The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy
562 I Will Wait for the Day You Give In I
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The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy
Author :Bean Ding Ding
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562 I Will Wait for the Day You Give In I

Qian Yikun was stunned for a moment but quickly hid his expression. "Just thought I shouldn't break up a married couple. Aren't I a good matchmaker?" 

Qian Yikun laughed it off while Ye Yuwei shrugged and did not comment. 

When they reached the Gu Enterprise building, Ye Yuwei thanked Qian Yikun for the lift and got down from the car. 

Meanwhile, Aunt Gu and Gu Tianxin were still waiting to see Gu Juexi at Gu Enterprise. The first thing Ye Yuwei saw when she entered the building was Gu Tianxin telling the staff that she was Gu Juexi's aunt. 

"Miss Gu," Ye Yuwei called out as she went to the receptionist's rescue. 

Gu Tianxin turned around and scoffed when she saw Ye Yuwei. "I was wondering who it might be. Where is Gu Juexi? Tell him to come here and see his aunt."

"Aunt?" Ye Yuwei sneered. "You have the cheek to call yourself that?" Ye Yuwei asked nastily as she looked at Aunt Gu who was standing beside Gu Tianxin. "Why? Waiting to get a portion of Gu Zhenjiang's legacy so you can flaunt your wealth?" 

"You…" Gu Tianxin pointed at Ye Yuwei. "Stay out of our family affairs. Who are you to interfere?" 

"I am Gu Juexi's legal wife. What about you? An illegitimate child who doesn't even hold an identity card?" Ye Yuwei countered sharply. She glanced at the time then continued, "If my mother did not make it clear enough, I am telling you again that if you ever try to use Gu Juexi against Gu Tianmu, I will make sure that you walk away without getting a single cent. Stop bugging Gu Juexi because if Gu Tianmu won't do anything about it, I will."

Ye Yuwei watched as the two of them turned blue in the face. 

"If I could send Gu Tianmu's best servant to jail, I can do the same to you too. Maybe you could keep each other company." Ye Yuwei threatened the two of them casually.

"Well. Very well." Gu Tianxin pointed at Ye Yuwei. "Whatever the Gu Family has will become mine sooner or later."

Ye Yuwei sneered. What did the Gu Family have to do with her? The Gu Family didn't even have anything to do with Gu Juexi. 

Ye Yuwei watched the two of them leaving and warned them again, "I will throw the both of you behind bars if you ever come here or run your mouth at Gu Juexi again."

Gu Tianxin stared at Ye Yuwei angrily as she left. Ye Yuwei took a deep breath as they disappeared from sight. 

Seeing how Ye Yuwei drove the two of them away, the receptionist looked at Ye Yuwei admiringly. 

"Do not say a word about what happened just now to Gu Juexi. Here is my name card, call me if they ever come again," said Ye Yuwei as she passed the receptionist her name card. 

"But the CEO…" 

"I believe the receptionist of Gu Enterprise gets paid well," said Ye Yuwei smilingly. 

The receptionist sensed the threat and pursed her lips while shaking her head. "I won't say a word, I won't." 

Ye Yuwei nodded in satisfaction—a little threat could be handy sometimes. The lucky thing was that there weren't many people at the reception at a time like 3 pm in the afternoon, so Gu Tianxin and Aunt Gu's visit didn't really make a scene. 

Just as Ye Yuwei was going to leave, someone dashed out of the lift and grabbed her wrist. 

Ye Yuwei swore that the person was as fast as lightning.


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