The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy
332 Crossing Ye Yuwei’s Line I
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The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy
Author :Bean Ding Ding
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332 Crossing Ye Yuwei’s Line I

The driver drove them back to Gu Mansion. Gu Juexi got out of the car, followed by Ye Yuwei.

The old mistress was sitting in the living room when they entered the house and the atmosphere inside was tense.

Gu Juexi and Ye Yuwei exchanged looks and stared at the old mistress, but Ye Yuwei was immediately distracted by something else—the divorce papers that were supposed to be in her bag.

Ye Yuwei quickly walked past Gu Juexi and reached for the divorce papers but was immediately shouted at by the old mistress.

Before the old mistress could wield her cane, Gu Juexi stepped forward and pulled Ye Yuwei behind him with one hand, and picked up the documents on the table with the other. His face became as pale as Ye Yuwei's upon seeing what documents they were.

Ye Yuwei had no idea why the old mistress and Gu Juexi looked grim after seeing the divorce papers. What she was more concerned about was that the old mistress had actually searched her bag.

Such a terrible invasion of privacy!

Ye Yuwei stared at the old mistress in disbelief, her face flushed in anger.

"I am so sorry, Young Mistress! I knocked over your bag when I was cleaning the bedroom, and the old mistress and Miss Bai happened to pass by. I really didn't mean to," sobbed one of the servants; she would willingly kneel before Ye Yuwei if she was asked to.

The servant stopped crying when Gu Juexi glared at her.

"Go upstairs," Gu Juexi barked at Ye Yuwei. He said it hastily, like he did not want her downstairs.

"Why? Still protecting this woman?" The old lady sneered. She was not shouting but looked at Ye Yuwei disdainfully from the corner of her eye. "You married Gu Juexi for three years, got pregnant with another man's child and then asked for a divorce so you could take away half of what Gu Juexi has. How cunning, Ye Yuwei."

The old lady's harsh words felt like actual slaps to Yu Yuwei's face.

The divorce papers were hastily drafted and printed by PA Wen when Gu Juexi and Ye Yuwei made the promise to divorce last time. It was a very standard and basic agreement.

Ye Yuwei could even remember how Gu Juexi had looked at PA Wen in disbelief when he told him that he had printed the divorce papers at a random printing shop because he did not have enough time.

Standard divorce papers state that all marital assets owned by the couple shall be divided equally upon their divorce.

"The divorce papers are not effective yet. If you think I conspired to take half of what Gu Juexi has, I agree to divorce without taking anything of his, not even a cent. I don't want anything that belongs to the Gu family," stated Ye Yuwei clearly.

"Drop your act! How blind Wen Jie must have been to accept a daughter-in-law like you. I told her that you will leave this house today," hissed the old mistress as she tapped her cane on the floor angrily. "I have seen many shameless women in my life, but none of them were as shameless as you."

'Told Mom? At this time? Wasn't it midnight in the United States?'

Ye Yuwei was affected by what the old mistress said, and a dark aura surrounded her.

"Have you said enough, Grandma?" Gu Juexi growled, furious. "I drafted the agreement. Also, I earned everything that Gu Enterprise owns now. So even if I wanted to give the whole company to Ye Yuwei, it has nothing to do with the Gu family."


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