The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy
513 He Was a Man Who Wanted to Protect His Mother and Younger Sister
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The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy
Author :Bean Ding Ding
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513 He Was a Man Who Wanted to Protect His Mother and Younger Sister

Gu Juexi narrowed his eyes as he looked at the little meatball who was standing right next to him. This boy of his had been pestering him to divorce his mother even before he came to China.

"Do you know what chrysanthemums stand for?" Gu Juexi asked Ye Xicheng.

Ye Xicheng looked up at Gu Juexi and he frowned. "Mommy said that my father had already sacrificed himself for his country a long time ago. I don't think I made any mistake in giving you these flowers."

Chrysanthemums are usually used for Tomb-Sweeping Day, where everyone usually carries a bunch or two of them to the graves.

Gu Juexi: "…"

PA Wen secretly praised Ye Xicheng in his heart for his bravery.

Gu Juexi looked at PA Wen who quickly put down his hand and started looking around the office.

Gu Juexi placed the bunch of chrysanthemums on the table and then carried Ye Xicheng up and sat him on his lap. Ye Xicheng kept struggling but Gu Juexi held him down and suppressed him so that he could not move.

"Let go of me!" Ye Xicheng screamed as he struggled to get down. He obviously did not want Gu Juexi to carry him.

"If you stay quiet for two hours, I will give you what you want," Gu Juexi said as he looked directly into Ye Xicheng's eyes. It was unclear whether Gu Juexi's words was a threat or a promise.

PA Wen: "…"

'CEO, can you be more careful with your words?'

Ye Xicheng thought for a moment after hearing Gu Juexi's words. He frowned as though he was in deep thought about something.

PA Wen could sense that this was a battle between both the father and son, and he felt that it would be better for him if he left the scene.

After coming up with a reason, PA Wen quickly excused himself.

"Old meatball, do you not feel shame at all? Even I know that it is not right to threaten people," Ye Xicheng criticized the old meatball without any restrain.

Gu Juexi: "…"

"Ye Xicheng, I am your father. Do you know what is filial piety?" Gu Juexi asked. His son had been going against him even before they met and therefore, Gu Juexi finally took out his dignity as a father to be used as a trump card.

"Filial piety starts from the father." Although Ye Xicheng was still young, Ye Yuwei had already taught him how to read and write ever since he was three years old. Ye Xicheng was a very intelligent and talented boy, and he could already read many different books on his own. Therefore, he understood the phrase that his father had just mentioned.

Gu Juexi naturally knew of his son's intelligence, and that was why he used that word to speak to him. 

However, after that sentence, Ye Xicheng's expression suddenly turned ugly.

Gu Juexi also frowned when he saw the change in Ye Xicheng's expression.

"When my younger sister and I were still young, Mommy had to take care of us all by herself. Besides that, Mommy also had to work and she was always so tired that she would fall asleep by the bedside. When Mommy was bullied, she did not dare to tell us but she endured everything all by herself. When Mommy got drunk, she did not dare to come home until after my sister and I had fallen asleep because she was afraid that we would be worried. For the past few years, you have never been by our side, and you will also not be by our side in the future," Ye Xicheng said before jumping off Gu Juexi's lap.

Gu Juexi could not help but tightened his fists. He did not dare to reach out and touch his son who was glaring at him with hatred in his eyes.

"I am sorry for letting your mother, your younger sister, and you down in the past, but—"

"You are a liar! I have seen the news. It was all because of that young celebrity that you did not want my mommy. You are a liar!" Ye Xicheng's voice was loud and clear. He quickly wiped off the tears that were falling down his face as he did not want anyone to see him crying.

His mother told him that a man should not cry. He was a man who wanted to protect his mother and younger sister.


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