The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy
365 He Can Give It All Out Only If Ye Yuwei Is Safe and Sound
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The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy
Author :Bean Ding Ding
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365 He Can Give It All Out Only If Ye Yuwei Is Safe and Sound

Wen Jie's words were not that harsh, but it made Gu Juexi realize the painful truth.

But it was too late now.

"I will see what Lu Qichuan wants, Mom." Once again, Gu Juexi chose to run away from his problems.

Wen Jie let out a sigh as she watched Gu Juexi leave, then told Xiao Yuan to fetch her phone.

Lu Qichuan walked toward Gu Juexi the moment he entered the study. He glanced outside before closing the door then asked, "Is Cheng Jie going to get rid of Helian?"

There was no way that Gu Juexi would divorce Ye Yuwei otherwise.

Gu Juexi had his poker face on. "You will take care of Ye Yuwei's safety for these two days. Lan Bo and I will take care of everything else."

"I am one of you too, Boss. I refuse to be excluded," Lu Qichuan protested angrily.

"And that is exactly why I put Ye Yuwei under your care," Gu Juexi replied calmly, and Lu Qichuan felt his rage subside instantly.

Knowing Ye Yuwei was Gu Juexi's bottom line, Lu Qichuan stared at Gu Juexi in disbelief. Gu Juexi had excluded him from the mission so that he could take care of Ye Yuwei until the end.

Because they were comrades and trusted each other the most, Gu Juexi had let him take care of the most important thing in his life.

He could only go all out if Ye Yuwei was safe and sound.

Who said Gu Juexi did not love Ye Yuwei? He loved that woman with all his heart.

Time had forced Gu Juexi to choose between life or death before he could confess his love.

Gu Juexi trusted Lu Qichuan, and that trust was so deep that it took away his last hope of getting Ye Yuwei.

In the quiet bedroom, Ye Yuwei who was resting with her brows knitted jumped when her phone rang.

Ye Yuwei was breathing heavily as she thought about the nightmare she had.

She reached for her phone and quickly answered the call when she saw the Caller ID: 'Mom'.

Wen Jie could probably tell that Ye Yuwei was sleeping and asked softly, "Were you sleeping? Did I wake you up?"

"No, Mom. I woke up because you called," Ye Yuwei denied quickly and asked, "Are you feeling better, Mom?"

"Much better. I was worried about you and thought I should talk to you."

"Yes, Mom," said Ye Yuwei obediently. Besides Auntie Mao, Mom was the only person she would talk nicely to.

"I have been blaming my son lately, but I would like to ask you too: do you love him?" Wen Jie asked, her voice so peaceful and calm that the question didn't make Ye Yuwei feel uncomfortable.

Ye Yuwei clasped her hands together tightly. She used to love him, but she couldn't afford to love him anymore.

She knew that she couldn't afford to love that man the moment she found out that Gu Juexi was using her, and when she found out about Gu Juexi's plans.

"I know you meant it when you said you loved Gu Juexi back then. But what do you think love should be like? Being nice to him all the time?"

Wen Jie's voice came over the phone, soft but sharp.

"A love like that wears out quickly. I have to admit that you did love Gu Juexi, but as a mother, I would like to defend my son too. You didn't love Gu Juexi as much as you thought you did. You were nice to him, but did you ever think about the reasons why he didn't accept you and why he doesn't believe in love?"

Ye Yuwei did not know what to say and looked away.


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