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The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy
Author :Bean Ding Ding
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262 Was That Necessary?

Gu Juexi raised his head and saw Ye Yuwei's gradually reddening eyes.

'Grandma's words are overboard.'

"You never did anything, then who does the bastard in your tummy belong to?" Madame Gu angrily bellowed.

Lu Qichuan turned around to speak a few words with the few cops and requested for them to leave. After all, this had become a domestic scuffle.

Those cops naturally would not stay to listen to these squabbles. Although Mr. Gu did not say anything at that moment, his cold demeanor exuded a "temperature" so low that it was already frightening with him just sitting there.

Ye Yuwei's body trembled—even her breaths had become more intense.

"Grandma Gu, it's best not to simply spout these kinds of things. CEO himself knows very well what kind of person Yuwei is," Lu Qichuan said. He glanced at Gu Juexi, hoping that he would step in to say something.

Gu Juexi had thought of stepping in to say something but watching Lu Qichuan standing up for Ye Yuwei, his cold demeanor could even directly make Ye Yuwei's accused little penguin experience the "warmness" of their South Pole home.

Butler Kim overheard and immediately sensed that something had happened. The incident about switching Grandma's medicine was only known to him and Auntie Mao. Madame Gu must have misunderstood something.

"Madame Gu, actually—"

"Grandma, don't be mad. If you say something like this, how bad would Brother Gu look? How is it possible that the child isn't Brother Gu's?" Bai Yuyan cut Butler Kim off and spoke on Ye Yuwei's behalf on the surface.

Butler Kim was stunned for a moment. He felt that there was nothing wrong with what Bai Yuyan said so there was no need for a servant like him to speak up.

Thus, Uncle Kim took one step back.

"Also, Yuwei, my bad. I shouldn't have said that my studio was wrecked right after you left. I actually had no intention to misunderstand you, I just—"

"Miss Bai, the cops even arrived. If you said this wasn't a misunderstanding, what you said is too fake," Lu Qichuan coldly answered. On the way to the scene, he already knew of this person, Bai Yuyan. He just never imagined that the person he saved that year was a person like that.

Bai Yuyan's expression slightly changed and looked like she was about to cry. "Yuwei, I really did not mean to suspect you. Will you forgive me?"

Ye Yuwei was still tense because of Gu Juexi's silence.

So it seemed, till the very end, he was still suspecting.

So, the heart still hurts.

And it was a pain that was suffocating.

She thought, that at least he would have believed her.

Unfortunately, it was her assumption in the end.

"Yes, you're right, this child isn't his," Ye Yuwei bit the wound on her lower lip and spoke out those words one by one.

Lu Qichuan, who was standing next to Ye Yuwei was shocked and hurriedly answered back, "Yuwei, don't simply say that."

Gu Juexi suddenly got up because of Ye Yuwei words.

Ye Yuwei tauntingly looked at everyone and lightly spoke up, "Isn't this what you've wanted to hear?"

"You—you—" Madame Gu snapped. She raised her hand and clutched her chest. "You shameless woman!"

"Grandma, Grandma—" Bai Yuyan supported the unstable Madame Gu and hurriedly called her.

"Grandma." Gu Juexi took huge steps over and held the collapsed Madame Gu then glared at Ye Yuwei.

Ye Yuwei watched Gu Juexi carry Madame Gu out. She suddenly laughed, but as she laughed, tears flowed out.

Lu Qichuan watched Gu Juexi and the rest walk out, then turned back and looked at Ye Yuwei.

"Was that necessary?"


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