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The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy
Author :Bean Ding Ding
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630 Tit for Ta

PA Wen listened to Gu Juexi and almost blurted out that he had a wife and children. 

"Where are you going, Mr. Gu?" PA Wen asked carefully. 

GU Juexi looked up and saw PA Wen's pale face, and answered after taking a pen."To visit the Bai family." 

PA Wen heard him and almost choked on his own spit. He looked at Gu Juexi in disbelief. "Are you kidding, Mr. Gu?" 

"I am not. Go finish what I told you to do and I will prepare for the acquisition of Gu Enterprise when I get back," Gu Juexi said and waved at PA Wen to ask him to leave. 

PA Wen had so much to say but did not do so. He felt that the CEO visiting the Bai family was the scariest thing he had ever heard. 

"Do you have any idea how much the Bai family hates you, Mr. Gu?" PA Wen thought it was his duty to remind their CEO that he killed the person that the Bai family had trained for years to take over, and everyone in Bai Family hated him for that.

Gu Juexi looked at PA Wen who was being extra chatty today and asked emotionlessly, "Are you the one going?" 

PA Wen quickly left his office and whipped out his phone after that. 

"You will be finished if Ye Yuwei finds out about this." Gu Juexi's cold voice rang out from his office.

PA Wen put his phone back in his pocket and pretended that nothing had happened. 

Gu Juexi called Yu Jiangqing right after PA Wen left and told him to come over immediately. 

Yu Jiangqing showed up very quickly in his training suit, looking like he had come straight from the training site. 

"What's wrong?" Yu Jiangqing asked after closing the door beind him. "The captain waived my leave application procedure when he knew that I was going to see you. I am going to say your name from now on when I want to apply for leave."

"Screw that thought," Gu Juexi cursed and handed the document in his hand to Yu Jiangqing. 

Yu Jiangqing took the document and read the content. It was the details of the six patriarchs of the Bai family. Yu Jiangqing had heard of all of them during his time at the Bai family. 

"The first and second patriarchs have been following the big boss since they were young. In other words, they should be the most loyal and have the most power in their hands," said Yu Jiangqing. "They would be the ones who would rather die than betray the Bai family." 

"The third patriarch was the one who wanted to kill Ye Shu, but the sixth patriarch was the one who was not quite close to the Bai family. I wonder who is the corrupted one?" Gu Juexi pondered, pointing at two of the pictures. 

Yu Jiangqing put down the document and looked at Gu Juexi who was sitting in the couch opposite him. "I thought you wouldn't touch the Bai family again after Cheng Jie." 

"Gu Tianmu has been threatening me with Ye Yuwei's identity. He was confident that I wouldn't let the identity of Ye Yuwei be exposed. But what if I took down the Bai family? Then there wouldn't a difference whether he exposes Ye Yuwei's identity or not," said Gu Juexi viciously. "Tit for tat." 

Yu Jiangqing understood completely now that there wasn't anything that Gu Juexi wouldn't do for Ye Yuwei. He thought about it again and flipped open the documents, then pointed at the picture of the fourth patriarch. "This man, the fourth patriarch. He was the most mysterious one amongst all the patriarchs, and rumour was that he used to manage the firearm business of the Bai family in the middle east. He was supposed to be the eldest patriarch but was demoted when the old Mr. Bai found out that he was involved in the drugs business too. It was only after the old Mr. Bai passed away that Cheng Jie started to use him again." 

"Bai Yaoguang," Gu Juexi murmured, squinting at the picture. He looked kind of familiar, but he couldn't tell where he had seen that man before.


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