The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy
398 Let’s Not Owe Each Other Anymore
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The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy
Author :Bean Ding Ding
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398 Let’s Not Owe Each Other Anymore

"Explain?" Ye Yuwei laughed as she listened to Gu Juexi.

There was no time for explanations between them now.

She had already paid the price for everything her father owed him.

Ye Yuwei still stubbornly held her hand out and said, "Return the sapphire to me. It is of no value to you anymore. Just like me who is no longer of any use to you. You do not have to explain anything to me," Ye Yuwei said decisively. She only wanted to take her sapphire back now.

"Ye Yuwei, it is not what you think it—"

"Give it back to me!" Ye Yuwei screamed, voice tinged with desperation.

Ye Yuwei kept her hand out and continued staring at Gu Juexi. The tears welling up in her eyes kept falling, allowing her to see the man standing in front of her clearly.

She could clearly see the heartless man standing in front of her, but she still could not bear to watch him die.

However, this person also wanted to kill her father. How could she accept that?

Gu Juexi stared at Ye Yuwei who was acting hysterically. He slowly reached into the pocket on his chest and took out the sapphire.

Ye Yuwei stared at the sapphire. When she tried to take it, Gu Juexi closed his palm and kept the sapphire in his fist. Ye Yuwei lowered her head and bit Gu Juexi's arm, taking the sapphire away from him.

She was eager to win and ecstatic after taking back the sapphire from Gu Juexi.

The sapphire shone brightly under the moonlight.

After more than a dozen years, the sapphire had finally returned to its rightful owner.

However, she no longer had any more time. She did not have time to think about this in detail.

She only knew that Gu Juexi must not die.

"Ye Yuwei, please listen to my explanation."

Ye Yuwei suddenly smiled when she held the sapphire in her hands. Tears began flowing freely from her eyes.

"Gu Juexi, I no longer want the divorce certificate. If you like it so much, you can keep it," Ye Yuwei said as she slowly moved towards Gu Juexi and gently stroked his heart. "I can't afford to be here. I just hope that I will not meet you again in my next life, or the next, or even the one after that."

"Ye Yuwei, things are not what you think they are. Your father is—"

"Don't mention my father," Ye Yuwei said loudly.

The rain fell heavily and Ye Yuwei stepped back, retreating from Gu Juexi.

"Gu Juexi, this life that you have given me, I am paying you back now. From now on, let's not owe each other anymore. I don't want to see you again," Ye Yuwei said slowly.

Gu Juexi looked at the way Ye Yuwei was behaving and felt a sense of unease in his heart.

"Ye Yuwei, please listen to me," Gu Juexi said anxiously. The pain and blood loss he was experiencing was pushing him to the point of suffocation.

"What did Bai Yuyan said to you?" Gu Juexi asked as he reached out and held Ye Yuwei's hand using the final ounce of his strength.

Ye Yuwei listened to Gu Juexi's words and watched him. She did not know if he was acting this way because he was anxious or because he was injured.

"Gu Juexi, did you already know that I am Ye Shu's daughter?" Ye Yuwei suddenly asked.

Gu Juexi paused for a moment.

Yes, I found out about it a few days ago.

"This has nothing to do with your father." Gu Juexi held her arm tightly. "Let's go home first, then…"


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