexi was the one who had an affair with another woman and yet he claimed that Ye Yuwei was ogling at another man.

Gu Juexi got up and stared coldly at Ye Yuwei. He then returned to his seat as if nothing had happened.

The tongue was like a sharp knife—able to kill without drawing blood. Gu Juexi was really a master at hurting a person with his words and coldness.

'CEO, are you seeking your own demise again?' PA Wen did not know what Gu Juexi had said to Ye Yuwei, but looking at Ye Yuwei's dark face, it must not be something good.

Cheng Jie regained his focus as if nothing had happened.

"The first capital project is completed but we have yet to put it into operation. I don't think we need to have the second capital project so soon." Ye Yuwei looked up at Cheng Jie who sat before her as she said. A slight tremble could be heard in her voice if one listened carefully.

"Mrs. Gu is worried that there's something wrong with me?" Cheng Jie put on an innocent smile.


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