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The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy
Author :Bean Ding Ding
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645 Revealing the Pas

When PA Wen arrived, Ye Yuwei stopped bickering with Gu Juexi and jumped off the couch, looking for a new pair of slippers at the doorstep.

"I'm sorry for the trouble, PA Wen, let me clean this up. Sorry you had to make a trip," Ye Yuwei said apologetically.

Seeing PA Wen follow Ye Yuwei into the kitchen, Gu Juexi snorted and went into the study.

Ye Yuwei grabbed a broom and swept up the dried eggs.

"Actually the last time young mistress was hospitalized, CEO also tried making breakfast and it was even more disastrous than this," PA Wen recalled as he cleaned the pan. "The entire kitchen burned down and had to be renovated again. That was after master Lu cooked for you."

Ye Yuwei stopped in her tracks. It was no wonder she thought the kitchen was redone when she first came back.

"It wasn't because he tried to cook for me I guess," Ye Yuwei said doubtfully.

PA Wen laughed heartily. After inspecting the cleanliness of the pan, he took the broom from Ye Yuwei. "Does young mistress still remember the wager you had with Yu Sha'er? Geng Yisheng actually didn't intend to return the money. It was CEO who went to look for him personally before the press conference and mentioned that Gu Enterprise will be the primary investor if he returned the money."

Ye Yuwei was stunned.

After cleaning the floor, PA Wen raised his head to look at Ye Yuwei. "Young mistress was unable to let go of the fact that the CEO had used you. In truth, even without you, CEO also wouldn't have gone easy on Yu Sha'er. It just so happened that young mistress got entangled in this."

Ye Yuwei had a dazed expression on her face, unsure of what to say.

After cleaning up the kitchen, PA Wen glanced at the study Gu Juexi was in. "When I was coming over, I saw Master Lu. He is preparing to file a lawsuit regarding the matter yesterday."

Ye Yuwei blinked in disbelief as she helped PA Wen prepare drinks. "He wants to take it to court?"

"It was probably Sichen's idea. Though that child is young, she seems to be quite mature." PA Wen glanced at his watch. "Why don't I go downstairs and get some breakfast for the CEO and you?"

"It's okay, we've already troubled you to make a trip here." Ye Yuwei looked at the time. She still had to return to Gu mansion. Xixi would throw a tantrum if she didn't see her mummy when she woke up. 

"Young mistress doesn't have to be so courteous with me. If there's nothing else, I shall take my leave then," PA Wen murmured.

Ye Yuwei walked PA Wen to the door before returning to her bedroom to change her clothes. 

After PA Wen exited the apartment, he decided to drop by Wen Shan's school and take her out for breakfast since he was nearby.

Wen Tao was blessed with good looks and since he had been rushing out earlier, he had on his gold-framed glasses, giving him a refined gentleman aura.

Wen Shan was woken up by PA Wen, so she was still leaning lazily on the table in the canteen, staring at PA Wen as he placed the food in front of her.

"Brother, why are you up so early for no reason? And why do you have to come here to have breakfast?" Wen Shan looked dissatisfied as she yawned.

 PA Wen placed her meal voucher beside her and sat down across her. "Look at the time. You're still lazing around?"


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