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The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy
Author :Bean Ding Ding
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259 I Trust You

After dinner, Ye Yuwei cleared the dishes while Gu Juexi leaned lazily against the doorway. "You don't have to go back if you don't want to."

Ye Yuwei stopped scrubbing the plates. Indeed, she did not want to go back.

But she did not want to suffer injustice.

"It's fine, I didn't do anything wrong. Why should I be afraid?"

"In this society, even if you're innocent, people may not believe you." Gu Juexi sneered. He turned and left the kitchen without waiting for Ye Yuwei's reply.

Ye Yuwei was stunned. She felt there were always hidden messages in his words.

It was close to ten when they returned to Gu Mansion.

Madame Gu who usually slept early was still awake and waiting.

There was another person who was waiting and persuading Madame Gu, which was Bai Yuyan.

The moment they walked in, Madame Gu stood up and held her cane up in the air, ready to strike Ye Yuwei with it, while cursing her family's misfortune.

Gu Juexi shielded Ye Yuwei and looked at the cane that was about to strike him. "Grandma, what are you doing?" Gu Juexi frowned.

"You're still protecting this woman. She is really a two-faced person. In front of others she acts so pitiful, while at the back she is involved in such shameful acts." Madame Gu shouted. "Auntie Mao is still hospitalized because of this slut."

"Grandma, perhaps it is not Yuwei?" Bai Yuyan tried to hold Madame Gu back. "I don't think it is caused by Yuwei. Although something unpleasant happened when Ye Yuwei was at the store earlier, I'm willing to believe her," Bai Yuyan said pitifully.

Ye Yuwei who stood behind Gu Juexi saw the cane hitting Gu Juexi.

Yet Bai Yuyan was being a hypocrite, saying nauseating words.

Ye Yuwei locked her gaze with Bai Yuyan. Ye Yuwei's blazing eyes was laced with disdain, and Bai Yuyan looked so forlorn that even if people saw through her acts, she was still able to continue acting.

Yu Sha'er paled in comparison to this woman. 

"She just stepped foot outside your studio and it was thrashed. Who else could it be, if it's not her? You don't have to defend her anymore." Madame Gu had decided that Ye Yuwei was not a good person, therefore it was her fault regardless.

Ye Yuwei clasped her hands together tightly and looked at them. "It wasn't me."

"You're still lying? Who could it be then?" Madame Gu raised her cane, seemingly going to hit someone in the next second.


"Wow, it is still so lively here despite the time."

Gu Juexi did not get to finish his sentence. Lu Qichuan's voice drifted in from outside. His vibrant voice carried a playful tone.

Gu Juexi turned around. Lu Qichuan walked in with a few police officers.

Ye Yuwei stared blankly. She did not expect the police to be involved.

"Police officer, this woman is the one who wrecked Yuyan's studio." Madame Gu commanded.

"What are you doing here?" Gu Juexi looked at Lu Qichuan unwelcomingly.

'What has this got to do with him?'

"I was at the police station to settle some matters when I overheard Madame Gu lodging a report. The accused is Yuwei. I had to come over to have a look. I can help Yuwei as a defense lawyer." Lu Qichuan smiled gracefully and gazed toward Ye Yuwei. "I trust you're innocent."


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