The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy
583 Your Girl Is Waiting For You II
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The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy
Author :Bean Ding Ding
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583 Your Girl Is Waiting For You II

The rain started to pour as they finally reached the hotel. Ye Yuwei was grateful that it didn't rain while they were still on their way down. 

They couldn't go out for dinner because of the rain though, and the hotel they were staying in was not one of the ones that came with a cafeteria. 

Xixi had been sleeping all day and did not wake up even after they had reached the hotel. 

Ye Yuwei asked for mineral water at the reception and Ye Xicheng took out the instant noodles from their luggage while Gu Juexi stood aside and watched them. 

Disbelief crossed Gu Juexi's face when he saw the instant noodles. He looked at Ye Yuwei who was busy boiling water and asked, "You brought junk food for this trip?" 

"Don't eat it then," snarked Ye Yuwei who rolled her eyes at Gu Juexi while pouring the hot water into a flask.

Ye Xicheng put the instant noodles on the table and crawled into bed while waiting for the water to boil. "Most of the places we went to get my sister treated were far and remote so there weren't even shops in the area. You will never understand what it was like." 

Gu Juexi wanted to say something to defend himself but was left speechless at what his son said. He opened his mouth but could not say anything. 

Ye Yuwei pressed the kettle's switch and looked at Gu Juexi who was standing rigidly beside her. "Why don't you go back? I know you can't accept staying at a place like this. I already know where Master Yao Lao stays and can bring them there myself tomorrow." 

Ye Yuwei spoke honestly but the way she said it triggered Gu Juexi. 

Gu Juexi snatched the empty bottle away from Ye Yuwei's hand and threw it into the dustbin. 

What she said was like a slap to his face—he had no idea and wasn't there for them when they suffered, and she thought that he couldn't put up with this environment now? 

Ye Yuwei was shocked at Gu Juexi's reaction. Before she could react, Gu Juexi had left the room with the key card. 

Ye Yuwei and Ye Xicheng exchanged looks. Ye Xicheng was sitting on the bed massaging his legs and was also confused at the old meatball's behavior. 

"Were you blind back then, Mommy? Why would you fall for a man with a temper that bad?" Ye Xicheng asked, expressing doubt about his mother's taste. 

Ye Yuwei who was still waiting for the water to boil tore one of the cup noodles open. "I was young. Also, you can't deny that he is good-looking, can you?" 

Ye Xicheng listened to his mother with his mouth open. Fine, he couldn't deny the old meatball's good looks. After all, denying the old meatball was as good as denying himself. 

So… nope.

Ye Yuwei poured the boiled water into the cup noodles and then carried Ye Xicheng to the bathroom to wash his hands. 

"You still want to be with him. Don't you, Mommy?" Ye Xicheng asked with a straight face. 

"Even though Mommy has not forgiven him, you still to be with him."

Ye Yuwei washed Ye Xicheng's hands for him and kissed his head. "How can a little boy like you ask a question like that? How do you expect Mommy to answer that question?"

"But even I will despise you if you forgive that old meatball so quickly," Ye Xicheng snorted and ran to bed barefooted after Ye Yuwei carried him down from the sink. 

Ye Yuwei was speechless—did her son just look down on her?


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