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The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy
Author :Bean Ding Ding
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234 You Have Gone Too Far

Ye Yuwei walked into the house after bidding PA Wen goodbye. She had never asked for Gu Juexi's assistance. Moreover, Gu Juexi's face was extremely dark when he was in the car. Who would actually dare to talk to him?

When Ye Yuwei got in the house, Gu Juexi's face was even more stormy. It was an eyesore that someone he hated came into sight.

"Hi, Yuwei and Brother Gu, you are finally here." Bai Yuyan said with a smile, as if she had never quarreled with Ye Yuwei.

Ye Yuwei was indifferent but it was Gu Juexi that had exploded in annoyance.

"Butler Kim, take the first aid kit to my bedroom." Gu Juexi walked up the stairs with Ye Yuwei's wrist in her hand as soon as he finished his words.

"Wait," Madame Gu suddenly shouted.

Ye Yuwei stopped in her tracks. Knitting his brow, Gu Juexi turned to look at Madame Gu.

"Yes, Grandma?"

"I want to know if Gu Bank belongs to the Gu family or Ye Yuwei?" Madame Gu's eyes were filled with disdain as she asked.

Ye Yuwei was dumbstruck for a moment and did not seem to get her.

"Grandma, relax. You agreed that you wouldn't get angry this time. Yuwei must have followed the standard procedures. I am the one who wanted to get through the backdoor." Bai Yuyan hurriedly comforted Madame Gu.

"Yuwei, I know it's not the right procedure to get the loan just submitting the loan proposal today. You are right to reject the loan application." Bai Yuyan raised her head only to see Ye Yuwei's innocent face.

"Did you actually submit the loan application? I have never received it." Ye Yuwei finally understood after hearing Bai Yuyan's words.

"Are you sure? How is it possible? I sent it to you this morning but I didn't a response. So I am here to check with you. It just happens that Grandma talked about this with me. I truly have no other intention," Bai Yuyan said with a puzzled look.

"You yourself, went through the biggest backdoor. You had actually thought that you could become a manager with your own capability? What else you are capable of other than seducing another guy? You are really an orphan that has such an abominable upbringing. You better get this done tomorrow," Madame Gu said spitefully.

Hearing Madame Gu's instruction, Ye Yuwei took a glance at Bai Yuyan who looked apologetic. When Madame Gu rebuked her for her upbringing and origins, her body stiffened with rage.

"Go upstairs." Gu Juexi's face had slightly changed and loosened his grip on Ye Yuwei's wrist.

Ye Yuwei looked up at Gu Juexi's icy cold face. She bit her lips, walked past Gu Juexi, and went up the stairs.

Only when Ye Yuwei left, Gu Juexi turned to look at Bai Yuyan.

"Miss Bai, what makes you think that Gu Bank needs to open the backdoor for you?"

Bai Yuyan turned to look at Madame Gu with a pale and awkward face.

"You have truly lost your mind because of that home wrecker. Are you thinking that I am useless?" Madame Gu was infuriated by Gue Juexi's words

"Grandma, you have gone too far. No matter what, Ye Yuwei is my wife," Gu Juexi answered with a dull voice.

"Went out on a lunch date with another man, talked and laughed happily all through the lunch is something that a wife should do? You are raising someone else's child, don't you know that?" Madame Gu merely sneered.


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