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The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy
Author :Bean Ding Ding
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723 Gu Juexi is Here

The sixth patriarch squinted at Qian Yikun as if trying to figure out whether what he said was true. "Are you sure Gu Juexi is not here?" 

Qian Yikun continued to lean against the couch and looked at the patriarchs as he switched on the television. The news about Gu International being pressured was going viral. 

"Who other than Gu Juexi has the capability to do something like this?" Qian Yikun asked emotionlessly. "Of course, I am not saying that it was definitely Gu Juexi. Unless Gu Juexi is way more capable than we expected, and can actually attack a company remotely." 

Qian Yikun didn't give a definite opinion but left the patriarchs to think about it themselves. 

Gu International was a corporation worth billions but was shaken up in only one day. No one besides Gu Juexi seemed to be able to do something like that. 

Then again, at a crucial moment like this in the Bai Family, they were left with no choice but to be more cautious about Gu Juexi. 

"What do you think, brother?" The fourth patriarch looked at the first patriarch who had barely talked. 

"Has anyone been doing business with China?" asked the first patriarch. 

All patriarchs denied it immediately, except for the fourth patriarch. 

"Fourth patriarch?" The first patriarch called out quietly. 

"Only very minimal businesses at the border. Gu Juexi shouldn't have noticed." 

"Absurd!" The first patriarch smacked the table loudly, and the crowd fell silent. "How long has it been since the incident with Cheng Jie? How many times do I have to tell you to not do business with China?" 

"It was only that once." Unwilling to relent, the fourth patriarch argued. 

"You…" Feeling provoked, the first patriarch grabbed the pen holder on the table and threw it at the fourth patriarch. 

"First Patriarch…" Qian Yikun got up to calm the first patriarch. "Gu Juexi was dispirited a few years back because of what happened to Ye Yuwei. We can't be sure if he really is after the Bai family." 

The others heard Qian Yikun's opinion and nodded in agreement. "He's right, Brother. It might be a misunderstanding today but let's not take any risks and kill Yan Feng tomorrow," the second patriarch suggested.

There would rather kill the wrong person than take any risks. 

The first patriarch nodded and approved the second patriarch's suggestion. 

"I want to talk to Yikun. The others may leave," said the first patriarch as he waved at the others, dismissing them. 

The first patriarch waited for everyone to leave before he glared at Qian Yikun viciously. 

Qian Yikun lowered his gaze without a word. 

"Has it been ten years since you came to the Bai family, Yikun?" The first patriarch asked emotionlessly. 

"Eleven years," Qian Yikun replied obediently. 

"You are one with great potential." The old patriarch nodded as he walked towards him. 

"You have taught me well," Qian Yikun said respectfully, and lowered his head to show his sincerity. 

"I know that Gu Juexi is here. I don't know what he is up to, but I am sure that he is here," said the first patriarch, his eyes gleaming. "I wasn't sure at first, but Bai Ying and Ye Yuwei's reactions told me that my instinct was right." 

"Should I get Yan Feng for interrogation then?" Qian Yikun frowned and stood up to leave. 

"Not so fast." The first patriarch put his hand up to stop Qian Yikun from leaving, then whipped out a gun and passed it to him.


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