The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy
246 Do You Have Work Ethics?
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The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy
Author :Bean Ding Ding
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246 Do You Have Work Ethics?

"How could you say such a thing? Since when was Gu Bank was owned by Ye Yuwei? Do you have work ethics?" Madame Gu looked Ye Yuwei in her eyes.

"Grandma, Yuwei is just following the rules. Brother Gu is lucky to have such a good wife." Bai Yuyan put her arms around Madame Gu to help her sit down.

"Xiao Mai, go and make a cup of black tea for Grandma."

"Have you done your checking? If yes, you may leave now. You are annoying. Yuyan is such a sensible girl. I wonder how both of you could actually grow up together. Why are you so different from her?" Madame Gu's words were full of disdain.

Hearing Madame Gu's cynical words, Ye Yuwei tightened her grip on the file and said with a faint smile.

"I haven't finished checking the third floor."

"Ye Yuwei!" Madame Gu screamed in rage.

"Madame Gu, I do this out of integrity. I will finish this as soon as possible and will not disturb you for a long time." Ye Yuwei walked up the stairs as soon as she finished her words.

"Ye Yuwei." Bai Yuyan hastily rushed after her.

The third floor was Bai Yuyan's room. Apparently, the room's land area was half the size of the second floor. Another half was a large balcony attached to the surrounded buildings.

"What is this about?" Ye Yuwei turned to look at Bai Yuyan.

"Yuwei, it's just a small area. It won't make much difference. Moreover, it is not far from nine hundred square meters." Bai Yuyan broke into a bright smile.

Ye Yuwei lowered her eyes to look at the loan application form. She then changed the land area from nine hundred to seven hundred fifty square meters and the loan amount from three million to two million yuan.

"That's all I can do." Ye Yuwei handed the file to Bai Yuyan.

Bai Yuyan suddenly stopped smiling and wiped the pretentious look off her face.

"Do you really need to be so calculative?"

"That's the rule. Also, I am not the one who set this rule." Ye Yuwei retracted her hand.

"If you agree to change the detail of your loan application, I will approve it. Otherwise, I am sorry." Ye Yuwei turned to leave as soon as she uttered her last word.

Bai Yuyan's could not help but clench her fists and walk after Ye Yuwei. She stretched her arms, wanting to push Ye Yuwei down the stairs.

"Oh yeah." Ye Yuwei looked back only to see Bai Yuyan retracted her arms.

Slightly startled, Ye Yuwei paused her steps and subconsciously grasped the handrail tightly.

"I forgot to tell you that, it would be helpful if you can send the report to me before twelve noon. I need time to process the application." Ye Yuwei did not turn her body after she finished her words this time. Instead, she stared at Bai Yuyan.

Bai Yuyan merely sneered and walked passed Ye Yuwei.

Ye Yuwei heaved a big sigh of relief and gently stroked her abdomen. If she was not mistaken, Bai Yuyan was trying to push her down the stairs just now.

Beads of cold sweat covered her back and that thought sent a chill up her spine. It had been more than ten years. Not only did Bai Yuyan not change, but she had also grown even more ruthless.

"The rules and procedures are nothing. This is Gu Bank. Only the Gu family has the final say. Who do you think you are to reject the loan?" Madame Gu seemed to know Bai Yuyan's loan was rejected when Ye Yuwei went down the stairs.


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