The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy
676 Even You Wouldn’t Fall for Me?
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The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy
Author :Bean Ding Ding
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676 Even You Wouldn’t Fall for Me?

Gu Juexi came back with breakfast and told Ye Yuwei to eat with him. 

Leaving the incident yesterday unresolved, Ye Yuwei heaved a sigh and joined him at the table. "Oh dear, I wonder how Yaojing and PA Wen are now. Looks like Yaojing followed PA Wen back home yesterday."

"She is in safe hands. Wen Tao is the one you should be worried about," said Gu Juexi as he unpacked their breakfast. 

Ye Yuwei silently agreed. 

Meanwhile at Wen Tao's apartment, Xiao Yaojing was still sound asleep when Wen Tao had finished making breakfast. 

Wen Tao went upstairs, gently pushed open the guest room door and looked at the person sleeping in the bed. 

Xiao Yaojing was sleeping soundly from the hangover. Wen Tao sat down at the side of the bed and reached out to smooth Xiao Yaojing's furrowed brows. 

"How silly." Wen Tao sighed. He knew what Xiao Yaojing went through all these years and because he saw it with his own eyes, he knew exactly how deeply in love Xiao Yaojing was with Lu Qichuan. 

Wen Tao was deep in thought. Figuring Xiao Yaojing wouldn't wake up anytime soon, Wen Tao tucked in the blanket properly for Xiao Yaojing and got up to leave. Before he could get up, Xiao Yaojing suddenly wrapped her arms around Wen Tao's neck and held him tightly. 

Wen Tao's hand that was going to tuck in the blanket froze. His heart pounded and his mind went blank. 

Xiao Yaojing clung to PA Wen and rubbed against him, then slowly opened her eyes. The first thing that came into her sight were long eyelashes that were almost right in front of her. 

A loud scream tore through the silence, followed by a thud—Xiao Yaojing had kicked PA Wen out of the bed. 

Xiao Yaojing sprung up from the bed and pulled the blanket right up to her chin. "What were you doing, Wen Tao?" 

Wen Tao let himself stay on the floor, protecting himself from a second wave of attack.

That woman had done it once and she would do it again!

But he had not done anything at all, he was innocent! 

Xiao Yaojing got out of bed in PA Wen's pajamas that looked baggy on her. 

PA Wen sprung up from the floor when Xiao Yaojing came closer to him and kept his distance from Xiao Yaojing. "Calm down, calm down… Xiao Wu's girlfriend changed your clothes, I swear." 

"What do you mean, Wen Tao? Are you saying that I am unattractive?" Xiao Yaojing said angrily and threw a punch at PA Wen. 

Before PA Wen could react, her fist connected with his face and gave him a black eye. 

"Can't you be gentler like all the other women?" PA Wen asked as he moved to the sofa and looked at Xiao Yaojing before grabbing a cold compress for his black eye. 

"What do you mean? Am I not attractive at all? Even you wouldn't fall for me?" Xiao Yaojing pressed on PA Wen's eye with an ice cube as she said. 

"Watch it," PA Wen said quickly as he held Xiao Yaojing's wrist. 

Xiao Yaojing flung his hand off and sat down beside him. "Am I really that awful?" 

PA Wen opened his mouth and wanted to tell Xiao Yaojing that she was the most wonderful woman he had ever seen. 


The words died on his tongue when Xiao Yaojing rested her head on his shoulder. 

How he wished this moment would last forever. For him, that would be enough. Awww this! <>


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