The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy
472 There Must Be Something Wrong With Mommy’s Brain
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The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy
Author :Bean Ding Ding
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472 There Must Be Something Wrong With Mommy’s Brain

That man was still having a blind date?

In B City, he was a golden bachelor that could almost rival Gu Juexi. Why did he need to go on a blind date?

"Sister Jing? Sister Jing?" Wen Shan called out to Xiao Yaojing when she saw that she was not paying attention to her.

Xiao Yaojing regained her senses and then pointed in the direction of the washroom. "I came here to have a chat with Yezi. I will go to the washroom first."

"Alright then, I shall head back to my brother," Wen Shan said before walking towards her brother.

Wen Tao was on a blind date?

The more Xiao Yaojing thought about it, the more she was intrigued by the idea.

When Xiao Yaojing returned to the table, Lu Qichuan was showing Ye Yuwei pictures of his daughter. He quickly kept his phone when he saw Xiao Yaojing coming back.

Ye Yuwei looked up at Xiao Yaojing and said, "I was just telling Brother Lu that his daughter was very beautiful."

Lu Qichuan shook his head helplessly. "You can ask Yaojing. My daughter's temper is terrible."

It is normal for a little girl to have some temper. My daughter is also the same." Ye Yuwei did not ask him who the mother of his child was. She felt that this was Lu Qichuan's privacy.

"If you spend more time with Sichen, then she probably would be less rebellious," Xiao Yaojing said with a frown on her face.

After Xiao Yaojing's remark, Ye Yuwei could see the change in Lu Qichuan's expression.

Therefore, it became clearer that she did not know what had happened in everyone's lives for the past six years.

She could even feel the distance between herself and her closest friend, Xiao Yaojing.

After their meeting, Xiao Yaojing decided to follow Ye Yuwei back to the hotel instead of following Lu Qichuan.

The both of them held hands and crossed the road together just like old times.

Ye Yuwei hit Xiao Yaojing with her elbow and asked, "What is wrong? You have not been yourself since earlier today."

"I saw Wen Tao on a blind date just now," Xiao Yaojing said with an incredulous voice. "Can you believe it? He is one of B City's richest and most outstanding bachelor, so why was he on a blind date?"

Ye Yuwei: "…"

Xiao Yaojing was satisfied when she saw how shocked Ye Yuwei was. It seemed that she was not the only one who felt that this was unbelievable.

"You are saying that PA Wen was on a blind date?" Ye Yuwei asked in disbelief.

Xiao Yaojing nodded her head. "Yes, I ran into his sister when I was heading to the washroom. His sister told me all about it."

"Why would PA Wen need a blind date? This was really a mystery to her. He's rich, handsome, and also extremely tall at about one hundred and eighty three centimeters tall!" Ye Yuwei exclaimed. "What sort of trauma did he undergo?"

"Who knows?" Xiao Yaojing laughed. She was relieved that Ye Yuwei was also as shocked as she was.

As Ye Yuwei and Xiao Yaojing were walking back to the hotel, Ye Yuwei received a phone call from the police station. It was a phone call from the criminal investigation team. The officer on the other side of the line was very polite and he requested that Ye Yuwei came to the police station to provide them with some information regarding the integration of data of Bo Shen Enterprise.

After putting down the phone, Ye Yuwei looked at Xiao Yaojing and said, "Come with me to the police station."

"You keep going to the police station after you returned. Did you come back just to commit crimes?" Xiao Yaojing snorted, but she followed Ye Yuwei anyway.

Ye Yuwei laughed but did not say anything. Gu Tianmu was so willing to spend money and use his resources to bail Bai Yuyan out of prison, she could not hold back and let them get away with it so easily.

Gu Juexi had already paved the road and set the trap up for her. Therefore, all she needed to do was ensure that the mouse would be caught.

At the hotel room.

Ye Xicheng was still thinking of ways to get the divorce finalized as he tossed around in bed.

According to the old meatball's attitude today, if his mother did not want a divorce, there must be something wrong with mommy's brain.

However, he needed the old meatball and his mother to go to the Civil Affairs Bureau together to be able to finalize the divorce. Furthermore, he did not know what a marriage certificate was!

This was a roadblock in Ye Xicheng's plan.Oh little meatball, you're so adorable!


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