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The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy
Author :Bean Ding Ding
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697 To Let Her Go

Xiao Yaojing left to pack after saying goodbye to Ye Yuwei, and Ye Yuwei began to plan for her trip to the Bai family's fortress. 

She would be causing Gu Juexi trouble if she went without a plan. 

To get to the Bai family's fortress, the best way was for the people from the Bai family to come to her. 

Ye Yuwei saw Xiao Yaojing off and waited for Lu Qichuan's call. 

Xixi had no idea what was going on and kept on asking why her father hadn't come home. Ye Yuwei found it difficult to answer that.

Ye Xicheng had been pulling a long face since Gu Juexi left. He didn't ask his mother about it because he knew his mother would be just as worried, so all he could do for the time being was take good care of his sister and not let his mother worry about the two of them. 

Lu Qichuan called in the afternoon. Ye Yuwei was waiting beside the phone while having her lunch and answered the call immediately. 

"I found her at Qian Feng Hotel, but Qian Yikun has left. It looks like he had forgotten about her and left her there," said Lu Qichuan who called from Qian Feng Hotel. 

Forgotten about her?

Qian Yikun?

How could he forget about Bai Yuyan and leave her there so that they could find her? 

Ye Yuwei put down her chopsticks and went out after informing Wen Jie. No matter what the reason was, it was a good thing that Qian Yikun left Bai Yuyan behind because of all people, Bai Yuyan was the right person that she could use.

"I will go over now, Brother Lu. Please wait for me there," said Ye Yuwei as she turned down Gu Juexi's driver and drove to Qian Feng Hotel herself. 

Wen Jie looked at Ye Yuwei rushing out before she could say anything, and told the two children to carry on eating after letting out a sigh. 

Ye Yuwei got to Qian Feng Hotel and saw Lu Qichuan waiting beside his car. 

"Where is she?" asked Yuwei. 

"Room number 2318, Qian Yikun's personal suite," Lu Qichuan answered Ye Yuwei's question and went in together with her. 

Ye Yuwei was the finance director of Qian Feng Enterprise and was quite close to Qian Yikun personally. It didn't take long for her to get the card to the suite especially when Qian Yikun was not in B City.

The two of them got into the lift. Lu Qichuan looked at Ye Yuwei after pressing the floor number and asked, "Why do you need to see Bai Yuyan?" 

"To let her go." 

"What?" Lu Qichuan frowned, confused.

The lift took them to the 23rd floor and they went straight to room number 2318 after coming out of the lift. 

Ye Yuwei held the doorknob when they reached the suite and said to Lu Qichuan, "I should go in myself, Brother Lu." 

Lu Qichuan shrugged and did not say anything. It was only Bai Yuyan who was half disabled in the room, she shouldn't be much of a threat to Ye Yuwei. 

"I will be waiting right here. Call out for me if anything happens," Lu Qichuan said as he opened the door for Ye Yuwei. Suddenly, he held her wrist before she went into the room. "Boss is capable of many things, Weiwei." 

Ye Yuwei turned to look at Lu Qichuan and saw genuine concern on his face. 

She knew that Gu Juexi was capable of many things, but she just couldn't sit there and do nothing while Gu Juexi was fighting on his own. 

"Thank you, Brother Lu," Ye Yuwei thanked Lu Qichuan sincerely and opened the door with the access card. 

The door closed before Lu Qichuan. He drew back his hand that was hanging mid-air and curled his lip bitterly. 

How could he watch someone he truly loved take risks like that?

Then again, what right did he have to stop Ye Yuwei from doing things for Gu Juexi?


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