The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy
440 Ye Yuwei, What Revenge Can You Take?
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The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy
Author :Bean Ding Ding
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440 Ye Yuwei, What Revenge Can You Take?

"Why?" Bai Yuyan said as she sat in her car that was parked at the entrance of the orphanage. She watched as the children were driven out of the orphanage and she watched as the thugs that she had hired continued wrecking and destroying the place. There was vengeance in her eyes. "I want to show that person who loves you with all of his heart, that the person who has the ability to sit here and do all of this is me."

As soon as Ye Yuwei got out of the elevator, she happened to bump into Nalan Chunbo who had just returned to the hotel. She left immediately after taking the car keys from him.

"Weiwei—" Nalan Chunbo did not manage to hold Ye Yuwei back as she had already rushed off in the car when he called out to her.

Ye Yuwei drove the car at its maximum speed limit. She then turned on her Bluetooth earphones. "Bai Yuyan, don't you dare talk about the orphanage to me. I have not even gotten my revenge on you from when you colluded with Cheng Jie to set the orphanage on fire and burnt it down in the past. You still dare to bring it up now?"

"Revenge? Ye Yuwei, what revenge can you take?" Bai Yuyan asked as she laughed out loud. "Are you going to use your status as the iron maiden of the business industry?"

"You can try me," Ye Yuwei replied and directly hung up the phone. She then quickly made a police report.

When Ye Yuwei arrived at the orphanage, Bai Yuyan and the thugs had already left.

The matron and another young lady who was volunteering at the orphanage was trying to appease the children that were all scared out of their minds.

Ye Yuwei parked her car and quickly got out of the car. "Matron."

The matron had never seen Ye Yuwei in person before, so when Ye Yuwei greeted her, she took a second before she responded, "Miss Nalan?"

Ye Yuwei stood at the entrance of the orphanage as she looked at the mess that had been made. Was Bai Yuyan trying to show her how despicable and lowly she could be?

It was no use persuading some of the younger children as they could not be appeased and kept crying no matter how much they tried. The older children had already stopped crying, but they all had their heads held down.

The police arrived about ten minutes after Ye Yuwei had arrived at the scene. A few of the police officers got down the car but they did not seem to care much about the wreck.

At that moment, Ye Yuwei immediately knew why Bai Yuyan dared to blatantly wreck the orphanage.

"What is the matter?" A fat police officer who was their head officer asked.

"Shouldn't I be the one asking you that? It has already been more than half an hour since I made the police report. Why do you need more than half an hour to arrive at a scene that is less than ten minutes away?" Ye Yuwei sneered.

"What are you trying to say, miss? Watch your mouth." The fat police officer was slightly enraged.

Ye Yuwei was unshaken and she then received another phone call from Bai Yuyan.

"Ye Yuwei, I have already told you that you do not have the ability to go against me. In this society, the one with the money always wins." It was clear that Bai Yuyan was still watching them from a nearby location as she knew everything that was going on then.

"Is that so, Bai Yuyan? Well, you better hide well or else I am afraid that you would be caught too soon before you even know it," Ye Yuwei said as she glared at the fat police officer who was standing in front of her. "Did you really think that you can do as you please just because you have the support of the old Mr. Gu? Let me tell you, that will not be the case," Ye Yuwei said and directly hung up the phone. She looked at the fat police officer who was standing in front of her and said, "Do your job."

The fat police officer's expression changed immediately. He then directed his men to go in and check out the orphanage. After a short while, the officers came out and said that there was no one inside.

Ye Yuwei glared at them coldly. She knew that the police officers had purposely waited until the thugs had left before they arrived.

"Miss, I think the orphanage must have offended someone. Why else would people come to wreck an orphanage?" The fat police officer said, as if it was a matter of fact.

Ye Yuwei looked at the fat police officer's chest and saw his police ID number. She quickly made a phone call, "Hello—"

Before Ye Yuwei could finish speaking, her cell phone had been pushed away from her from the bottom. Her cell phone bounced up in the air and when Ye Yuwei looked up, the cell phone had already fallen into the hand of the man who had just walked over.


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