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The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy
Author :Bean Ding Ding
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518 Your Grandson?

Ye Yuwei remained silent for the rest of the drive to the hotel. Ye Xicheng was still playing on his cell phone, but his expression showed that he was in deep in thought.

Qian Yikun dropped Ye Yuwei and Ye Xicheng off at Qianfeng Hotel before heading back to his own house.

Ye Yuwei brought Ye Xicheng back to the hotel room. Nalan Chunbo had already left to Gu Mansion to pick Xixi up and therefore, he was not there at the moment.

After returning to the hotel room, Ye Xicheng was still feeling depressed and uneasy. As his mother went into the kitchen to get a glass of water, he suddenly asked, "Mommy, is what Uncle Qian said earlier true? Are you still in love with him?"

Ye Yuwei was stunned for a moment when she heard her son's question. She had not expected her son to be asking her this question. She put down her glass of water, before walking over to her son and carrying him up.

Ye Xicheng put his arms around his mother's neck and wrapped his legs around her waist almost immediately.

Ye Yuwei patted Ye Xicheng lightly on his back and said, "Mommy will be done dealing with the matters here very soon. After completing what we came here for, we will go home and never come back here again."

 Ye Xicheng knew that the matter that his mother was referring to was regarding Bai Yuyan. That woman had harmed his mother in the past and his mother was here to get her revenge and teach her a lesson.

Ye Xicheng nodded as he rested his head on his mother's shoulder. "Mommy, I will take good care of you and my younger sister."

"Yes, you are such a good boy," Ye Yuwei said with a smile on her face. She carried Ye Xicheng into the bedroom and put him down on the bed. "Why don't you play by yourself first while waiting for your sister to come back. Mommy has to do some work now."

Initially, Ye Yuwei wanted to deal with Bai Yuyan slowly. Now that things have progressed this way, she wanted to get the matter dealt with as soon as possible as she did not know what was going to happen if she continued facing Gu Juexi.

The doorbell rang as soon as Ye Yuwei stepped out of the bedroom. Ye Yuwei looked at the time and knitted her brows together before opening the door.

As soon as Ye Yuwei opened the door, she leaned against the door and said, "Tell Chairman Gu that I do not have time for him."

Ye Yuwei knew that the man standing before her was Gu Tianmu's secretary.

"Miss Ye." Gu Tianmu's voice suddenly rang as he stepped out from behind his secretary.

Ye Yuwei quickly closed the door behind her, locking Ye Xicheng who had just come out of the bedroom to check on his mother, inside the hotel room.

"How come Chairman Gu is so free to personally make a trip here today?" Ye Yuwei asked sarcastically, clearly having no respect for Gu Tianmu.

Gu Tianmu ignored Ye Yuwei's attitude and disrespect towards him.

"Your status is not worthy enough to be the mother of my grandson," Gu Tianmu said.

"Are you kidding me?" Ye Yuwei replied in disbelief. She reached out and touched her ears, indicating that she was so infuriated at his sentence.

"Your grandson?" Ye Yuwei laughed. "Do you have any other sons that we do not know about, aside from Gu Juexi? Were you cheating and fooling around behind my mom's back?"

"Ye Yuwei, you—" Gu Tianmu was provoked and his expression changed immediately. 

"Why? Did I say anything wrong?" Ye Yuwei had already gotten used to Gu Juexi's bad temper and therefore, she was not afraid when Gu Tianmu suddenly flared up. "You are the one who is not fit to be my son's grandfather. After all, even Gu Juexi, your own son does not even acknowledge who you are."

"You are really a disrespectful woman who doesn't know your place," Gu Tianmu laughed.

"It is really difficult for me to be respectful to someone as hateful as you," Ye Yuwei quickly replied. Her hostility towards Gu Tianmu was obvious.

"Ye Yuwei, it is not wise of you to be offending me like this," Gu Tianmu replied. 

"If Chairman Gu do not like to listen to what I have to say, then don't listen. After all, Chairman Gu, you don't like to talk to anyone, you don't even like to go home to your own family. Gu Juexi must have been a murderer in his past life to deserve a father like you," Ye Yuwei insulted Gu Tianmu before turning around to go back into her hotel room.


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