The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy
684 A Box Full of Certificates
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The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy
Author :Bean Ding Ding
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684 A Box Full of Certificates

Wen Jie was telling the servants to serve some fruits when Ye Xicheng went downstairs. He sat down beside his sister and reached out to feel the temperature of the milk that she was drinking. 

"You look like you do not trust me, you know that?" Xixi who was half-lying on the sofa let out a little hmph, holding her milk bottle in her hand. 

Ye Xicheng took the fruits that were handed to him and thanked the servant. "You have broken my trust too many times; you have proved yourself untrustworthy," Ye Xicheng said solemnly as he looked down at his sister. 

Xixi rested her pudgy little legs on Ye Xicheng's lap and gently kicked him. "Where were you, brother?" 

"I was resting in the room," said Ye Xicheng blankly. 

"Liar! You lie all the time, brother," Xixi declared and handed her empty milk bottle to Ye Xicheng before sitting up on the sofa. 

"Did you gain weight, Xixi?" Ye Xicheng asked as he looked at his sister's chubby face. 

"No, no! You're the one who gained weight, you pig!" Xixi as a little girl knew how the world had an obsession with skinny girls and got upset when her brother said that she had gained weight. 

Wen Jie who was sitting near the two of them looked at Xixi being annoyed by her brother and Ye Xicheng enjoying his fruits and felt that her day was significantly brighter. 

"But Xixi looks nice with a little bit of weight. You look just nice, sweetheart." Wen Jie pulled the little girl who was almost crying into her arms and comforted her smilingly. 

"Exactly," Xixi yelled at her brother complacently. She knew that she would look good even with a little bit of weight. 

Ye Xicheng finished a piece of apple and stuck out his arm while Xixi stuck out hers. 

"See? Not fat," said Xixi as they compared their arms. When put together, Xixi's arm with chubby arm rolls was obviously bigger than her brother's. 

Xixi began to whine loudly after the comparison. Wen Jie quickly carried Xixi and comforted her. "No, our Xixi is not fat. Not at all." 

"But my arms are bigger than my brother's…" Xixi refused to accept what she saw and wouldn't stop whining. She, a little girl, actually had bigger arms than her brother! 

The truth was, Gu Juexi wished that he could bring all the delicacies in the world for his daughter, and Wen Jie too had been spoiling Xixi and letting her eat whatever she wanted. It was normal for Xixi to gain weight judging by how much food she ate. 

Wen Jie was speechless at how her little granddaughter already cared so much about her appearance at this young age. She looked at Ye Xicheng and found it impossible to blame the little boy who put on an innocent face, and continued to coax her granddaughter. 

Ye Xicheng looked at his grandmother taking Xixi to the playroom and jumped off the sofa. He knew that Xixi cared about her looks and wouldn't accept the fact that she had gained weight. She would probably whine about it for an hour or so. 

With the time he bought, Ye Xicheng went back to his father's room and went into the darkroom to continue with his unfinished exploration. 

Ye Xicheng went straight to the sofa and pulled out the box underneath. It was just an ordinary box of around a foot in width. Ye Xicheng opened the box and found it full of various certificates. 

The upmost certificate was to certify that Gu Juexi was the first soldier to complete a decathlon, and it was issued around twenty years ago. Ye Xicheng did the maths and figured that the old meatball was probably only in his teens when this certificate was issued. Twenty years, that man was an old meatball indeed. 

There were more certificates of Gu Juexi in the box, and some belonged to Ye Yuwei. The ones for Gu Juexi were collected by Ye Yuwei, and the ones for Ye Yuwei were put into the box by Gu Juexi after he realized what Ye Yuwei meant to him. 

Right at the bottom of the box was a document in red that read 'marriage certificate'. Ye Xicheng's eyes glittered as he reached for it.


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