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The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy
Author :Bean Ding Ding
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689 As Good As Adopted

Auntie Mao became exhausted after all the talking. 

Ye Yuwei got up and tucked in the blanket properly for Auntie Mao before leaving the room with Gu Juexi. She felt that something was not right—not about the past of her mother-in-law, because she knew that Auntie Mao wouldn't make up story like that. 

She just couldn't tell what was not right. 

Ye Yuwei saw her two kids quickly stand up and Wen Jie was trying to block her sight when they got out from Auntie Mao's room. 

"What did Auntie Mao say…" Wen Jie was held into Gu Juexi's arms tightly before she could finish. 

Wen Jie was surprised, and patted on Gu Juexi's back gently. "What's wrong?" 

Ye Yuwei felt bitter when she looked at her mother-in-law's smiling face. She looked up and forced her tears in. 

"The things that you gave up for me, I will take them all back for you—everything," Gu Juexi said softly beside Wen Jie's ear. 

Wen Jie's hand that was patting Gu Juexi's back paused for a moment and burst into laughter the next second. "Silly boy. You know I never cared about those. All I want now is for you and Weiwei and your two kids to be fine and live happily ever after. That would be enough for me."

"Not just that, Mom," Ye Yuwei took a deep breath and said softly after Gu Juexi let Wen Jie go off his arms, "our conscience is clear, but we can't let the villains win." 

That was exactly what Gu Juexi was going to say. 

"My legs hurt, mommy. Can we not stand here anymore?" Xixi rested her hand on her brother's shoulder and asked pitifully. She sat down on the floor the moment her mother went into Auntie Mao's room. 

Ye Yuwei looked at her daughter. "Brother is tired too, we have been standing here for some time," Xixi pouted and said, and lowered her head quietly when Ye Yuwei looked at her with a faint smile on her face. 

Ye Xicheng glanced at his sister speechlessly for backing out. 

"I will stay here myself, Mommy. Let Sister rest," Ye Xicheng straightened his back and said, "it was me who stood on the sofa. Xixi only pushed me because she didn't notice." 

Ye Yuwei still didn't say anything. 

Xixi listened to her brother and pouted: "Xixi will stay here together with Brother." 

"It's not something big. A short time-out shall teach them the lesson," said Gu Juexi as he picked Xixi up in one hand and his son in the other. 

Ye Yuwei stood beside Wen Jie and looked at Gu Juexi's attitude towards his son getting better. Is it because he is going to make his move against his father now? And he doesn't want his son to do the same to him? 

Ye Xicheng was thrown at the sofa with his mind blank. The old meatball has always had only Xixi in his eyes. Since when did he care about him? 

Wen Jie was curious too, because Ye Xicheng has always been as good as adopted whenever Xixi was around. 

Gu Juexi was like a stepfather too to Ye Xicheng, although they both knew that they are biological father and son. 

"Get Wen Tao," said Gu Juexi who sat down on the sofa with his daughter in his arms. He didn't look back when he said so, but Ye Yuwei knew that he was talking to her. 

Although not happy for being treated as his secretary, Ye Yuwei didn't want to bother herself arguing with him. She whipped out her phone to dial PA Wen's number and hoped that he could show up as soon as possible. 

The troubles in the Gu and Bai family broke out together at the same time and made Gu Juexi to be up to his ears. Maybe this was what the person behind the scene was up to.


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